Vigil of Pentecost update

Laudetur Iesu Christus! Tomorrow is the great feast of Pentecost or Whitsunday, followed by the Octave of Pentecost. You can learn more about the traditional customs of this feast here:

Here are a few update for this weekend and into next:

Today Saturday June 8: The play on Ven. Augustus Tolton mentioned last weekend has its final run this evening at 7:30pm in Charlotte. Details here:

Tuesday June 11 (Veneration of Padre Pio’s relics  & 5:30pm Latin Mass): This Tuesday June 11, Padre Pio’s relics will be available for veneration at the Cathedral from 9am – 8pm. At a 5:30 PM a Traditional Latin Mass will be offered by Fr. Barone at the Cathedral. Please see the attached flyer or visit the St. Padre Pio Foundation:

Saturday June 15 (9am Respect Life Latin Mass): The June St. Ann Respect Life Mass will be a Latin Mass on Ember Saturday June 15. After Mass, a Holy Hour of Reparation (led by a deacon or seminarian) will be offered. Coffee and donuts served after the Holy Hour. This is an excellent way to do penance for the sin of abortion and impurity on the (now voluntary) penitential day of Ember Saturday.

Ember Days: As noted above, this coming week is the Whit Embertide, or the summer Ember Days, where in the traditional calendar, the Church sets aside 3 days each season (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday after Pentecost) as a day of prayer and fasting (now voluntary) to thank God for His creation, and to ask for graces for the upcoming season. To learn more about the Whit (pronounced “White”) Ember days visit: