We are losing our humanity

Christus Resurréxit! This past Sunday, Fr. Reid gave an excellent sermon on the virus crisis and its impact on us spiritually. If you missed it, we encourage you to listen or read it (attached) and pray:

Text: https://www.stanncharlotte.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/4th-Sunday-of-Easter-2020-homily.pdf

Audio: https://www.stanncharlotte.org/category/fr-reids-homilies/

We highlight a few points:

  • Just as St. Jean-Gabriel Perboyre’s human dignity was trampled upon by his persecutors in Wuhan, so too has our societal response to combatting the Coronavirus robbed us of our ability to exercise fully our humanity.
  • We’ve lost more than jobs and freedom, folks. We’ve lost some of our humanity.
  • In losing the right to be together and, especially the right to worship together – even on a temporary basis – we run the risk of becoming a little less human.
  • Indeed, if we allow them to do so, these measures that have been imposed upon us can make our hearts grow colder to one another and to God.

We again encourage you to listen to Father’s sermon. FYI – to learn more about St. Jean-Gabriel Perboyre, click here: https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/chinas-first-saint-was-martyred-on-a-cross-in-wuhan-82107

We need the doctrine of the Social Kingship of Christ

Lastly, we wanted to close this e-mail with an observation & comment.

It’s  becoming clear that part of the closure of churches and Masses is that the Church and dioceses have largely abandoned the traditional doctrine of the Social Kingship of Christ. As a result,  Catholic influence has largely been absent in the public square across the world (and in the Carolinas).  Just like individuals, Christ himself has rights in a society (county, state, nation), and all societies must acknowledge Him, His teachings, and His Church. This is why we the CLMC invited Fr. Christian in 2016 and Bishop Schneider in 2017.  It is why the CLMC requests a Eucharistic Procession each year on the Feast of Christ the King.  This doctrine is absolutely critical to this time. Let us pray that Christ and His Church be returned to the public square lest more bizarre situations occur.

We encourage you to read up on this doctrine as soon as you can and to spread it far and wide:

That the State should be separated from the Church is an absolutely false and most pernicious thesis. For first, since it is based on the principle that religion should be of no concern to the State, it does a grave injury to God, He Who is the founder and conserver of human society no less than He is of individual men, for which reason He should be worshipped not only privately but also publicly. –Vehementer nos, Pope St. Pius X, 1906

While nations insult the beloved name of our Redeemer by suppressing all mention of it in their conferences and parliaments, we must all the more loudly proclaim his kingly dignity and power, all the more universally affirm his rights. –  Quas Primas, Pope Pius XI, 1925

APPEAL FOR THE CHURCH TO THE WORLD: Lastly, please see this important letter signed by several Cardinals, Bishops, priests and theologians warning governments of the world to stop persecuting and suppressing the dignity of the human person: https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/4881-worse-than-death-a-pandemic-warning-from-cardinals-sarah-mueller-zen-abp-vigano

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