September update.

Laudetur Iesus Christus! As we enter Ember Week, we just have two events to pass along:

First, Saturday is St. Ann’s annual carnival. Please stop by to enjoy the festivities.

Second, we, the Charlotte Latin Mass Community are grateful to St. Ann’s, its pastor, and its parishioners for their support of the Latin Mass over the last few years. In a way to say thank you, we will be serving coffee and donuts after 8AM English Mass Sunday, from 9-10am (the largest block of free time on Sunday). Since there is no regular Sunday fellowship after the Masses, we thought this might be a good idea once in a while.

Several of us will be there at 8:30am to set up in the plaza underneath the smaller tents (rain or shine). While it may be a small sacrifice to arrive a few hours early, please consider dropping by sometime between 8:30 – 10 to help serve and to meet your fellow parishioners – something we don’t always have the opportunity to do after our later Mass. And to not confuse anyone, our normal Mass will still be at 12:30pm Sunday.