Epiphany Blessing Kits

Dear Friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  In the ancient Church calendar we have entered into the Octave of Epiphany which runs thru January 13th (Commemoration of the Baptism of Our Lord). The Christmas season then continues on a spiritual level until February 2nd, the Feast of the Purification/Candlemas. During this “Epiphanytide” it’s been customary for the faithful to have their homes blessed by a priest, and when a priest can’t be present (which is common), the father of the household can perform this blessing which we kindly attach.

Epiphany Blessing Kits

In the spirit of Epiphanytide, the Charlotte Latin Mass Community will distribute Epiphany Blessing Kits this Sunday after the 12:30pm Latin Mass. The kits includes Epiphany Holy Water, Blessed Chalk, Holy Salt.  The Epiphany Holy Water is actually located in the Holy Water Font in the narthex and you will need to bring your own container. The chalk and Holy Salt will come in a bag with some information.  As noted above, the Blessing prayers are attached as a PDF file.

A few questions (and some poorly worded answers)

1. What is Epiphany Holy Water? In short, it’s very powerful Holy Water and its blessing contains an exorcism prayer along with the Litany of the Saints. The entire blessing usually done on January 5th and takes 40 minutes. It can be used in the home blessing, your home’s holy water font, and used to ward off evil spirits or demons.

  1. What is Blessed Chalk? This sacramental is used during the Epiphany Home blessing and you are to write the year and the initials of the 3 Magi over the door of your home to show Christ reigns in that home, and to keep away evil spirits.
  2. What is Blessed Salt? – Although not tied directly to the Epiphany Blessing custom, it’s a powerful sacramental which can ward off demons and evil spirits. You can sprinkle it around your house during the blessing, take it with you when you travel (hotels), or even place in your food (at any time). Fisheaters has more information about it.
  3. Why all the attention around Epiphany? It’s a big deal! 🙂 Epiphany is an important feast in the Church, and she provides her faithful with many graces during this Christmas season, including many sacramentals that help us on our journey to salvation. Many of the customs of Epiphany were forgotten and but now we are rediscovering them. The Roman Ritual book of 1962 (i.e. the Extraordinary Form rite) contain many of these traditional blessings throughout the year. In these troubled times, let us all make full use of the graces and gifts Holy Mother Church provides us.

There is a lot more to say about these 3 blessed Sacramentals, but the linked resources will be a good place to start. We hope to see you Sunday.