SAVE THE DATE: Bishop Athanasius Schneider to offer Pontifical Mass at St. Ann parish – Thursday October 26

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have exciting news to share with you today.

Last October, the CLMC inaugurated its 1st Annual Commemoration to Blessed Karl of Austria to promote the Church’s doctrine of the Kingship of Christ and the relations between governments and the Church (as exemplified by Blessed Karl).  Fr. Jason Christian generously offered Mass and the accompanying insightful lecture.  You can listen here:

Our special guest for 2017

This year, for the 2nd Annual Commemoration to Blessed Karl of Austria, the CLMC and St. Ann parish have the distinct privilege of welcoming His Excellency, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, O.R.C., the Auxiliary Bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan to St. Ann parish on Thursday October 26 at 7pm.

Solemn Pontifical Mass & Reception

Bishop Schneider will offer a special Solemn Pontifical Mass and during his sermon discuss the doctrine of the Kingship of Christ.  This Mass will be the first Pontifical Mass in the Diocese of Charlotte’s history.

Immediately after Mass, there will be a light reception in the St. Ann Allen Center where Bishop Schneider will offer some brief remarks about the Kingship of Christ and Blessed Karl.  Unlike prior events, the main talk will be the sermon during Mass.  Time will be limited during the reception (no Q&A) but we hope there will be time for you to chat with the Bishop individually.

Solemn Pontifical Mass
His Excellency Bishop Athanasius Schneider, ORC
7:00pm, Thursday October 26
St. Ann Catholic Church
3635 Park Road
Charlotte, NC

Reception & brief remarks to follow in the St. Ann Msgr. Allen Center

Bishop Athanasius Schneider

If you’re unfamiliar with Bishop Athanasius Schneider, he is one of foremost defenders of the Catholic faith in the Church today and a defender of the Holy Eucharist (he promotes reception on the tongue and kneeling).  Bishop Schneider is of German descent, but grew up in the Soviet Union and later moved to West Germany.

His experience under Soviet rule makes him uniquely qualified to discuss the Kingship of Christ – the purpose of the visit.   Lastly, of course, the Bishop is also a friend of the Traditional Latin Mass which he offers regularly.   Our own Brian Williams has often written about him on his blog:

What is a Pontifical Mass?

A Pontifical Mass is a Traditional Latin Mass offered by a Bishop or a Cardinal, and is one of the highest ranking Masses in the Church.  It contains its own rubrics and traditions.  You can learn more about it here:

The visit

This will be a historic visit and event for the CLMC, St. Ann parish, and the diocese.  Thus, please offer some prayers the event goes well and is fruitful.  Blessed Karl, pray for us!