Whit Embertide update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Greetings on this 3rd day in the Octave of Pentecost and during the Whit Embertide week.  As you may recall, the Ember Days are when the Church traditionally devoted 3 days (Wednesday, Friday & Saturday) each season to prayer and fasting & partial abstinence (now optional) to give thanks to God for His creation and growth in holiness the upcoming season.

The traditional Latin Mass calendar has many feasts and customs devoted to the land, agriculture and creation which are worth exploring sometime. The summertime Ember Days which we commemorate this week falls during the week of Pentecost.  If you do consider fasting & partial abstinence for the Ember Days, please consider offering it up for our priests, Bishops, and those who will be ordained in our diocese later this summer. As usual Fisheaters.com has a great summary which you can read here: http://www.fisheaters.com/emberdays.html

Ember Week Masses in Charlotte (note Friday cancellations)

Wednesday June 3: 6pm Low Mass St. Ann parish; 7pm High Mass, St. Thomas Aquinas parish (with chant and polyphony)

1st Friday June 5: Sadly, there are no Latin Masses scheduled for 1st Friday. St. Ann and St. Mark have cancelled their Friday Latin Masses for this week

1st Saturday June 6: St. Thomas Aquinas, 10am High Mass (with chant and polyphony)

No Latin Mass at Sacred Heart or St. Michael parishes

As noted last week, there will be no 1st Sunday Latin Mass at Sacred Heart for June. The Latin Mass at St. Michael is also on hiatus for the time being.

New Sunday Latin Mass in Diocese

We are pleased to share that St. Elizabeth of the Hill Country parish in Boone, NC has just announced it is adding an 11:00AM Sunday High Mass effective immediately. It also has added a Thursday morning Mass in addition to Tuesday, Friday & First Saturday.  St. Elizabeth has quickly overtaken St. Ann in offering the most Latin Masses each week in the diocese.  If you’re thinking of vacationing in the mountains (or moving there permanently after all the craziness this year) please stop by their new webpage at: https://www.saintecc.org/

Other news

The Separation of Church & state is incompatible with the Catholic faith: Exorcist & Theologian Fr. Chad Ripperger (who offers the Latin Mass exclusively) has republished his article on why the legal principle of separation of Church and state is unjust and is condemned by the Church. This is especially helpful to know when governments continue to try and exert authority over the Catholic Church during COVID-19 regulations. We encourage you to learn the unchanging teaching of the Church:


Errors in Vatican II must be corrected: Bishop Athanasius Schneider has penned a great piece on how Vatican II’s document on religious freedom, Dignitatis Humanae, contains erroneous statements that should be corrected as these statements currently promote false teachings and theories that divert from the traditional teachings such as “God wills the diversity of religions”. He also addresses how other ecumenical councils (besides Vatican II) have contained errors that the Church had to later correct:


Modernism & COVID-19 are part of the same brand: Archbishop Viganò has published an interesting letter to cloistered nuns in which he compares the reasoning used to support the COVID-19 lockdown protocols to that of the modernist prelates who tried suppress the Traditional Latin Mass after Vatican II and insisted this was “the new normal”. He encourages the faithful to be informed and reject these false narratives as the Latin Mass proponents did in the 1970s and 1980s.


“If we have not understood the causal relationship between Vatican II and its logical and necessary consequences over the course of the last sixty years, it will not be possible to steer the rudder of the Church back to the direction given it by her Divine Helmsman, the course that it maintained for two thousand years. For decades they catechized us with the hateful phrase “there is no going back” with regard to the Liturgy, the Faith, moral teaching, penance, asceticism.

Today we hear the same expressions slavishly repeated in the civil sphere, through which the attempt is made to indoctrinate the masses that “nothing will be as it was before.” Modernism and Covid-19 are part of the same brand, and for anyone who has their gaze towards the transcendent it is not difficult to understand that the greatest fear  of those who want us to believe that the race towards the abyss is both unavoidable and unstoppable is that we will not believe them, ignore them, and unmask their conspiracy.”  – Abp. Viganò

Let us be thankful for the faithful Catholics who in the 1970s and 1980s – including some here in Charlotte – refused to believe the narrative that the Traditional Latin Mass was dead and instead fought for its restoration, and have handed it down to our generation. This is a story worth publishing sometime.

