Septuagesima update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have now entered into the preparatory season for Lent, Septuagesima season. As Fr. remarked Sunday, we prepare for different things in life, like family gatherings, or weddings, it makes sense to prepare for Lent. You can learn more about Septuagesima season here:

Speaking of Septuagesima Sunday, we wanted to thank everyone who attended our winter Low Mass Sunday at Charlotte Catholic High School. Around 60 people attended this first Mass, with little advertising and we still had a decent crowd at St. Ann’s.  Please continue to offer some prayers for Fr. Barone as he offered both Masses this past weekend (and the Saturday Pro-life Mass).

Looking ahead here are some announcements:

Mass intentions now being accepted for Sunday 9am Low Mass: Contact Marcy at the St. Ann parish office to request a Mass intention. Suggested stipend is $10. 704-523-4641×221

Candlemas is this Friday February 2nd (Blessing of Candles after Latin Masses): The Feast of the Purification or the Feast of Candles (Candlemas) is this Friday. It’s customary to have candles blessed on this day.  There will be a traditional blessing of Candles after the 7am Latin Mass at St. Ann parish and St. Mark in Huntersville will also offer a traditional blessing of candles after the 12:30 PM Friday Latin Mass.  To learn more about Candlemas click here:

Grace at Lourdes talk next Wednesday February 7th:  St. Ann’s is hosting a talk by Mrs. Megan Bean, mother of Fr. Matthew Bean, Parochial Vicar at St. Thomas Aquinas Church, as she discusses her miraculous healing at Lourdes. After a misdiagnosis which led to complete debilitation, with having no hope of recovery, she took a pilgrimage to Lourdes and received complete restoration of her health. She will speak in the Allen Center café on Wednesday, February 7th, following the 6:00 p.m. Latin Mass. A reception will be held prior to her talk. Fr. Bean has offered the TLM on occasion, and Mrs. Bean herself attends the Latin Mass FSSP parish in Virginia. This is not a CLMC event, but certainly one worthy of support. For questions contact the office.