Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday is the 22nd Sunday after Pentecost and we share a commentary on Sunday’s Collect, which continues the theme of preparing for the second judgement, as the Church traditionally focuses on toward the end of the liturgical year:

Sunday November 6 Scheduling Notes

  • Don’t Forget to Change Your Clocks This Morning: This morning Sunday November 6 is when the clocks are set back 1 hour to return to Eastern Standard Time. Please adjust your clocks accordingly.
  • No Salisbury Latin Mass Today – Rescheduled for November 13, 4pm: The 1st Salisbury Latin Mass will not be offered today, but instead on November 13.
  • 1st Sunday Potluck at St. Thomas Aquinas: There will be a potluck after the 11:30am Latin Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas.

Annual All Souls Cemetery Visit – TODAY Sunday November 6, 3pm

As part of the All Souls novena, the St. Ann Homeschool Ministry and CLMC are co-sponsoring the annual visit to Belmont Abbey Cemetery on Sunday November 6 at 3pm. Fr. Reid will lead prayers at the cemetery after the 12:30pm Latin Mass. “Soul Cakes” and other treats will be available, but one is welcome to bring other treats to share afterwards.

Note: The All Souls “novena” continues thru Tuesday November 8. Please learn how you can obtain a plenary indulgence for the Poor Souls:

Latin Masses This Week

  • Wednesday November 9, St. Ann, 6pm – Dedication of the Archbasilica of the Most Holy Savior (St. John Lateran Basilica)
  • Thursday November 10, St. Thomas Aquinas, 7pm – St. Andrew Avellino (Mass Intention: Repose of Tom Savoy)
  • Friday November 11, St. Mark 12:30pm – Martinmas (feast of St. Martin, Bishop of Tours) (There will not be a 7am Latin Mass at St. Ann this day)

No 7am Friday Latin Mass at St. Ann: As noted above, there will not be a 7am Latin Mass at St. Ann this Friday November 11. There will be one at St. Mark at 12:30pm.

Community News

  • Pro-Life Voter Guide & DOWN BALLOT RACES: Election Day is Tuesday and many Latin Mass attendees may be interested in learning that North Carolina Right to Life has issued its 2022 pro-life candidate endorsements for federal and state races. They have a helpful localized website that lists endorsement based on one’s address/district:  DOWNBALLOT RACES: Additionally, many down ballot races for county and municipal elections are not included in state-wide pro-life endorsements. However if one is looking for guidance on the pro-life candidates for county and municipal races, we recommend this website organized by some local Catholics here in the Charlotte area:

  • Holy Face Devotions (new updates)
  • St. Mark – Monday November 7 at 6pm (Special time for Election eve)
  • St. Thomas Aquinas – Tuesdays 6am in the main church
  • St. Ann – Tuesdays 7:30am in the chapel after the Novus Ordo Mass (uses the booklet/chaplet which takes 15-20 minutes)
  • **St. Michael the Archangel (NEW), Gastonia ** – Tuesday November 8, at 6:30pm, Holy Family Room (This may be a one time event. If it becomes weekly we will update the schedule)
  • Holy Spirit (Denver) – Tuesdays 10-11am after the Novus Ordo Mass (NEW: BEGINS TUESDAY NOVEMBER 15)
  • Don’t see your parish? Why not organize one?

Holy Face Novena for the Elections Concludes Monday November 7

Tomorrow we complete the novena being organized by the Holy Face group at St. Mark parish praying for the elections. As a reminder this traditional devotion is a powerful work of reparation against communism, which is no doubt very active in our country these days. The novena concludes tomorrow, the day before Election Day, Monday November 7. The St. Mark Holy Face Group will also be holding its weekly devotion at a special time of 6pm Monday November 7 in the main church. All are welcome to join. The novena prayer is below and attached. Please join in and praying for the last day or two:

O Lord Jesus Christ, in presenting ourselves before Your adorable Face, to ask of You the graces of which we stand most in need, we beseech You, above all, to give us that interior disposition of never refusing at any time to do what You require of us by Your Holy Commandments and Your Divine inspirations. O Good Jesus, Who has said: “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you,” give us, O Lord, that faith which obtains all, or supply in us what may be deficient. Grant us, by the pure effect of Thy Charity and for Thy eternal glory, the graces we need and which we look for from Thine infinite mercy, particularly   (here mention the favor desired).    Amen. Be merciful to us, O God, and reject not our prayers when, amid our afflictions, we call upon Your Holy Name and seek with love and confidence Your Adorable Face.   Amen.  We thank You, O Lord, for all Thy benefits, and we entreat You to engrave in our hearts feeling of love and gratitude, putting upon our lips songs of thanksgiving to Your eternal praise.   Amen. – By Venerable Leo Dupont, the “Holy Man of Tours”

Intention: For the U.S. to return to God, defeat and conversion of communists, and for pro-life candidates to be elected who will end abortion. 

