Annual Novena to St. Gregory March 3 – March 11

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  As custom each March, you are invited to join us in a special Rosary novena to the CLMC’s patron, St. Gregory the Great (feast day is March 12).  He is a wonderful patron to our apostolate as he was a 6th century Benedictine abbot who is most noted for his reform of the Roman Liturgy (i.e. the Latin Mass and the chant, which bears his name).

The novena begins this Tuesday March 3rd and concludes Wednesday March 11 – the vigil of St. Gregory (his feast day is the next day).  Tomorrow, Sunday, we we’ll be passing out St. Gregory holy cards with the novena on our information table at St. Ann while supplies last. If we run out of copies, please print off the attached copy.

The novena consists of praying 1 Rosary daily for 9 days (March 3 – March 11), and at the end of each daily Rosary, offering this attached prayer to St. Gregory.   As we prayed in prior years, we again ask you to also consider including the following intentions:

  • Full sacramental/parish life in the Extraordinary Form for Charlotte (includes daily Masses & confessions, Confirmation, Triduum, Divine office, traditional catechesis, devotions, etc.)
  • Sanctity of our Latin Mass Priests and Bishop Jugis
  • That Our Lord may send more Latin Mass priests and traditional vocations to Charlotte

As Fr. Reid observed in the bulletin a few weeks ago, the Diocese is quite short staffed on priests (especially Latin Mass priests), so your participation is greatly appreciated.

Would you consider joining us to pray for our spiritual needs? Children are especially encouraged to join as the prayers of children are most efficacious to God (Matthew 18:3-4).

St. Gregory the Great, pray for us!


To download novena click here:

Pray a Rosary each day beginning March 3 and ending March 11 (Feast is March 12) and conclude it with the following prayer:

St. Gregory, you are known for your zeal for the Catholic faith, love of liturgy, and compassion and mercy toward those in need. Please help and guide us so that we may share in these virtues and thereby bring Jesus into the hearts of our families and all we encounter. We especially ask for blessings on our parish family, our priests and our deacons. I also ask that you graciously intercede for me before God so
that I might be granted the special assistance and graces that I seek:

(full sacramental and parochial life in the Extraordinary Form for the Charlotte faithful and that Our
Lord will send more Latin Mass priests to our diocese).

Help me to live as a faithful child of God and to attain the eternal happiness of heaven.

St. Gregory the Great pray for us. Amen.

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