1st Sunday Latin Mass in Salisbury

Laudetur Jesus Christus! Here are some updates for this weekend:

1st Sunday Latin Mass in Salisbury

This Sunday March 1st is also first Sunday, and as such Sacred Heart Parish in Salisbury will be having their monthly Sunday afternoon Traditional Latin Mass.  Please note: Mass will be at 5pm (not 4pm) to accommodate, Fr. Brendan Buckler’s travel schedule (he is pastor at St. Elizabeth in Boone). There will be no social after this Mass. For questions contact Mark Hartley with the Salisbury Latin Mass Community: info(at)salisburylmc.org

Passion of Christ and the Traditional Latin Mass

With Lent underway, we are again pleased to make available our pamphlet, “The Passion of Christ Re-presented in the Traditional Latin Mass”, which details each part of the Traditional Mass, and how it symbolized a certain part of Christ’s Passion.  It’s based on the work of Fr. Leonard Goffine (d. 1719) and more recently Fr. James Jackson’s (FSSP) book Nothing Superfluous.  This pamphlet may help some – especially newcomers – united themselves more with Christ’s Passion during Mass. The pamphlet will be available at our Latin Mass info table before or after this Sunday’s 12:30pm Latin Mass at St. Ann.

Next Juventutem Charlotte Young Adults event Wednesday March 4 at 7pm: Juventutem Charlotte will be hosting a Sacred Art tour of at St. Ann’s Catholic Church, led by Fr. Reid this Wednesday March 4th. They will attend the normal 6pm Low Mass followed at 7pm by an exclusive talk and tour of St. Ann parish led by Fr. Timothy Reid. The tour will begin at 7pm in the church. This tour will illuminate the important role beauty, art and architecture play in creating sacred spaces of worship. Juventutem is open to young adults age 18-35. To learn more please contact Angela Kessler at: JuventutemCLT@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/JuventutemCLT.

Weekend Reading

His Excellency Bishop Athanasius Schneider (who visited us at St. Ann in 2017), has been busy this week with statements on some recent Church controversies. They are both great reads and help to provide much clarity in this time of confusion:


Blogger Taylor Marshall as also just interviewed His Excellency today on many of these topics: