Pentecost update

Laudetur Iesu Christus! We have a few updates to share:

1. New Mass time for Latin Masses at St. Michael parish in Gastonia: Beginning tomorrow, the Thursday Latin Mass will now be offered at 8:15 am (permanent change).

2. Traditional men’s retreat by the Carmelite Hermits: Our friends, the Traditional Eremitical Carmelites of Fairfield, PA (called Hermits of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel) are sponsoring two men’s retreats later this summer. They are both out of state, but worth a look. The first one will be in Boston, MA on Aug. 22 – 25. The second retreat will be in Denver, CO from September 5-8. Please see attached flyer.

Some of you may recall meeting the Hermits in 2017.  They are a new group of Carmelite hermits based in Fairfield, PA. Please offer a prayer for them. Additionally, they subsist solely on donations and are always grateful for any financial support:

P.S. Tomorrow is the Feast of Corpus Christi. We are only aware of one Latin Mass, the 8:15am at St. Michael’s parish.