New to Latin Mass?

If you’re new to the Traditional Latin Mass we welcome you and encourage you to stay. You might be lost the first few times, but like many of us, you’ll become familiar after attending over many weeks.

Generally you may find it more beneficial to observe the Mass instead of using the translation booklets or missals until you become more familiar. You can fully participate by simply uniting your prayers with the priest offering to the Holy Sacrifice at the altar.

The Latin Mass also has many names which can be confusing. Its most commonly called the Traditional Latin Mass, but also the Latin Mass, the Tridentine Mass, the Mass of 1962, and the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

Latin Mass is offered Sundays at St. Ann Catholic Church at 12:30pm, and at St. Thomas Aquinas at 11:30am, and you’ll find a few things before entering the church:

  • Translation of the Propers for the week: Readings for that Sunday. Please return to basket for future use.
  • Chapel Veil basket:  When available, we provide complimentary mantillas (chapel veils). They are yours to keep.
  • Latin Mass Q&A Table: The CLMC runs a Q&A table in the narthex at St. Ann and St. Thomas parishes before and after Mass to answer your questions about the Latin Mass.