Passion Sunday

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday marks the beginning of the 2 week period within Lent called Passiontide, where the faithful focus more specifically on Our Blessed Lord’s Passion. As Dr. Mike Foley notes, sacred images are veiled, and the Judica Me, and the Glori Patri, are omitted from the Mass henceforth until Easter, as noted in his weekly reflection on Sunday’s propers: 

Additionally, notes these words (Judica Me and Glori Patri) are omitted to symbolize Christ veiling His glory from the Jews, as He begins the final days leading up to His Passion and death:  

Holy Week Update

St. Ann will host the 2021 Traditional Easter Triduum (Pre-1955*)

  • Palm Sunday – March 28: 12:30pm (*NOTE: The Palm Sunday Mass will be the 1962 Mass, not Pre-55)
  • Spy Wednesday March 31: 6pm (Low Mass, 1962)
  • Holy Thursday April 1:  7pm – Mass of the Lord’s Supper (Pre-55)
  • Good Friday April 2: 12:00 Noon – Stations of the Cross; 12:00 – 2:00 PM – Confessions; 3:00 PM – Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Pre-55)
  • Holy Saturday April 3: 8:00 PM – Easter Vigil (Pre-55)
  • Easter Sunday April 4: 12:30pm High Mass (1962) (All other Sunday Latin Mass parishes in the diocese will be offering their normal Latin Mass as well)

Triduum update: According to St. Ann parish there will not be signups required for the Triduum. Additional seating should be outside in the plaza. All those desiring to receive Holy Communion will be able to receive on Holy Thursday or Easter Vigil. As a reminder there is no Holy Communion is offered on Good Friday – the Veneration of the Cross is the “People’s Communion” (see our Pre-55 page below)

What is the Pre-1955 Easter Latin Triduum?: As noted previously, the Latin Triduum offered by St. Ann will again use the liturgy in use prior to 1955, which has some beautiful and rich symbolism and traditions. You can learn more about these visit our Pre-55 webpage:

Solemn Feast of the Annunciation – Thursday March 25

The solemn feast of the Annunciation commemorates St. Gabriel’s announcement of the Incarnation to the Blessed Mother. This is also a solemnity in the universal Church and as such, Lenten penances are relaxed for this day. Below are the Mass times:

  • 7pm – St. Thomas Aquinas parish (High)
  • 7pm – Our Lady of Grace parish, Greensboro (not sure if Low or High)

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • SAVE THE DATE –  Friday June 11, 7pm: Annual Traditional Latin Mass for the feast of the Sacred Heart at the Cathedral of St. Patrick. The Cathedral will offer a High (possibly Solemn High) for the feast of the Sacred Heart. More details forthcoming.  
  • Two Attitudes toward Ordinary Form Rubrics: Kantian Duty and Aristotelian Epikeia: In the going discussion over conservative Catholicism vs. traditional Catholicism (i.e the latter is the theology and philosophy that flows from the Traditional Latin Mass), Dr. Peter Kwasniewski has long but helpful piece on the difference between the two “theological” outlooks in the Church: