Palm Sunday update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! This Sunday is Palm Sunday, the 2nd Sunday of Passiontide, and the beginning of Holy Week.  You can learn more about the traditional customs and history of Palm Sunday here:

Palm Sunday Latin Mass: As mentioned in Fr. Reid’s e-mail to parishioners, there will again be no public Mass at St. Ann this weekend. However, St. Ann will live stream the 12:30pm Latin Mass on the parish’s Facebook page at:

To view other online Masses & spiritual resources at home our webpage:

Confession sign-up page: Fr. Reid will generously be offering Confessions this Monday – Wednesday (April 6-8), with a twist. Confessions will be outside and you need to make an appointment on this sign-up page first – this is to keep in compliance with local regulations. The parish will only admit those who are on the signup page. You can sign up here:

Private Latin Easter Triduum to be offered: We are pleased to report that St. Ann will offer a private Latin Easter Triduum next week. Even though laity will not be present, this is a generous gift by Fr. Reid to the Latin Mass faithful in the diocese. It will be the only Triduum offered at St. Ann parish next week. The reason is St. Ann is one of the few places that have the priests and parish resources to do so. This is a wonderful gift and please keep Fr. Reid, Fr. Kauth, and Fr. Buettner in your prayers as they prepare for these solemn liturgies.

They will stream the liturgies online at these times:

  • Holy Thursday Mass: 7pm
  • Good Friday Liturgy: 3pm
  • Easter Vigil: 8pm

Supporting St. Ann: Also don’t forget to tithe to the parish during this time so it can continue its operations and minister to its parishioners & community:

Other Latin Mass news:

Social Kingship of Christ Online conference April 4: Tomorrow morning Saturday April 4 there will be a special online conference about the Social Kingship of Christ – this is an important doctrine which we have hosted talks on including with Bishop Schneider. It would be a great time to learn about this important traditional teaching if you aren’t familiar with it (or want to learn more). It’s free and to sign up please click here to register:

Adult catechism series: St. Joan of Arc, a Latin Mass (FSSP) parish in Post Falls, Idaho is broadcasting their weekly adult catechisms series. This week they cover the old testament origins for the vestments at Latin Mass:

The parish priest also conducted a bible study this week:

Blueprint: Obtaining Last Rites in Hospital for a COVID-19 patient

We wanted to share one family’s story of obtaining Last Rites for their mother in Georgia – they had to fight the hospital to admit a priest. We confirm the accuracy of this story. The family wishes to remain anonymous but has kindly shared their accounts to help other families in the same situation.

LifeSiteNews has also picked up the story:


We post the PDF of their account here:

Passiontide update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Tomorrow we enter the 2 week season of Passiontide, the final two weeks of Lent, where we focus on Christ’s passion and death. With many public Masses and Holy Communion now restricted across the globe, it is feeling like 2 weeks of Good Fridays. Yet this situation is curiously similar to the Pre-1955 Good Friday Liturgy which St. Ann offered in 2018 & 2019, where Holy Communion is only received by the priest and the laity’s Communion is the veneration of the Cross. Yet even in this unsettling time, the Church, through the Traditional Latin Mass, gives us hope.

The readings for Mass over the past 2 days (Thursday & Friday) have been about the raising of the dead, both in the Old Testament and the Gospels. As Dom Prosper Gueranger mentioned in The Liturgical Year for Thursday, these readings were to remind the faithful during the depths of Lent that the Resurrection and Easter are soon to come. The New Liturgical Movement blog has a great piece on these readings for this past Thursday & Friday:


Passiontide is also when the statues, sacred images, etc. are veiled, the bells are replaced with wooden clackers (crotalus), which also allows the faithful to look forward to the Easter Vigil when the statues are unveiled, the bells return, and the Church rejoices in singing Gloria and Alleluia as they return to the Mass with Easter. See this video of an Easter Vigil Mass:

Since our homes have become domestic parishes lately, families are invited to cover their statues, sacred images, and begin to look forward to the Easter Vigil (if only broadcast online).  To learn more about Passiontide customs visit:

