First Friday and Saturday update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We pray you are having a blessed Eastertide in this Marian month of May.  We have a few updates to share with you:

St. Mark Latin Mass on Fridays:  After a trial run during Lent, St. Mark parish is now offering a weekly Latin Mass at 12:30pm each Friday.  The next one will be tomorrow May 5th and a great way to make your first Friday devotion.  St. Mark is located at 14740 Stumptown Road, Huntersville.

First Friday Mass at St. Ann: Speaking of First Friday devotions, St. Ann’s as custom, will offer its regular Friday Latin Mass at 7am.

First Saturday- St. Dominic Salvo Latin Mass: St. Ann will offer a special Latin Mass this Saturday May 6th at 12 noon to honor St. Dominic Salvo, the patron saint of altar boys. This is the annual Mass for the St. Ann altar boys and will also suffice for your First Saturday devotions.

Feast of Our Lady of Fatima (Saturday May 13): Many of us Latin Mass devotees also have a devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and thus we share with you two events at St. Ann and St. Thomas parishes.

St. Ann: Saturday May 13 at 7am – the parish will offer a Holy Hour of Reparation (followed by 8am Novus Ordo Mass).

St. Thomas Aquinas: Saturday May 13 at 7:30pm – the parish will host a Fatima procession preceded by a brief talk. They will offer this each 13th day of the month from May – October. You can learn more here:

Lastly, we still have blessed St. Peter Martyr palms available (to guard against natural disasters) if you would like a packet. Please drop by the Latin Mass table on Sunday at St. Ann.