Vigil of Pentecost update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Today Saturday May 30th is the ancient Vigil of Pentecost. Before 1955, this day had its own special liturgy to prepare the Church for the great feast of Pentecost. The “vigil” in the traditional rite is not to be confused with a Saturday evening “anticipatory Mass for Sunday” that occur at most Novus Ordo parishes.

Vigil of Pentecost – Saturday May 30

As you may know, many major feasts in the traditional calendar had vigils the day prior which had its own distinct Masses. These vigils were normally days of partial abstinence (meat only at 1 meal) or fasting (now voluntary)- this included the Vigil of Ascension, Assumption, Nativity, and even the Vigil of St. Lawrence the Martyr. The Vigil of Pentecost was perhaps one of those most important vigils. Although optional we may consider fasting and or partially abstaining from meat today for our priests and bishops.

The Mass of the Vigil of Pentecost, is remarkably similar to the Easter Vigil, in a sense. According to the Facebook page Restore the ’54, the Mass begins in silence with the deacon and subdeacon wearing folded chasubles, penitential vestments, no altar candles are lit, and 6 prophecies from the Old Testament (half of the twelve from the Easter Vigil) are read. Following the prophecies is the baptismal rites (if there are those being baptized) with the Pascal candle, followed by the chanting of the litany of the saints and proceeding with the rest of the Mass.  After Mass, like Holy Saturday, Vespers are sung with all 5 psalms.

Sadly, this sublime liturgy was removed after Archbishop Annibale Bugnini’s “reforms” of 1955, but there are a few parishes that are beginning to offer it again. Mater Ecclesiae Latin Mass chapel in Berlin, NJ is one such parish. They will stream it at 5pm today May 30th: https://www.facebook.com/MaterEcclesiaeChurch/  Perhaps in future years we will be able to have one at St. Ann parish.

To learn more you can view the Restore the ’54 Facebook page (no account needed): https://www.facebook.com/restorethe54/ (scroll and read the Vigil of Pentecost posts parts I, II & III)

A few gentlemen needed on Sunday

With space limits inside St. Ann church, the CLMC and St. Ann parish want to ensure women and the elderly, etc. are able to have a seat inside the Church (even if they arrive late). We are asking the healthy men of the parish to be willing to give up their seats for women, children, and those seniors within our community. You might be asked by an usher to help in this regard.  On a separate matter, we will also need a few men to help take down the tents out in the plaza after Mass (see next announcement).

Pentecost Sunday (Whitsunday) – Sunday May 31

Sunday is the great feast of Pentecost and St. Ann will offer its normal 12:30pm Latin Mass (social distancing limits), as well as Our Lady of Grace in Greensboro (sign-up Mass only) at 1pm and St. John the Baptist in Tryon at 8:30am. Be sure to check parish websites for latest schedule. For St. Ann, once the church reaches capacity, the overflow will be invited to stay in the narthex, cry rooms, or out in the plaza. All who want to receive Communion will be able to.  Tents will also be set up in the plaza to shade you from the sun (or rain). Also the speakers in the St. Ann plaza have been repaired so one can hear the Mass better outside.

To learn about the traditions of the feast of Pentecost, please visit: https://www.fisheaters.com/customseastertide7.html (Note there is a plenary indulgence on Sunday to all who pray the Veni Creator – ‘Come Holy Spirit’ under the usual conditions). This will be prayed during the Sunday Latin Mass.

Mass cancellations next week

St. Ann: St. Ann will not have its normal 7am Latin Mass on Friday June 5. Sadly, with St. Mark Friday Latin Mass also canceled for June 5, this leaves the Latin Mass faithful in Charlotte without a 1st Friday Mass to attend. If we hear of any changes, we will let you know. Please offer a prayer perhaps another option will develop.

Sacred Heart in Salisbury: Sacred Heart will not have its 1st Sunday 4pm Latin Mass on June 7. We will keep you posted when this resumes.

