Mid August Update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have several items to share with you this month:


  1. Important Latin Mass schedule change at Sacred Heart in Salisbury. Beginning in September, the Sunday 4pm Latin Mass will now only be offered monthly. The upcoming Latin Mass dates are: September 13 and October 18. For all other weeks that do not have a Latin Mass scheduled, there will not be any 4pm Sunday Mass. Please check the Sacred Heart bulletin or parish office for the most accurate information on Mass schedules.


  1. Latin Classes being offered at St. Michael’s in Gastonia. Mr. John Welsh, a teacher at St. Michael’s school will be offering classes in the Basics of Ecclesiastical Latin. Please visit our link below to learn more about this interesting class. To contact Mr. Welsh to sign up, please e-mail him at jwpublius (at) yahoo (dot) com




  1. Photos from St. Ann’s Solemn High Assumption & Anniversary Mass. Our own John Cosmos took some stunning photographs of Saturday’s beautiful liturgy with Bishop Jugis. Please take time to enjoy the photos.