3rd Sunday of Lent

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday is the 3rd Sunday of Lent, and as custom, Dr. Mike Foley offers commentary for the Collect: http://www.newliturgicalmovement.org/2021/03/the-taciturn-collect-for-third-sunday.html

Six Sundays to Restore the Triduum

This Lent, in order to pray and sacrifice to help restore the canceled Latin Triduum, we are encourage all CLMC readers who are not currently attending the Sunday Latin Mass regularly, to consider making the sacrifice and join us each Sunday during Lent and pray for the Triduum’s restoration.  For those who have started to do this, we thank you. For those not yet attending on Sundays, we encourage you to consider it while Lent continues.  The attached flyer lists all of the diocesan Latin Masses in the Diocese of Charlotte.  The priests at St. Ann and St. Thomas Aquinas parishes (and others) will also be praying a Memorare after the Latin Mass on certain days for the protection of the Latin Mass: https://charlottelatinmass.org/2022/03/01/six-sundays-to-restore-the-latin-triduum/

Juventutem Young Adults Event – This Saturday March 26, 6pm

Juventutem, the young adults group centered around the Traditional Latin Mass is organizing traditional Latin Vespers at 6pm and afterwards a talk on iconography at the Cathedral this Saturday March 26 at 6:30pm (Cathedral Youth Room). Vespers will be prayed prior at 6pm near the Marion Grotto behind the school (on the backside of the parish).  Please see announcement below. For questions visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/JuventutemCLT  

At 6pm we will gather at the Marian grotto behind St. Patrick’s School to pray Vespers in Latin. Following prayer, we will walk over to the Youth Room at 6:30pm for a talk on iconography by guest speaker, Rachel Willoughby. Learn about this Sacred Christian art form full of complex layers, symbolism, and meaning! There is also the potential for a future offering of a multi-session icon painting workshop.

**New Holy Face Devotion Begins at St. Ann – Tuesdays around 7:30am**

We are pleased to share that a Holy Face devotion has started at St. Ann parish. It will occur weekly in the chapel after the Tuesday 7am Novus Ordo Mass. The time is not exact, but it probably starts a few minutes after 7:30am. The prayers may take 45-60 minutes.  As mentioned in prior weeks, St. Mark parish offers its Holy Face devotion on Mondays from 2-3pm. Attend as your schedule permits.

As background, in 1843, Sr. Mary of St. Peter, a Carmelite nun in the monastery in Tours, France, received a series of revelations from Jesus telling her that reparation for certain sins were an imperative, and that it was to be done through devotion to the Holy Face.  The primary purpose of this apostolate is to, by praying certain prayers, make reparation for the sins committed against the first three Commandments of the Lord: The denial of God by atheism (communism), blasphemy, and the profanation of Sundays and Holy Days. Devotion to the Holy Face has been referred to as the devotion for Jesus Crucified. 

Feast of St. Joseph – March 19

We would be remiss if we did not honor, St. Joseph, who’s feast day was Saturday. Below are a few recommended links about his life and devotion.

CLMC note: It was regrettable that no diocesan Latin Mass was offered for the feast of St. Joseph in Charlotte (the CLMC did ask). Sadly though, this was not an isolated incident. In recent months we’ve seen Latin Masses bumped, canceled or omitted beyond the normal reasons (e.g. travel or illness). In years past, there seemed to be a plethora of priests available to offer Latin Mass, even on a moment’s notice.  While we do not direct any criticism at individual priests (it was a challenging week for many of our great priests), we are growing concerned that the diocese overall may be faltering in its commitment to the Latin Mass in Charlotte. Motu Proprio aside, it does raise the question: is this just a brief rough patch, or is the diocese’s liturgical framework revealing a weakness? Whether the Triduum is restored, and no further restrictions issued, may be a helpful benchmark on the state of the Latin Mass in Charlotte.

Solemn High Masses Every Sunday 12 Noon at Prince of Peace Parish

South of the border, we are pleased to share that Prince of Peace parish in Taylors, SC (2 hours southwest of Charlotte) is offering a Solemn High Latin Mass each Sunday in Lent. Masses are at 12 noon. Incidentally Prince of Peace parish offers a Latin Mass 7 days a week – something parishes in our diocese have yet to achieve (please pray).  The parish is located at 1209 Brushy Creek Road, Taylors, SC (https://princeofpeacetaylors.org/).

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Dr. Kwasniewski Releases New Book on Obedience: We are pleased to share that Dr. Peter Kwasniewski (whom the CLMC hosted last fall) has just released his new book entitled True Obedience in the Church: A Guide to Discernment in Challenging Times. The book helps to clear up misconceptions about what the virtue of obedience is and what it is not. Often times we find clergy or even seminarians blindly following orders of a superior beyond when it is obligatory or even spiritually healthy to do so, as we saw during COVID: https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2022/03/i-am-happy-to-announce-release-of-my.html#more  Dr. Kwasniewski also set up a website with articles and excerpts: https://trueobedience.com/
  • Is It Laudable to Promote Unapproved Marian Apparitions?: With all the discussion about the Fatima apparitions, it raises questions on whether unapproved Marian apparitions should be promoted. As we find in this sermon by a traditional priest (in good standing with his bishop), the answer is no. This pious priest details the spiritual dangers associated with an unapproved apparition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXJbH3qX85w  On the general topic, exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger explains in a talk, how the Church properly discerns apparitions: https://youtu.be/Q73aoHXsLq0?t=366
  • Mass of Ages Episode 2 – The Perfect Storm: Last summer a documentary on the Latin Mass entitled, Mass of Ages, was released with great fanfare. The producers now have announced a sequel entitled Mass of Ages Episode 2: The Perfect Storm.  Judging by the trailer, it looks intriguing as the documentary investigates at the immediate aftermath of Vatican II, and specifically the role that controversial Archbishop Annibale Bugnini played in “designing” the Novus Ordo Mass. View the trailer here: https://youtu.be/ypYexwqqHTM

Bishop Jugis to Join Pope Francis in Consecrating Russia (and Ukraine) to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

If there is one Marian apparition taking prominence in the Church, it’s Our Lady of Fatima and her request that the Pope consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart to prevent a worldwide chastisement. As many know, at the behest of the Ukrainian Catholic Bishops, Pope Francis agreed to do this on the feast of the Annunciation Friday March 25 at 12 noon (5pm Rome).

Thankfully, Bishop Jugis has announced he will join in Pope Francis’ consecration of Russia at 12 noon Eastern (5pm Rome) and the bishop will lead the consecration prayer at the Cathedral at 12 noon. The bishop has invited other priests to join in at their parishes. If we hear of any specific plans, we will share them with our readers. Here are some information:

  • Novena Prayer for Consecration (concludes Thursday March 24): We thank everyone who is praying a novena imploring Our Lady that Pope Francis offers the consecration, as Our Lady requested. If you haven’t joined in, you can still do so as we complete the novena on Thursday: https://www.livefatima.io/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/PrayerCard_09.pdf (Novena is attached)

CLMC note: One can not fully emphasize the epochal moment we may be arriving at, God willing, next Friday. Please consider joining in prayer, penance, and the novena.

For nearly 100 years, prayers were and still are offered at the end of each Low Mass for the conversion of Russia. What Mass are you attending Sunday?