St. Gregory Novena and Celebration

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have several updates to share with you.

Annual Rosary Novena to our patron, St. Gregory begins this Saturday March 3: Each year we pray a Rosary novena to the CLMC’s patron saint, St. Gregory the Great (he reformed the Roman Liturgy, i.e. the Latin Mass, and the chant that bears his name). The novena begins this Saturday March 3rd which is the 5 year anniversary of our Sunday Latin Mass at St. Ann and concludes Sunday March 11, the “vigil” of the Feast of St. Gregory.

The novena is simple – pray a Rosary, then add the attached prayers to St. Gregory afterwards (we’ll also have cards at High Mass). Like last year we again pray for these ongoing intentions:

  • Full sacramental/parish life in the Extraordinary Form for Charlotte (includes daily Masses & confessions, Confirmation, Triduum, traditional catechesis, devotions, etc.)
  • Sanctity of our Latin Mass Priests and Bishop Jugis
  • That Our Lord may send more Latin Mass priests and traditional vocations to Charlotte

Would you join us in praying the novena?  

Annual Feast of St. Gregory Celebration Sunday March 11: After the 12:30 PM Latin Mass at St. Ann we will be holding our annual Feast of St. Gregory celebration (the actual feast is Monday). The Cantate Domino Latin Choir will also be present to provide some beautiful chant during Mass and afterwards we will host a celebration with musical themed treats to honor the patron of Gregorian chant.

Looking ahead here are a few other upcoming events:

  • Sunday March 18 – Life of Christ Reflection by Fr. Barone: After 12:30pm Latin Mass at St. Ann Fr. Barone will provide a brief talk afterwards on his visit to the Holy Land and reflections on the Passion.  This will be a potluck lunch & learn event. More details forthcoming.
  • Saturday March 24 – Respect Life Mass at 9am: Fr. Barone will offer a Latin Mass for the 4th Saturday Respect Life. More details forthcoming.
  • Holy Week: As noted before, St. Ann and Fr. Barone will offer the Easter Triduum in the Extraordinary Form. For more details visit here:

St. Ann to host 2nd Traditional Easter Triduum 2018

Laudetur Iesus Christus!   We first want to thank everyone for their prayers and attendance between the 2 Sunday Masses and ask you to continue to make an effort to attend either Masses this Lent.  Speaking of which, we have some additional and delightful news to share:

St. Ann will again host a Traditional Latin Mass Easter Triduum at Charlotte Catholic High School by Fr. Barone. The dates are as follows:

  • Holy Thursday March 29: 7pm Mass
  • Good Friday March 30: 12pm Stations (Confessions after until 2pm); Good Friday Liturgy 3pm
  • Holy Saturday – Easter Vigil March 31: 8:30 PM Easter Vigil/Mass
  • Easter Sunday – High Mass: 12:30pm (normal Sunday Latin Mass at St. Ann parish).

All Triduum liturgies (Thursday-Saturday) will be held at Charlotte Catholic High School: 7702 Pineville Matthews Road, Charlotte.

As we fail to mention enough, please do offer extra prayers for our Latin Mass priests (Frs. Reid, Barone & Kauth) for their generosity in offering these Masses.

Encounter the Passion of Christ at the Latin Mass

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Blessed greetings on this 3rd day in Lent.  Speaking of Lent, we have a special announcement to share:

This Lent, encounter the Passion of Christ at the Latin Mass

This Lent, we are promoting a theme: Encounter the Passion of Christ at the Latin Mass.  From beginning to end, the Traditional Latin Mass is filled with prayers and ceremonies signifying the Passion of Christ with each of the priest’s actions representing one of the pivotal events of Our Lord’s Passion. Here are but a few examples:

  • The priest approaching the altar (to begin Mass) symbolizes Christ going to pray at Mount Olivet
  • The priest saying the Confiteor signifies Christ falling down and sweating blood
  • The priest elevating the Sacred Host symbolizes Christ being raised on the Cross

These symbols and commemorations of the Passion were provided by Rev. Leonard Goffine (1648-1719) in his landmark book, The Church’s Year (1880); and more recently by Rev. James Jackson, FSSP in Nothing Superfluous (2016).

To help everyone meditate more on the Passion, beginning this Sunday and throughout Lent, the CLMC will be distributing a free pamphlet which links each part of the Latin Mass with the Passion of Christ. They will be provided at both the 9am Low Mass and 12:30pm High Mass – you can pick them up at the information tables at either Masses.

Lent is a perfect time to invite newcomers to attend the Latin Mass and we hope you will use this opportunity to invite friends and family to encounter the Mass of All Ages.

St. Ann Lenten Mission: March 11-14

Laudetur Iesus Christus!   We are pleased to announce that St. Ann parish will again offer a Lenten Mission and has invited Fr. John Perricone, Ph.D. of Jersey City, NJ (Diocese of Newark) to lead the Mission.

Talks occur every night at 7pm Sunday March 11 – Wednesday March 14 with confessions afterwards.  On Wednesday there will be 6pm Low Mass (Latin) before the 7pm talk and the last night concludes with a reception. Here are the themes for each night followed by a bio:

Sunday: Saving Our Souls: Inconvenient Truths About Ourselves (“Remember Man that Thou Art Dust” – Ge. 3:19)

Monday: The Fall and Rise of Sinners (“and going forth He wept bitterly.”, Mt. 26:25)

Tuesday: Living In Our Own World (“and Pilate saith unto Him: ‘What is truth?’”, Jn. 18:38)

Wednesday: Embracing the Darkness (“And it was night.” – Jn. 13:30)

Fr. Perricone was ordained on May 29, 1976 at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Newark, NJ and is Professor of Philosophy at Iona College in New Rochelle, NY and St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, NY.  His articles have appeared in: St. John’s Law Review, The Journal of Catholic Legal Studies, Crisis Magazine and New Oxford Review.

Fr. Perricone has been hosted on Mother Angelica Live as well as on EWTN, where he gave a 13-part series on understanding the Mass.  He has also spoken at colleges and universities across the US and Canada as well as in England and France.  In addition, Fr. Perricone is the Co-founder and Vice-President of The Montfort Academy, Katonah, NY, a private Catholic academy for high school boys anchored in a classical curriculum.  Currently, he resides in Jersey City, where he can be found offering Holy Mass and teaching catechism at St. Anthony of Padua Church.

We hope you will make time and attend – like prior St. Ann Missions at the parish, they will help you grow in holiness as we approach Passiontide.

N.B. – Fr. Perricone is also quite familiar with the Latin Mass, having offered it for many years in the New York City area.

Ash Wednesday and Lent

Dear friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community,

Laudetur Iesus Christus!

Lent begins this Ash Wednesday (feast of St. Valentine), February 14. Currently, we’re only aware of 1 diocesan Latin Mass in Charlotte, that being St. Ann at 7:00 AM. The 6pm Mass at St. Ann will be a Novus Ordo (not Latin). If we learn of any others we will pass them along. (St. Thomas Aquinas has no Latin Mass that evening either).

During Lent, many parishes will have Stations of the Cross on Fridays (St. Ann at 7pm). Of note however is that St. Mark parish will offer Stations at 12 noon before the 12:30pm Latin Mass each Friday.