King Henry VIII & English Reformation by Ryan Grant

The Charlotte Latin Mass Community (CLMC) hosted Catholic author and publisher, Ryan Grant to discuss King Henry VIII and the English Reformation, and how the persecution of the Catholic Church began in England.  The event was held on January 24, 2018 at St. Ann Catholic Church in Charlotte.

Mr. Grant is the owner and editor of a small family run publishing company called Mediatrix Press which republishes many classic Catholic books as well as some more recent publications.  To learn more about Mr. Grant and Mediatrix Press please visit:

Please note: due to technical errors, a 30 minute segment (part II) is unavailable. The CLMC is hoping to obtain a copy of this missing part. In the interim we invite you to enjoy the other informative parts of the talk. 

Part I: King Henry the VIII (60 minutes)


Part II: Currently unavailable (3o minutes)


Part III: The English Reformation and persecution (60 minutes)


Part I mp3


Part II mp3 (unavailable)


Part III mp3