Recap: Bishop Schneider visit

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  Before we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, we wanted to send our formal (and overdue) thank you to everyone for their support of Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s visit to St. Ann’s last month.

In gratitude

There are many people we want and need to thank, though I’m afraid if we thank people individually we’ll accidentally leave people out (mea cupla!). That said, first and foremost, we thank the staff of St. Ann, the priests assisting at Mass and in choir, the scholas (from multiple parishes), and the seminarians for their support and help in this grace filled liturgy.  Additionally, members of the CLMC’s Latin Mass Steering Committee for their critical efforts in organizing, promoting and welcoming the Bishop in various ways.

Lastly, Fr. Reid is due much thanks as he opened up his parish to host this extraordinary event.   Please consider offering a decade of your Rosary for him in thanksgiving.


Audio/video of Bishop Schneider’s visit

We are pleased to provide audio and video of Bishop Schneider’s sermon and his post-Mass remarks. You can view them on our Bishop Schneider webpage:


Photos of the event

We also are grateful to Markus Kuncoro and Philip Budidharma for their photography services in capturing the event. You can look here. (courtesy of Markus Kuncoro/Charlotte Latin Mass Community) (courtesy of Philip Budidharma)


Bishop Schneider’s book on the Eucharist

Lastly, Bishop Schneider authored an important book on the Eucharist called “Dominus Est: It is the Lord”. You can purchase the book at this location:,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

The event was a grace filled and historic event for our diocese. As Fr. Barone noted the following Sunday, we’re going to be unpacking Bishop Schneider’s event and remarks for quite some time. Perhaps we can take some time to reflect again on the Bishop’s remarks as we head into Thanksgiving and later into advent.