FSSP Ordinations – Monday June 1

The Fraternity of St. Peter (a Latin Mass society of priests) will live stream its ordinations of its priests AND deacons on Monday June 1st from 11am – 4pm Eastern. It will be a double header ordination (perhaps two Masses). To learn more visit and how to watch visit: https://fssp.com/fssp-priestly-and-diaconal-ordinations-2020/

Daily Mass cancellations

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We just wanted to alert everyone that the normal Friday Latin Mass at St. Mark parish remains on hiatus until Eucharistic Adoration returns to the adoration chapel.

Additionally, the normal Thursday morning Mass at St. Michael parish is also on hiatus for the time being.

Lastly, with the seminary semester being done for the summer, the 7am Wednesday Latin Mass is discontinued.

Ascension Update II

Christus Resurréxit!  Welcome back!  It has been so great being back at Mass this last week. We have a few items and announcements to share.

  1. Litany of the Precious Blood:  In talking with Father Reid recently about the recent Survey to Bishops sent out by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome.  Father made the suggestion for us all to pray the Litany of the Precious Blood daily in thanksgiving for- and protection of our regular Latin Masses at St. Ann’s.  There is great power in this Litany and more so when it is prayed in community.  In keeping, let’s join together and pray this prayer from now until July 31st when the Survey responses are due.   https://www.fisheaters.com/litanypreciousblood.html
  1. Looking for a few chivalrous gentlemen: Today at Mass, there were a few dozen people who showed up after the maximum allowable number of people arrived and had to attend Mass outdoors in the heat.  Next Sunday, if we run into this situation again, can we please have some young men who have seats inside the air conditioned church, voluntarily come out and offer your seat to one of these more vulnerable parishioners? The ushers can help identify someone if needed.

Sunday After Ascension

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  Tomorrow, Sunday May 24 many parishes are resuming a normal schedule.  St. Ann will having its normal 12:30pm Latin Mass tomorrow – with social distancing. Some may be asked stay outside the main church if it reaches capacity. You can read more details below.

St. Ann will also be live streaming at: www.facebook.com/StAnnCharlotte

Other diocesan parishes that offer Sunday Latin Masses may have different policies for attendance, so please check the specific parish website for details.

Other Latin Mass news

French traditionalists team up to restore Masses in France: https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2020/05/traditional-catholics-get-french.html

Sunday May 24 is also the worldwide day of prayer for the Chinese Catholics. Please keep the Chinese Catholics in your prayers this day. The Cardinal Kung Foundation, which supports the underground Chinese Church has a good newsletter this month providing an update the situation there.  Additionally, Cardinal Kung himself offered the Latin Mass after he was exiled to the U.S. in the 1980s and we enclose a link also to Cardinal Burke’s homily at Solemn Requiem Mass for the 20th anniversary of Cardinal Kung’s passing this past March.

Our Lady of Sheshan, pray for us and the Chinese Catholics!

Ascension Thursday Latin Masses

Christus Resurréxit and blessed Rogationtide greetings! This Monday – Wednesday is Rogationtide, formerly a 3 day period in the Traditional calendar which implores God’s aid against calamities and for a good harvest. The Fraternity of St. Peter has a nice reflection for today: https://fssp.com/rogation-monday-st-ambroses-lessons-from-the-roman-breviary/

We have several public Masses to share, but first wanted to thank Fr. Reid for his courage to resuming the Sunday Latin Mass. Please offer prayers for him this week.

As the temporary 2-week injunction allows public Masses to resume this week, many parishes are resuming a normal schedule. Please check parish websites for additional information as things can change. Of particular note will be the Ascension Day Latin Mass at St. Ann parish week.

Wednesday May 20 – Vigil of the Ascension/Rogation Day

St. Ann, 6pm (Low)

St. Thomas Aquinas, 7pm (High) (updated)

Thursday May 21 – Feast of the Ascension

St. Ann, 11am (Low) – (this will be the only Latin Mass at St. Ann for Ascension)

St. Elizabeth in Boone, 12 noon (2 hours northwest of Charlotte)

Our Lady of Grace in Greensboro, 7pm (Solemn High Mass), (2 hours north of Charlotte)

Friday May 22 – Feria after Ascension

St. Ann, 7am (Low)

(St. Mark will not have a Latin Mass this week due to adoration being in the main Church)