Late January update

Dear friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community,

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have some updates as we proceed through the season of Septugesima (pre-lent).  This period which began last Sunday and runs through Shrove Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday) is a time of preparation for Lent filled with a more somber tone. In fact you may have noticed Fr. Reid’s vestments were purple to denote the penitential time.   To learn more, please read Fisheaters’ summary on the Septugesima season.

As noted, here are the 5 main updates we wanted to share with you:

  1. Candle Blessing this Sunday AND Tuesday: In the ancient calendar, this Tuesday February 2nd is the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Mother or commonly known as Candlemas (Mass by candle light) and on this feast there is an ancient custom to have candles blessed. While St. Ann will not be offering Candlemas this year Father Reid has generously agreed to bless candles on two days: After Sunday’s 12:30 Latin Massand after Tuesday’s 7:00am English Mass (the actual feast day). Please bring your candles to either Mass and Father will bless them immediately after Mass. On Sunday, we will set up a table where you can place them prior to Mass (Please place them on table before Sunday Mass).
  1. First Friday Latin Mass on February 5th!!!: Thanks to Fr. Reid’s generosity and care for our souls, he will begin offering a First Friday Latin Mass on Friday February 5th at 7:00am (Low Mass). As you know First Friday devotions to the Sacred Heart are important to many who attend the Extraordinary Form (including making the 9 First Friday devotions). That is why we’re so excited Father Reid is offering this monthly Mass in the Extraordinary Form starting next Friday. We encourage all to make the extra sacrifice to attend this first devotional Mass.
  1. Ash Wednesday: There is a Latin Mass scheduled for the morning of Ash Wednesday February 10th at 7 AM (note morning, not evening). .
  1. Next fellowship coffee February 14th: Come and meet your fellow parishioners and enjoy some coffee and snacks for the Feast of St. Valentine on Sunday February 14th (which is technically subjugated to the First Sunday of Lent).  We plan to have the coffee set up on the narthex after 12:30pm Latin Mass.
  1. Parish mission February 14-17th, 7pm: Speaking of February 14th, this day also begins the Lenten parish mission at St. Ann’s, and Fr. Wolfgang Seitze of Opus Sanctorum Angelorum will be the providing the mission, on the topics of the Angels, Our Lady, and the Cross. Fr. Seitze offers both forms of the Mass, and he will offer a Latin Mass on Sunday and Wednesday during the Mission. Please make plans to attend.