Encounter the Passion of Christ at the Latin Mass

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Blessed greetings on this 3rd day in Lent.  Speaking of Lent, we have a special announcement to share:

This Lent, encounter the Passion of Christ at the Latin Mass

This Lent, we are promoting a theme: Encounter the Passion of Christ at the Latin Mass.  From beginning to end, the Traditional Latin Mass is filled with prayers and ceremonies signifying the Passion of Christ with each of the priest’s actions representing one of the pivotal events of Our Lord’s Passion. Here are but a few examples:

  • The priest approaching the altar (to begin Mass) symbolizes Christ going to pray at Mount Olivet
  • The priest saying the Confiteor signifies Christ falling down and sweating blood
  • The priest elevating the Sacred Host symbolizes Christ being raised on the Cross

These symbols and commemorations of the Passion were provided by Rev. Leonard Goffine (1648-1719) in his landmark book, The Church’s Year (1880); and more recently by Rev. James Jackson, FSSP in Nothing Superfluous (2016).

To help everyone meditate more on the Passion, beginning this Sunday and throughout Lent, the CLMC will be distributing a free pamphlet which links each part of the Latin Mass with the Passion of Christ. They will be provided at both the 9am Low Mass and 12:30pm High Mass – you can pick them up at the information tables at either Masses.

Lent is a perfect time to invite newcomers to attend the Latin Mass and we hope you will use this opportunity to invite friends and family to encounter the Mass of All Ages.