Mid September update

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  We have a few updates coming up over the next week:

Homecoming celebration – Sunday September 16, 12:30pm

Weather permitting*, this Sunday September 16 following the 12:30 PM Latin Mass at St. Ann parish we’ll have our annual Latin Mass homecoming celebration.  This will be to welcome “home” to the Latin Mass some of the new attendees who signed up at our Eucharistic Congress.  Please join us after Mass for a lively reception and as we always try to do, please be sure to welcome any new attendees you may encounter and help answer any questions they may have about the Latin Mass. *Should the hurricane appear prohibit a celebration, we’ll send out an e-mail notification.

Feast of the Holy Cross – Friday September 14

A few days before our homecoming celebration is the Feast of the Holy Cross, Friday September 14, when we celebrate St. Helena’s discover of the relic of the true cross in Jerusalem.

  • St. Ann will have as normal, it’s 7am Friday Low Latin Mass. Around 9am, Father will display a relic of the true Cross for veneration until 5pm. At 5pm there will be a Holy Hour of Reparation (FYI – a Novus Ordo Mass follows the Holy Hour).
  • St. John the Baptist in Tryon (2 hours west of Charlotte) will be offering a High Latin Mass at 6:30 PM on September 14th (offered by Fr. Jason Christian)

Special Latin Mass at St. Michael parish in Gastonia – Friday September 21

Although the Latin Mass is on hiatus at St. Michael while the new pastor learns the Latin Mass, there will be a special High Mass offered by Fr. Matthew Bean on Friday September 21st at 6:00 PM (Feast of St. Matthew/Ember Friday).  We encourage all Latin Mass attendees in the Gastonia area to attend and express their appreciation for this special offering of the Latin Mass.

Special Prayer to Avert storms

This week one of our priests made an excellent point in a sermon, pointing out that we mustn’t forget that we can pray that God averts this storm as He has power over all creation (paraphrase). To that end, the CLMC wishes to direct all faithful and priests to the special prayers that the 1962 Latin Mass Missal has to avert storms. It’s listed in the back of the Missal under Special Commemorations and has a special Collect, Secret and Post Communion prayers to avert storms. Perhaps our priests can include these (if permitted) in their Masses this week. We post below for everyone’s benefit:

To Avert Storms


We beseech Thee, O Lord, that all spiritual wickedness may be driven away from Thy house, and that the fury of the storms may pass away.  Through our Lord Jesus Christ…


O Lord, we offer up to Thee praises and gifts, giving thanks for blessings bestowed and ever with humility praying that more may be granted. Through our Lord Jesus Christ…

Post Communion

Almighty, everlasting God, who by chastising healest and by forgiving dost preserve, grant that we who humbly pray to Thee, may rejoice in the peace and consolation which we desire and ever enjoy the gift of Thy mercy. Through our Lord Jesus Christ…