Six Sundays to Restore the Latin Triduum

Laudetur Iesus Christus and blessed feast of the Holy Face of Jesus!

Many have already heard the shocking and disappointing news that was announced from the pulpit at St. Thomas Aquinas that the traditional Latin Easter Triduum, which has been celebrated for our community since 2017 has been cancelled this year by Bishop Peter Jugis.  While we all have been saddened by this decision the news was especially heartbreaking for those catechumens who were looking forward to entering the Church at the Latin Easter Vigil Mass.

In response, CLMC has respectfully written to His Excellency, Bishop Jugis, explaining the spiritual harm that cancelling the Triduum brings to our community and imploring him to reconsider.  We have read through the public documents from Rome and are not aware of any document or decree that requires such a cancellation.

A respected priest of the diocese advised our community that while we wait for the Bishop to consider our letter, we need to sacrifice and pray for this intention.  With Lent starting tomorrow, we have six Sundays that remain between now and Holy Week and there is no better sacrifice and prayer than that of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, for Christ alone can glorify God as He deserves. 

We invite you to attend the Traditional Latin Mass on Sundays during Lent and offer your Mass intention for Bishop Jugis to restore the Traditional Easter Triduum.  While attendance at the Sunday Latin Masses recently has been surging, we know that for some families, the time or distance is difficult.   If you’re not attending Sunday Latin Mass regularly, please consider making this added sacrifice during Lent and join us at the Sunday Latin Mass nearest to you.  The below image lists all of the diocesan Latin Masses in the Diocese of Charlotte.

Relatedly, the priests at St. Ann and St. Thomas Aquinas parishes will also be praying a Memorare after the Latin Mass on certain days for the protection of the Traditional Latin Mass.  

Finally, let us all join our Lenten prayers in unison to pray for our Bishop, who is in a difficult situation, and ask the Holy Spirit to come to our assistance with this intention.


Ash Wednesday Latin Masses/Distribution of Ashes

  • St. Ann parish, 7:00am
  • Our Lady of the Lake, Chapin, SC, 10:00am (1.5 hours south of Charlotte)
  • Our Lady of Grace, Greensboro, 12:15pm (1.5 hours north of Charlotte) (new time)
  • Prince of Peace, Taylors, SC, 12 noon (2 hours southwest of Charlotte)
  • St. Elizabeth of the Hill Country, Boone, NC, 6:00pm (2 hours northwest of Charlotte)
  • St. John the Baptist, Tryon, NC, 6:30pm (2 hours west of Charlotte)

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