Latin Mass Classes

The Charlotte Latin Mass Community (CLMC) recognizes the need for good catechesis – particularly involving the liturgy, doctrine and tradition.

Beginning in 2016, the CLMC instituted its Latin Mass Class series to help the faithful of Charlotte to learn more about these important pillars of our Catholic faith.

Our first class was an introduction to the Latin Mass, and our second class covered the basics of Sacred Music. We invite you to watch or listen to these informative classes.

Latin Mass Introduction (April 2016)

The Sacred Music of the Catholic Church (July 2016)

The Social Kingship of Christ (October 2016)

Why Latin? (February 2017)

Bishop Athanasius Schneider – Christ the King and Blessed Karl of Austria (October 2017)

King Henry the VIII & the English Reformation (January 2018)

See also Juventutem Charlotte for recent talks by Latin Mass priests (2019 & 2020):