Sunday Announcement at St. Ann

Per Fr. Reid’s Friday Five Announcement, due to the new “shelter-in-place” restrictions, there will be no public Mass offered Sunday, nor will Holy Communion be distributed. As such, people are asked to stay at home. However, the parish will again live stream the 12:30pm Latin Mass on their public Facebook page (no login needed):  Please offer a few prayers for Fr. Reid for this blessing and also don’t forget to tithe to the parish during this time so it can continue its operations and minister to its parishioners:

Sunday Online Masses & Resources

As a reminder, we have our webpage where you can find various online Latin Masses, and spiritual resources during this time (including spiritual communions). We’ve also included the Institute of Christ the King’s new web stream webpage too (in case you want to virtually travel to another parish).  This page is updated periodically:

Other Latin Mass News

Vatican gives new directions for 1962 Missal: On Wednesday, the Vatican made an important announcement about the 1962 Latin Mass missal. It has given permission under specific conditions that all saints canonized after 1960 can now be offered in the Traditional Latin Mass (Link). They also allowed 7 new optional prefaces that can be offered (Link). These new changes are entirely optional, and priests can simply ignore the changes and follow the 1962 calendar as it. We include a summary by a few sources on the new changes:

Family Consecration to the Immaculate Heart: A traditional priest in another diocese is encouraging all families to consecrate their families to the Immaculate Heart of Mary with this prayer. We’ve also attached it as well.

Adult catechism correction: This week we sent a link to an adult catechism class by the FSSP Latin Mass parish in Idaho, but the link was broken. The correct link is:

(N.B. – they also have a bible study on Wednesday:

Almsgiving at St. Ann parish

Laudetur Iesus Christus! As you may have already seen, the annual Easter Meals Ministry, where St. Ann’s parishioners come together with donations of food to Charlotte area homeless shelters, has been cancelled.

Instead, St. Ann’s will be donating money to each shelter to allow them to purchase and prepare an Easter dinner themselves.

Additionally the parish also has a Help Thy Neighbor program which can assist families during this crisis (or others).

Please consider this opportunity for almsgiving, and make a donation through St. Ann’s parish website:

  • Easter Meals Ministry
  • Help Thy Neighbor

Click on the link below and find either program on the line item list.

St. Ann Parish Giving Webpage



Feast of the Annunciation

Laudetur Iesus Christus on this the Feast of St. Gabriel the Archangel. The Church traditionally and with perfect design paired this feast day with the Feast of the Annunciation, which is tomorrow, when the Archangel Gabriel announced the Incarnation to the Blessed Mother. notes, that tomorrow March 25 was according to some ancient sources, also the day Adam was created 4000 years before Christ – showing the link between the old Adam and Christ, the new Adam. To learn more click here:

Lenten Penances are relaxed tomorrow: The Feast of the Annunciation is also a 1st Class Feast Day/Solemnity in the Universal Church and as such Lenten practices are relaxed for March 25.

As noted today in a parish e-mail, Fr. Reid said he will offer a private 6pm Latin Mass tomorrow for the feast of (not open to the public). No Holy Communion will be distributed but you can watch the Mass at home on the St. Ann Facebook page (available to non-users as well):

St. Ann Latin Mass & Fr. Reid on TV:

First, words really can’t describe our thanks (and yours) to Fr. Reid for his efforts in allowing the Latin Mass faithful to receive Holy Communion on Sunday. Our thanks also to the Seminary priests, seminarians, Deacons and parish staff as well. Please do keep Fr. Reid, and all our priests in your prayers this week.

Spectrum Cable News was also present for the Latin Mass and had a nice piece that featured the Latin Mass, Fr. Reid and an interview with a few of the attendees. If you missed it you can view it here:

Reminder: The parish is still needs tithing donations to keep operating and assisting parishioners. If you haven’t had the chance to tithe on Sunday you can always give online or via text:  text: 704-360-5305.

What’s next?

With the changing restrictions, Father isn’t sure what will happen this Sunday, Passion Sunday. We’ll try to share any announcements. In the interim, lets continue to pray (especially the Rosary).

Other Latin Mass news

With restrictions in place, there are many online opportunities to help us grow in holiness.

One example is St. Joan of Arc Latin Mass parish (FSSP), in Post Falls, Idaho who is posting their adult catechism series online:

Emblem Against Plagues: A priest in Louisiana was sharing this 15th century emblem of the Holy Name of Jesus that St. Bernadine of Sienna used against plagues in Italy during the time. We thought you might be interested in learning about it and printing the attached Emblem (translation on page 2) on or near your door. Also attached is a fuller description of the Emblem’s history by St. Leonard of Port Maurice.

This sacred emblem is placed on the doors of houses for protection against the plague. It is an ancient indulgenced practice linked to The Most Holy Name of Jesus. The main devotions are illustrated in this figure: to the Most Holy Trinity, to Mary Most Holy, to St. Joseph, to the Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart, to the Holy Rosary and to the Chair of St. Peter.

The use of sacred images is not superstition, but based on our Catholic faith. Although devotion to the Most Holy Name of Jesus is as old as the Church, it was popularized by the Franciscans of the 15th century, especially St. Bernardine of Siena.

Laetare Sunday: Sunday Latin Mass at St. Ann

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  Tomorrow is Laetare Sunday, the halfway point of Lent, and the Rose colored vestments give us hope that Lent will give way to the joy Easter and the Resurrection of our Lord.

In that spirit, we are pleased to share Fr. Reid’s announcement that Sunday Mass will proceed tomorrow (Deo Gratias!) with a twist. Please read to fully understand the protocols. As a reminder, the obligation to attend Sunday Mass is lifted, and if you are feeling ill or have frail health, you are not advised to not attend Mass.

St. Ann is maintaining its normal Sunday schedule, including the 12:30pm Latin Mass.  Mass will be offered in private (no attendees allowed) from the 2nd floor Allen Center Conference Room which overlooks the plaza (and visible for some of the parking lots).

How to attend Mass at St. Ann tomorrow

  • You are invited to watch 12:30pm Latin Mass from the St. Ann parking lot inside your car but you must stay in your car (IMPORTANT)
  • Arrive, pull into a parking space, stay in your car, and watch Mass from your car or stream it.
  • If can’t attend, or can’t view Mass from your parking space, Ann will stream their Masses from the parish’s Facebook page (it is now viewable for non-Facebook users*):

Reception of Holy Communion

Holy Communion will be distributed to attendees – but it will be one car at a time. Here are the protocols:

  • Kneelers will be set up in 3 places in the parking lot. During Holy Communion, Father Reid (and the Deacon?) will come outside to the Station
  • Communicants must drive up to the nearest station, exit their car, approach the kneelers and receive normally just like at any Latin Mass
  • After reception, you & your family must quickly re-enter your car and drive back to your parking space
  • Then the next car will pull up and receive.
  • Seminarians and parish staff will be around to direct traffic

Sunday Collection & St. Joseph Book (please note!)

  • At each Holy Communion station, there will also be a table with the Sunday collection basket, Sunday bulletin, and a St. Joseph booklet
  • Communicants can place their Sunday tithe in the collection basket immediately before or after receipting
  • Please take a bulletin and the St. Joseph booklet before returning to your car

A note on tithing: Fr. Reid & St. Ann parish is probably one of the few parishes in the Diocese (or the western world) allowing the faithful to attend Sunday Latin Mass and receive Holy Communion. Think about that. Fr. Reid deserves our prayers. However, we also encourage you to think about tithing generously this Sunday so that this special parish can continue to meet its obligations and support its parishioners during this crisis. You can give in person as noted, or give online:  or by texting 704-360-5305.

Restroom Access

The church restroom will be open during before or during Mass, but please note only 10 people or less can be inside any restrooms total at one time.