Martinmas (feast of St. Martin) Friday November 11

This Friday the Church honors the great bishop, St. Martin of Tours and his feast day became the thanksgiving and harvest celebration throughout Catholic Europe in centuries past. Families would attend Mass, and spent the day in celebration, and feasting on cooked goose. It has been noted that the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, instituted by protestants, was to some degree based on this ancient Catholic feast day (more on that in a few weeks).To learn more about this feast day and a mini-Lent that accompanied it, we share these excellent articles posted on OnePeterFive and Fisheaters:

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Cuius regio, ejus religio: Fr. John Rickert, FSSP, posts a quick but helpful article on the Fraternity of St. Peter’s newsletter explaining the traditional teaching about the Church’s role in public affairs versus secularism:
  • Bringing the Traditional Faith to Mexico: As many of our readers know, the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), is a congregation of priests that offer the Traditional Latin Mass exclusively and staff parishes, missions, and chapels throughout Europe and North America. It also has missions, including in Mexico where it operates two chapels, one in Mexico City, the other in Guadalajara. We share an interview with the chaplain of the Guadalajara apostolate detailing the growth of the Latin Mass in Mexico:
  • Cardinal Zuppi Celebrates Traditional Solemn Vespers in Rome’s Pantheon: An Italian Cardinal who is the new head of the Italian Bishops Conference, and known for his friendliness to left leaning laity groups, participated in traditional vespers at the Pantheon in Rome. Wait – what? Yes, this may seem unusual, but its true. Cardinal Matteo Zuppi went to the Roman Pantheon (Basilica of St. Mary and the Martyrs) to participate in the solemn vespers of 1962, as part of a 3-day Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage to support the Latin Mass (organized by the Institute of the Good Shepherd). The article notes the Cardinal, while more of a progressive, actually likes the ancient liturgy.

    CLMC note: We can attest, that some of the allies of the Traditional Mass aren’t always conservatives, but sometimes “big tent” or apolitical centrist or even left-leaning clergy. These clergy aren’t focused on “reform of the reform” or the “conservatizing of the Novus Ordo Mass” as some conservative clergy are. These centrist or left-leaning clergy (despite some differences with traditionalists) do not feel threatened by the Traditional Latin Mass, or even a full time Latin Mass chapel. In some instances they’ve established a Latin Mass chapel or parish in their diocese and maintain good relations with traditionalists. On the other hand, sometimes, it is some (though not all) conservative clergy, who often seek to use the Latin Mass – or elements of it – as merely a “tool” to repair the Novus Ordo Masses in their parishes, who may feel threatened by the Latin Mass, or even a Latin Mass only parish – leaving Latin Mass faithful deprived of full sacramental life. The fact that some liberals (albeit few) do like the Latin Mass and its related liturgies, does show the universal appeal of the Traditional Rite.

Cardinal Burke Speaks On Latin Mass Restrictions: “The situation is totally confusing and divisive”

In remarks that many Latin Mass faithful have been long waiting for, His Eminence, Cardinal Raymond Burke, a devotee of the Traditional Latin Mass, made important statements at a Latin Mass Society of the UK event last month. His remarks are not just consoling for traditionalists, but also instructive – especially for bishops. Cardinal Burke is the former head of the Roman Rota, the Vatican’s “Supreme Court”, and is one of the top canonists in the Church today. These remarks, though his opinions, should carry weight with those who take ecclesiastical matters seriously. We provide a few excerpts (emphasis ours):

Cardinal Burke stressed that as a “motu proprio,” Traditionis Custodes lacks sufficient force because it has authority only to the degree that it is founded on just grounds. He added that the grounds for the decree, and the letter Pope Francis wrote to bishops which accompanied it, “are not true and just” when taken together, and he gave his reasons.

He first, he said, is that it’s “simply not truethat the reformed liturgy is the only valid form of the Roman Rite. He pointed out that, as Pope St. Paul VI, Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI acknowledged, the Usus Antiquior was “never suppressed” and, in fact, has continued to be celebrated since the time of the promulgation of the Missal of Pope St. Paul VI.

Cardinal Burke said it is “contrary to reason and to sound liturgical theology to assert that a form of the Roman Rite celebrated uninterruptedly for some 15 centuries is no longer a valid form of the Roman Rite.”

But Cardinal Burke highlighted another “fundamental procedural flaw in the promulgation of Traditionis Custodes,” which is that most of those affected by it were not consulted before its promulgation — something, he said, that goes against the Regulae Iuris [Rules of Law].

As for the Responsa ad Dubia, Cardinal Burke said they have only the force of the law to which they refer, but the Responsa go beyond Traditionis Custodes and, even, presume to change universal Church law — for example, regarding the law regarding bination (celebrating Mass twice on the same day).

A further problem for the Vatican, he said, is that the Dicastery for Divine Worship is taking to itself competencies that belong to the diocesan bishop and fall under his jurisdiction.

CLMC comment: There is much to unpackage in His Eminence’s remarks – especially on the claim that the Novus Ordo is the “unique expression of the Roman Rite”. This phrase was actually the reason used by the diocese to cancel the Latin Easter Triduum and Confirmations. However, Cardinal Burke has lucidly explained why this claim is actually a departure from Catholic liturgical theology. If any of our readers have influence with specific senior clergy within our diocese, sharing Cardinal Burke’s remarks may be of great benefit for these clergy – and their souls.  Please consider praying for Cardinal Burke and for the bishops, and all Latin Mass priests, who are in a difficult position.

For the CLMC, we continue to invite our readers to pray for our Synod request for a full Latin Mass chapel, staffed by the FSSP, which offers a wonderful resolution to this dilemma. We thank everyone from the CLMC, our friends with the Salisbury LMC and others who participated in the novena to the Poor Souls last week, and we hope to share more prayer efforts in the time ahead.

What Mass are you attending Sunday?

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