Feast of Christ the King festivities

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  As we head into fall, we are pleased to announce two important October events honoring the Feast of Christ the King.


  1. Thursday October 27th – Latin Mass Class: The Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, and Blessed Karl of Austria presented by Father Jason Christian. We know that Christ must reign in our hearts and in our families, but should His reign not extend to all nations and governments on earth? Should not all governments worship Christ?


With another election upon us, come learn:

  • Why Pope Pius IX established the Feast of Christ the King
  • What does this feast day mean for the United States today?
  • Who is Blessed Karl and why is he a role model for Christian leadership?

Special 6pm Latin Mass (confessions from 5:30-6:30pm)
7pm talk in the cafeteria (complimentary light dinner meal)
Location: St. Ann Catholic Church & Allen Center.  An RSVP is appreciated by October 25 for headcount purposes for food.


  1. Sunday October 30th – Eucharistic procession commemorating the Feast of Christ the King: Please join us for 12:30pm High Mass at St. Ann’s, followed by a very special outdoor Eucharistic Procession to honor the Kingship of Jesus Christ.

    Procession Theme: As we march, all are invited to bring your statues, portraits, and banners of your favorite Holy kings, queens, nobles and statesmen (canonized, beatified or venerable) including:

Blessed Karl, St. Louis XI, St. Helena, Prince St. David, St. Margaret Queen of Scotland, St. Thomas More, St. Ferdinand III, St. Stephen of Hungry, King David, Servant of God Isabella,  St. Wencelaus, St. Henry II, Cristeros Martyrs (and others), and to ask them to intercede for us, our nation, and to send us holy leaders!


More details will be sent in the weeks ahead.