Facebook: It is possible for non-Facebook users to watch the St. Ann Mass on your phone from the parish Facebook page. You don’t need an account. When you pull up the page, you can minimize/cancel the login screen, and then scroll down to the live stream post. It may take a minute or two for the page to download. You may want to test it before you arrive:

Places to watch Latin Masses online

If you’re new to Latin Mass, and will watch it online this weekend, we link a “beginner’s guide” courtesy of the Latin Mass Society of U.K. (click here)

Other news items

NEW plenary indulgence issued for the coronavirus: If you can’t attend Sunday Mass, the Vatican has a new plenary indulgence for those quarantined, healthcare workers, and patients:

Statements by Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider: Both Cardinal Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider have released some reflections on their concerns about the current crisis, how to maintain a spiritual life and about the closure of the Masses. You will hopefully find them edifying.

Lastly, if you cannot attend Mass, we link to a PDF of prayers for a domestic Sunday holy hour that are suggested by Bishop Schneider if you cannot attend Mass.

Feast of St. Joseph

Laudetur Iesus Christus and blessed Feast of St. Joseph! While we are deprived of Masses and the Eucharist, we are not deprived of the Holy Faith!

As noted or expected, all of the St. Joseph’s day activities are closed including the St. Joseph’s Day Solemn Mass (presumably now a private Mass), and the Carolina Family Coalition kick-off (postponed), and other public events. St. Ann parish is however open for prayer during the day (as are other parishes) and will offer Confession today from 5:30-6:30pm and Saturday from 3-4pm.

Worldwide Rosary at today at 4pm: Today at 4pm Eastern, the Holy Father is asking for a worldwide Rosary for the virus outbreak – we invite everyone to join in.

St. Ann is considering recording a private Sunday Latin Mass (offered Saturday evening) and streaming it. If this is possible, we will share the link with you.  Speaking of St. Ann, we also want to ask for your prayers for Father Reid in thanksgiving for his support and fidelity in offering a Sunday Latin Mass this past weekend. He also gave a great homily on the situation: (note the Mass schedule mentioned in homily has changed)


Feast of St. Joseph

Reflections on St. Joseph: Taken from The Liturgical Year:

St. Joseph table: Being the Feast of St. Joseph, we thought we would share the Catholic News Herald’s great article on the tradition of creating a St. Joseph table, an old Italian tradition to honor St. Joseph. You can read the article here:

Year of St. Joseph: The Diocese has some great resources, prayers, and customs about St. Joseph which you can visit here:

St. Joseph & The Period of Peace: We also enclose a hopeful sermon by a Latin Mass priest in another diocese (in good standing with his Bishop) that discusses the times we live in and St. Joseph’s role.


Other items/news

40 Hours Devotion Friday – Sunday: The Cathedral is organizing a 40 Hour devotion beginning Friday 4pm (March 20) – ending Sunday 8am. It will end with a Eucharistic Procession around the Cathedral. Only 4 attendees are permitted inside during Adoration so if you would like to participate you have to sign up for a specific hour:

54 Day National Rosary Novena thru May 1st:  C-PLAN, the local pro-life coalition is participating in a 54 Day Rosary novena for provision and protection during the virus outbreak. It was organized by Fr. Richard Heilman a Latin Mass priest in Pine Bluff, Wisconsin. It already started March 9, but since it ends May 1 (Feast of St. Joseph the Workman) you are invited to join in if you’d like:

Prayer for Holy Priests: Our priests and Bishop really need our prayers during this time and Sensus Fidelium has a wonderful prayer for priests we can all offer while watching Mass or making a Spiritual Communion:

Pray for Cardinal Kung’s canonization: As we mentioned last month, the underground Church in China has been hit hard by the coronavirus as many underground Catholics live in rural areas without access to adequate healthcare – they also suffer without Masses with the recent government crackdowns.  Since the country is being affected (like the Chinese) by both the virus and the lack of Masses, we want to introduce you to a new cause to pray for: Canonization of Cardinal Ignatius Kung, the Bishop of Shanghai who spent 30 years in prison for refusing allegiance to the communist government church. He was exiled to the United States in 1988 where offered the Traditional Latin Mass many times until his death from cancer 20 years ago this week (March 17, 2000). Cardinal Burke recently offered a Pontifical Requiem Mass for him in Connecticut. You can pray for his cause and learn more about him at the Cardinal Kung Foundation’s website:

(N.B. – Cardinal Kung Foundation is also a great organization to support, and to request Masses intentions by underground Catholic priests in China: