Laetare Sunday

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday is Laetare Sunday, the 4th Sunday of Lent where the Church gives us a glimmer of hope of the coming Easter, to help strengthen us for the last 3 weeks – hence the lighter rose colored vestments replace the violet. Dr. Mike Foley explains more in this week’s reflection on the Collect:

Day Light Savings Notice:  Reminder that today Sunday March 14 is daylight savings time and clocks are moved ahead 1 hour.

Feast of St. Joseph – Friday March 19

This Friday is the great Solemnity of St. Joseph, the great spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Masses for this splendid feast day are:

  • 7am (St. Ann) – Low Mass,
  • 12:30pm (St. Mark) –  High Mass (Stations at 12 noon). 

On occasion of the solemnity, Lenten penances are relaxed – so you can also eat meat on Friday. To learn about the feast day visit these links:

Holy Week Update

St. Ann will host the 2021 Traditional Easter Triduum (Pre-1955*)

  • Palm Sunday – March 28: 12:30pm (*The Palm Sunday Mass will be the 1962 Mass, not Pre-55)
  • Holy Thursday April 1:  7pm – Mass of the Lord’s Supper
  • Good Friday April 2: 12:00 Noon – Stations of the Cross; 12:00 – 2:00 PM – Confessions; 3:00 PM – Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Holy Saturday April 3: 8:00 PM – Easter Vigil
  • Easter Sunday April 4: 12:30pm High Mass

Traditional vs. Modernism: The Vaccine Part III:  

Several CLMC readers have expressed disappointment over the bishops’ recent promotion of the USCCB/Vatican’s guidance on vaccines. As we have discussed before (here, here, and here), Church hierarchy, sadly, have long been influenced modernism and its blind trust in science over God. However, there is hope: the Traditional Doctrine of Creation. This traditional teaching, once long forgotten, is now gaining momentum, and represents the antidote not only for the vaccine issue, but how the Church approaches science, and most of errors of modernism, which heavily influence healthcare and science. The CLMC was proud to co-sponsor a conference on this beautiful doctrine in 2019 entitled Evolution & The Culture of Death. The Church’s problems will continue to worsen until this doctrine is rediscovered (4 Kings 22:8).  If you haven’t watched it yet, we highly encourage you:

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Cardinal Burke Comments on Vatican Restrictions at St. Peter’s Basilica: His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke has an excellent statement regarding the Vatican’s new “decree”. What is most instructive is Cardinal Buke notes the degree was unsigned, missing a protocol number and came from the Vatican Secretariat of State which lacks jurisdiction over liturgical disciplines. Essentially the decree is invalid and has no authority. The Cardinal is equally concerned about the content of the unsigned letter:  

    CLMC note: These actions, if accurate, should be of no surprise to traditionalists, as often the “deep church” or “deep state” will issue rhetorical “orders” with no legal standing, that sadly, people, including some priests, blindly follow out of a misunderstood concept of obedience. We even saw this in 1969 when the Traditional Latin Mass was allegedly “suppressed” by bishops and pastors.  Yet some 38 years later, Pope Benedict XVI clarified and noted this was untrue:

    “What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful.”Letter to bishops accompanying Summorum Pontificum, Pope Benedict XVI, July 2007

    “It is therefore permitted to celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass following the typical edition of the Roman Missal, which was promulgated by Blessed John XXIII in 1962 and never abrogated, as an extraordinary form of the Church’s Liturgy.” – Summorum Pontificum, Pope Benedict XVI, July 2007

Lastly, as noted by the last article, this past Friday was the feast of St. Gregory the Great, the CLMC’s patron saint. We thank everyone who joined in our annual Rosary novena for full sacramental life in the Extraordinary Form. God willing, that will happen someday.

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