All Saints and All Souls

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Today Saturday October 31 is the Vigil of All Hallows Eve, and prior to 1955, the Church had a beautiful traditional liturgy which featured an “end times” and penitential tone (with violet vestments and reading from the Book of Apocalypse). In some places, during the chanting of Vespers, black vestments were used to commemorate the poor souls in purgatory.

The Vigil, followed by All Saints, and All Souls Day, formed sort of a Triduum of the Dead. Sadly with the 1955 “liturgical reforms” by Archbishop Annibale Bugnini (the prelate who designed the Novus Ordo Mass and had ties to Freemasonry), many beautiful liturgical traditions like the Octave of All Saints, Holy Week, and the Vigil of All Hallows Eve were eliminated. God willing, perhaps in a future year, one of the parishes in Charlotte could offer a Pre-1955 All Hallows Eve Mass & Vespers, and thereby provide Charlotte with an authentically Catholic response to the Halloween celebrated by secular culture today.

***Daylights Saving Time ends tonight: Just a reminder to set your clocks back 1 hour tonight due to daylight savings time ending.

Sunday November 1 – Feast of All Saints

Sunday is the great feast of All Saints, and as custom, Dr. Mike Foley has a great write-up on the prayers for the Traditional Mass on this day:

  • St. Thomas Aquinas: 11:30am High Mass
  • St. Ann: 12:30pm High Mass (visit to Cemetery with Father after Mass)

Visit to Belmont Abbey Cemetery – after 12:30pm Sunday Latin Mass – November 1

Sunday also begins the annual All Souls Novena which begins on November 1 and ends November 8*. Each day we can gain a plenary indulgence for a poor soul in purgatory by receiving Holy Communion, visiting a cemetery and praying for the dead (and confession 8-20 days before/after). Immediately after 12:30pm Sunday Mass Father will lead us in prayers at the Belmont Abbey Cemetery in Belmont (about 25 minute drive, off I-85). All are invited to attend.  After the prayers, we will offer some “soul cakes” (i.e. donuts), snacks and some drinks.

*All Souls Indulgences extended thru November 30

The Vatican has extended the plenary indulgence for the poor souls in purgatory through November 30 (i.e. you can visit a cemetery, pray for the poor souls, and obtain a plenary indulgence under the usual conditions thru November 30 – it normally ends November 8) . Please consider taking advantage of this wonderful corporal work of mercy:

All Souls Day Masses – Monday November 2nd

  • St. Ann: 6pm (High or Solemn High Requiem Mass)
  • St. Thomas Aquinas: 7pm (High or Solemn High Requiem)
  • Our Lady of Grace, Greensboro, 7:30pm (High Requiem)

If you are new to Latin Mass, the Requiem Mass is one of the most hauntingly beautiful and somber Masses – especially the Dies Irae sequence, perhaps one of the most beautiful chants in the Church:

Juventutem: Special 1st Saturday Latin Mass & young adult talk at St. Mark this Saturday November 7 

Juventutem, the young adults group (18-35) centered around the Traditional Latin Mass will be hosting a special Latin Mass & event beginning with 10:30am Low Mass on Saturday November 7 (1st Saturday) at St. Mark parish. Afterwards, Fr. John Putnam, pastor of St. Mark will offer a talk on Canon Law and Marriage Validity. For more information please contact Angela Kessler at juventutemclt(at) or visit:

 Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Diocese refrains from commenting on Pope Francis’ reported remarks about same sex unions: As noted from the pulpit at St. Ann parish last Sunday, Bishop Jugis has asked priests and deacons in the diocese to refrain from commenting on Pope Francis’ remarks reported in the media about same sex unions until clarification is made (other bishops have asked the Holy Father). We hope His Excellency will receive the clarification he seeks. We observe that perhaps through this incident the Bishop is becoming more aware of the threat the modernist crisis poses to the faithful in western North Carolina, and will be more outspoken.  Please also consider praying for Pope Francis that he may be turned away from the deadly scourge of modernism and have a full conversion to the traditional faith.
  • Vote: Just a reminder to vote on Election Day, Tuesday November 3rd to support Pro-Life candidates! Please visit to download a Pro-Life voter guide for your area.  St. Thomas Aquinas will be offering Eucharistic Adoration from 1pm – 7pm on Election Day November 3rd as is St. Mark (from 9am – 7pm).