Liturgy & Fraternity tomorrow; Respect Life Mass Saturday

Laudetur Iesu Christus! We have three updates to share this week:

7am Wednesday Seminary Latin Mass resumes tomorrow: With St. Joseph Seminary back in session, the Wednesday 7am Low Mass offered by the Seminary priests at St. Ann parish resumes beginning tomorrow Wednesday August 21. There will also be the normal 6pm Low Mass each evening.

Liturgy and Fraternity tomorrow night after 6pm Mass: Attention all men – please join us Wednesday evening for Liturgy and Fraternity – 3rd-Wednesday monthly gathering of Catholic men who join together for a pint and fellowship after the 6:00 pm Wednesday St. Ann Latin Mass at a nearby pub (we arrive around 7pm).  We rarely talk about Liturgy … mostly it is sports or history or politics … but always with good fun and charity. All men of good cheer are welcome.  We will be meeting up at a small pub about a half mile away from St. Ann’s called Sir Edmond Halley’s.  The pub also has a good food menu for those so inclined.

From their website: Inconveniently located in the back of the Park Road Shopping Center:
Sir Edmond Halley’s Restaurant & Freehouse, 4151 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209 (704) 525-7775 

Respect Life Latin Mass this Saturday August 24, 8:00am: Fr. Reid will offer an 8am Low Mass on Saturday August 24. Afterwards he will lead a Rosary vigil at the new Planned Parenthood (700 S. Torrence, Charlotte). For those that cannot travel, there will be a Holy Hour of Reparation offered in the Church at the end of Mass for an hour.  With a 4th abortion facility opening in Charlotte, attending this Latin Mass will be a great way to offer reparation.

Feast of the Assumption update

Laudetur Iesu Christus! Tomorrow is the Vigil of the Assumption and Thursday is the great Feast of the Assumption. Here are the Mass times as we current know them:

Vigil of the Assumption August 14:

The normal Wednesday evening Latin Masses are still scheduled (6:00pm Low Mass St. Ann, and 7:00pm High Mass, St. Thomas Aquinas).

Also, as you may have read in Sunday’s bulletin, Fr. Reid is encouraging everyone to fast from something this day as it used to be custom that Vigil days (the day before a great feast) were days of fasting, to prepare us for the great feast day.

Feast of the Assumption Thursday August 15: This is a Holy Day of obligation. The Masses are:

8:15am (Low) – St. Michael in Gastonia (this schedule has been confirmed)

7:00 pm (Solemn High) – St. Ann

Looking ahead, the following Saturday August 24th, St. Ann parish will have a Respect Life Latin Mass at 8:00am, followed by a Rosary at the Planned Parenthood facility.

St. Lawrence Feast Day update

Laudetur Iesu Christus! Today is the traditional feast day of St. John Vianney, the Cure d’Ares and Friday and Saturday, are days to commemorate the great St. Lawrence the Martyr.  More details below after these Mass announcements:

Bishop Jugis visits St. Ann Latin Mass this Sunday: This Sunday August 11, Bishop Peter Jugis will return to St. Ann to administer the traditional sacrament of Confirmation at the 12:30pm Latin Mass. The administering of Confirmation will begin at 12:30pm and then Mass begins immediately after (offered by Fr. Reid or another priest immediately after).  You may want to arrive a few minutes early but it will definitely be worth it. Please pray for the 9 people receiving the sacrament and for Bishop Jugis.

Feast of the Assumption August 15: There will be a 7pm Solemn High Mass at St. Ann

Respect Life Mass Saturday August 24th: The next Respect Life Mass will be 8:00am on Saturday August 24 and it will be a Latin Mass.

Vigil & Feast of St. Lawrence: This Friday and Saturday, the Church commemorates the great St. Lawrence, deacon and Martyr. Tomorrow August 9 is the Vigil of St. Lawrence, and Saturday is his actual feast day. He’s one of the few saints to be honored with a vigil prior to his feast day. On Friday there is a 7am Low Mass at St. Ann and 12:30pm Low Mass at St. Mark. No Latin Masses are scheduled this Saturday in the Charlotte area. In earlier ages, vigils were days of penance and fasting (now voluntary) before the big feast day.  There is also a meteor shower called the “Fiery tears of St. Lawrence” that can be seen from August 10 – 12. St. Ann parish also has a statue of him in the church. To learn more please visit:

1st Sunday Latin Mass in Salisbury

Laudetur Iesu Christus! Just heads up that this Sunday in addition to the normal Sunday 12:30pm Latin Mass, there will be a 4pm Latin Mass at Sacred Heart in Salisbury followed by a reception.  If you wish to sign up for the Salisbury Latin Mass Community updates, please see details from Mark Hartley below.

Separately, this Sunday will also mark the 1st Sunday Latin Mass 8:30am at St. John the Baptist in Tryon (2 hours west of Charlotte).


Salvete in Christo!

Father Brian Becker, Parochial Vicar at St. Mark, Huntersville, will be the visiting celebrant for our 4:00 p.m. Latin Mass (Low Mass) this coming Sunday, August 4th, at Sacred Heart in Salisbury.

After Mass Social
Please plan to join us for our social in Brincefield Hall immediately after Mass.  Please bring a favorite hors d’oeuvres or snack to share with others.

July 30th update

Laudetur Iesu Christus! We have a few updates to share this week:

Mass cancellations this week

  • St. Michael parish – Thursday 8:15 am Low Mass is canceled
  • St. Mark parish – The Friday 12:30 pm Low Mass is also canceled

Feast of the Assumption

Thursday August 15 is a Holy Day of Obligation. St. Ann will offer a Solemn High Mass at 7pm.

Portiuncula Indulgence this Friday August 2nd: This Friday the Church offers a special plenary indulgence called the Portiuncula Indulgence, which commemorates the little chapel where St. Francis of Assisi discovered his vocation. The indulgence can be made anytime after Vespers on Thursday August 1st and before sundown on Friday August 2nd.  The indulgence was originally only available to those who visited the chapel in Italy, but now extends to the universal church. A plenary indulgence is available under the usual conditions. To learn more visit this write up on Sensus Fidelium:

Sensus Fidelium: Speaking of Sensus Fidelium, if you’re looking for a great traditional apostolate to support, we can’t recommend enough Sensus Fidelium.  It’s has some excellent and ancient traditional resources online including:

  • Roman Martyrlogy,
  • Biblical commentaries
  • Moral Theology
  • Meditations
  • Liturgical year

If you’re to grow deeper in the Catholic faith, Sensus Fidelium is a great start. If you find it helps you, also consider supporting Steve’s work with a tax deductible donation. The website is:

Late July update

Laudetur Iesu Christus!  This week we have a few updates to share:

(Note: the Mass time for Saturday July 27 is 8am. Prior post incorrectly mentioned 9am).

Respect Life Latin Mass this Saturday 8am: St. Ann will host its regular 4th Saturday Respect Life Mass (Latin) at 9am this Saturday July 27. Afterwards Fr. Reid will lead attendees in a Rosary at the Planned Parenthood facility (700 S. Torrence Drive, Charlotte).  People can also pray in the church a Holy Hour of Reparation for the end of abortion (with Eucharistic Adoration).

Great article on traditional Catholic rural life: The Catholic News Herald had an excellent front page story on St. Joseph’s farm in Columbus, NC (2 hours west of Charlotte), which is run by Jason Craig and his family. Several CLMC families (among many) have attended Jason’s father-son retreats in the past. His website is:  The article is here:

N.B. – Space does not permit a full explanation, but there is a strong link between the Traditional Latin Mass and rural life/agriculture: from the Ember Days, to the Rogation Days, as well as a the ancient Roman Ritual’s various blessings including St. Peter of Verona palms, herbs, seeds, livestock, bees, sick crops, etc.  There is much that can be said – perhaps for a future time. In the interim, this link has some good books that go into the traditions and customs of Catholic rural life.

Fr. Lawrence Carney’s book, Walking the Road to God: Switching now to the sanctification of urban areas, we wanted to share with you a link to Fr. Carney’s book, as referenced in Father B’s sermon on Sunday. Fr. Carney actually gave a women’s retreat here a year or so ago. As Father noted on Sunday, the book really highlights the evangelistic effect of seeing a priest in cassock walking around town. You can read more about his book at this website:

Mid July update

Laudetur Iesu Christus and Happy Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel which commemorates when Our Lady gave St. Simon Stock the Brown Scapular. If you’re not already enrolled in the Brown Scapular, please see Fr. Reid (or your own pastor) about it.

Latin Mass update:

Mass cancellations this week: The 6pm Latin Mass Wednesday and 7am Latin Mass Friday at St. Ann are both canceled while Fr. Reid is away.

No Liturgy & Fraternity in July: Since the Wednesday Latin Mass at St. Ann is canceled, the normal Liturgy & Fraternity for this week is also canceled.

Introduction to the Latin Mass at St. John Neumann parish in Charlotte this Sunday, July 21 at 12 noon: Seminarian Matthew Dimock will provide an overview of the history and ritual of the “Mass that formed the Saints.” Refreshments will be served.


New Sunday Traditional Latin Mass begins in Tryon:

We are pleased to report that St. John the Baptist in Tryon (2 hours west of Charlotte, or 1.25 hours from Gastonia) will now begin offering an 8:30am Sunday High Mass beginning Sunday August 4. This is a welcome news for the community out in the mountains which currently lacks a Sunday Latin Mass. Please keep Fr. Christian in your prayers as he begins to offer this Mass weekly.


Support Carmelite Hermits

Lastly, since today is the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, we wanted to share an opportunity to support a traditional Carmelite community called the Hermits of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Some of you may recall meeting the Hermits in 2017.  They are a new group of Carmelite hermits based in Fairfield, PA.   Please offer a prayer for the Hermits on their feast day. Additionally, they subsist solely on donations and are always grateful for any financial support: