Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday is the 17th Sunday after Pentecost, and as Dr. Mike Foley notes, it was called Sunday for the Love of God due to the Gospel read at Mass (Matthew 22: 34-46). To learn more we share Dr. Foley’s reflection for this Sunday:

We thank everyone for their attendance at Saturday’s Latin Mass and Eucharistic Procession at St. Ann. Please offer a few Hail Marys in thanksgiving for Frs. Jones, Reid and Deacon Tonon for offering/assisting with this beautiful Mass.

Ember Days This Week (September 22, 24, and 25)

This week are the autumn Ember Days, the 3-day penitential period during the change of seasons where the faithful offer thanks to God for his creation and gifts, and to pray for sanctification in the upcoming season. Traditionally, these are days of fasting and partial abstinence (meat at only one meal, except Friday which is full abstinence) – though the fasting is now voluntary.  The autumn Ember Days this week are Wednesday September 22, Friday September 24, and Saturday September 25. To learn more visit:

Ember Week Latin Masses

  • Wednesday September 22: St. Ann, 6pm (Low)
  • Friday September 24: St. Ann, 7am (Low) St. Mark 12:30pm (Low)
  • Saturday September 25: St. Ann 8am Low Mass – Respect Life Latin Mass* (*if there is a change in the Saturday Mass we will let you know)

For an in-depth look on the autumn Ember Days and its connection to the 17th Sunday after Pentecost, please read Gregory Dipippo’s articles at New Liturgical Movement:  

Back to School

With fall upon us this week and kids back in school (home or otherwise), this might be a good time to refresh us traditional Catholics on some of the fundamentals of the Traditional Latin Mass and the faith that accompanies it. This topic can be as wide as the ocean, so perhaps these two articles from Fr. Chad Ripperger, which was featured in Latin Mass magazine nearly 2 decades ago, can help us remember the uniqueness of the Traditional Latin Mass and its spirituality:

Religious Exemptions for Vaccines

Obtaining a Religious Exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine: As a reminder, the Carolina Family Coalition (CFC), a non-profit founded by Catholic pro-life leaders in Charlotte to defend the family against the secular culture, has published some helpful information on how to obtain a religious exemption (see link below). Link:

Veterum Sapientia – Fall Latin Classes Begin Tomorrow September 20

Speaking of back to school, Veterum Sapientia, the Latin language school founded by Fr. Barone, Dr. Nancy Llewellyn and several others is opening their fall enrollment which actually begins tomorrow:

Laudetur Jesus Christus! Enrollment is now open for all of VSI’s Fall Quarter, which will run between Monday, September 20, 2021, and Friday, December 3, 2021. We have five classes meeting either twice a week (long format) or once time a week (short format). Three of these courses are for beginner and intermediate students, while two of them are for more advanced students to study the Orations of the Missal or the Hymns of the Roman Breviary and the Liturgy of the Hours in Latin.

Learn more at:

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • A New Website of the Little Office of the Virgin Mary: As we’ve noted before, the Mass isn’t the only liturgy of the Church. The Mass actually “continues” into the Divine Office (breviary), where the Church prays the psalms over different hours to sanctify the other parts of the day. The Divine Office is also tied to the Latin Mass calendar. Sadly though, after Vatican II, Church leaders not only replaced the Latin Mass, but they also created an entirely new “Divine Office” often called today, The Liturgy of the Hours (for a list of concerns of the Liturgy of the hours click here).

    Back in the Traditional Rite, there are different Divine Offices that were approved for use in the Church (Carmelites have their own office, as do Benedictines, etc.). One of them is the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It’s a simplified office that was used for those more active religious (teachers, missionaries) etc. Many lay people find this office to be an simple yet spiritually efficacious Office to start with. The good news is now someone has now created an online website of the Little Office you can use “on the go” which we link to here:
  • “Men Must Be Changed by Sacred Things, and Not Sacred Things by Men”: Dr. Kwasniewski shares a fascinating debate between two faithful seminarians over whether they should become ordained as a diocesan priest and try to “traditionalize” the Novus Ordo Mass, or follow their conscience and attend a traditional seminary where they only learn the Traditional Latin Mass (and only offer it as a priest), where they can be at peace. Dr. Kwasniewski closes by noting many Novus Ordo priests have come to discover not only do they love the Traditional Latin Mass, but they can never again offer the Novus Ordo Mass. Some join traditional orders like the Fraternity of St. Peter, or Institute of Christ the King (among others) or retire from diocesan priesthood and serve as a chaplain somewhere.

    CLMC note: If you know of a Novus Ordo priest or seminarian who is struggling in such a situation, encourage them to follow their heart and make the jump to offer the Traditional Mass exclusively. They will not regret it nor will God abandon them for making such a choice. The will find treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:20-21).
  • Clear Creek Abbey becomes headquarters for Servant of God Empress Zita of Habsburg:  Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma is now serving as the American headquarters for Empress Zita’s beatification cause. Empress Zita, as many know, was the wife of Blessed Karl of Austria, whom many with the CLMC has a devotion to (See 2016, 2017, and 2020). The Empress actually lived in New York for a while in exile but died in Austria quite “recently” in 1989. Her husband’s feast day was established as October 21, which is the date of their marriage, alluding to the day when both are canonized and will together share the same feast day. To learn more about her cause please read:
  • “Beware” – A Benedictine Monk Speaks Out Against Vaccine Mandates: As Australia and New Zealand have gone full “Soviet’ and imposed complete lockdowns and vaccine mandates on humanity, a voice cries out in the wilderness of Tasmania, Australia. A traditional Benedictine monk-priest in Australia issues a stern warning to those who try to impose vaccine mandates:

But we do have a word for them and this word is for everyone, including authorities, both civil and religious of every rank. It is a strong word. That word is this:

Beware. Our conscience stands firm on this issue. If you wish to pressure us, know that you are violating the voice of a well-formed conscience, that is the voice of God Himself. You should also know that international law condemns severely the use of moral persuasion when it comes to that taking of any medication that is experimental. This sort of thing has been done before. It was perpetrated by the same people who put yellow stars on the shoulders of the Jews, and then ultimately decided that they had a better, more final, solution for them.  Beware. Whoever you are, whatever badge or religious symbol you might wear, you are crossing a line that you will bitterly regret and for which you will have to give an account.

God is not mocked, St Paul told us today. You reap what you sow. If you sow in the flesh, you will reap corruption and death and damnation. If you sow in the Spirit, you will reap everlasting life. And he adds: while there is still time, do what is good, for the end of all things is fast approaching.

P.S. N.B. the Notre Dame Monks offer the Traditional Latin Mass exclusively “down under” in Tasmania. If you’d like to send a donation visit:

The Viganò Tapes Collection

No CLMC update seems complete without hearing the wise words of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Thankfully, Dr. Bob Moynihan of Inside the Vatican magazine has published a series of quick Q&A “tapes” with His Excellency to help us learn on various topics surrounding COVID and “deep Church”.  The channel can be found here:

We provide excerpts from two of them:

The Viganò Tapes #6: The Limits of Authority:

Obedience…does not consist in a critical submission to power, because in doing so it degenerates into servility and complicity with those who do evil.

The Viganò Tapes #2: The New Alliance:

Rulers are not pursuing the common good when they expose population to experimentation without scientific basis. Even in the face of evidence of the vaccines’ ineffectiveness and the damage it causes to those who have received it… And it is equally obvious that the ecclesiastical hierarchy in so far as it lends itself to supporting this massacre plan on a global level is an accomplice to a crime against humanity and even more to a very grave sin against God.

CLMC note: H.E. Viganò sternly warns Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles (and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops) of being complicit in this plan (COVID-19 “crisis”) which is a grave crime against humanity.Please offer your Mass intentions today or this week for the courageous H.E. Viganò.


It’s Sunday. Is it not time to make a true alliance with the Mass of Agesthe Mass loved by Our Lord so much that he allows it to feed His flock for 1,600 years and counting. What Mass are you attending today?

Latin Masses this Friday and Saturday

Laudetur Iesus Christus and blessed feast of the Our Lady of Sorrows! We just wanted to provide a reminder of the upcoming Latin Masses this Friday and Saturday.

With the Eucharistic Congress canceled, there will be a normal Mass schedule on Friday September 17:

Friday September 17

St. Ann – 7am Low Mass
St. Mark 12:30pm Low Mass (Confessions 11:45 – 12:15)

Saturday September 18 (parish based Eucharistic Congress)

St. Ann parish – 12 noon High Latin Mass, followed by Eucharistic Procession, Confessions all afternoon, and Adoration until 4:15pm
St. Thomas Aquinas – will be offering its own liturgical events, talk, Confessions (no Latin Mass) in the morning. Please see their parish website for details:

Lastly, today September 15 is the Octave of the Nativity of the Blessed Mother and the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows (Seven Sorrows of Our Lady), and St. Ann will offer a 6pm Low Mass this evening. Below is more information on this feast day from Dom Prosper Gueranger:

Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Laudetur Iesus Christus and blessed feast of the Holy Name of Mary! Sunday is both the feast of the Holy Name of Mary, and the 16th Sunday After Pentecost, and as custom, we provide Dr. Mike Foley’s commentary on this week’s collect:

Upcoming Feast Days

This weekend we are in the middle of the ancient octave of the Blessed Mother’s nativity (September 8) which concludes this Wednesday September 15, the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. 

Ember Days Next Week (September 22, 24 and 25)

The week after the Holy Cross and week before the feast of St. Michael the Archangel on September 29 (Michaelmas) are the autumn Ember Days, the 3-day penitential period during the change of seasons where the faithful offer thanks to God for his creation and gifts, and to pray for sanctification in the upcoming season. Traditionally, these are days of fasting and partial abstinence (meat at only one meal, except Friday which is full abstinence) – though the fasting is now voluntary.  The Ember days next week are Wednesday September 22, Friday September 24, and Saturday September 25. To learn more visit:

Eucharistic Congress Events – Saturday September 18

St. Ann: The parish will be offering a 12 noon High Mass followed by a Eucharistic Procession, and Eucharistic Adoration until 4:15pm. Confessions will also be heard after Mass until 4:15pm .

St. Thomas Aquinas: As mentioned Wednesday, St. Thomas Aquinas parish is organizing an in-person Eucharistic Congress on Saturday September 18.  Of note to traditionalists, will be a 9:45am Eucharistic Procession, followed by chanting of sacred music by St. Joseph College Seminarians at 10:15am. There will not be a Latin Mass at this Congress, but there are other events that may interest to some of our readers. We attach an image the flyer and will share more information as it becomes available (or at other parishes).

Benedictus Weekly “Missal” Is Now Available

A new weekly Latin Mass publication called Benedictus is now available. We’re hearing rave reviews about it.It’s a weekly Latin Mass missal, similar to the Magnificat daily in the Novus Ordo. Benedictus contains the propers for each day in chronological order (no flipping around like the full missals) and also contain reflection and beautiful sacred art. It’s helpful especially for newcomers to the Latin Mass. To learn more visit:

Religious Exemptions for Vaccines

Obtaining a Religious Exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine: As a reminder, the Carolina Family Coalition (CFC), a non-profit founded by Catholic pro-life leaders in Charlotte to defend the family against the secular culture, has published some helpful information on how to obtain a religious exemption (see link below). Link:

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer Documentary: A New Zealand television network has recently published an edifying documentary on a traditional order of priests and monks who offer the Latin Mass exclusively and minister to a few parishes in remote parts of the world. Based on a remote island north of Scotland, they also have monasteries or parishes in New Zealand and Australia. They also publish the beautiful and colorful quarterly newspaper aptly entitled Catholic. They were in irregular canonical status prior to 2008, but once Pope Benedict’s Motu Proprio came out, they were entered in full communion: | Website:  (Blog:

    CLMC note: Is there any need to worry about the future of the Latin Mass when places like this exist? Latin Mass is the future.
  • Pray for Monica – Australia’s first political prisoner on Australian Soil: While most Catholics in the Carolinas have figured the COVID-19 lockdowns are over, that is hardly the case in places like Australia or New Zealand where the Marxist government has gone into full Soviet checkpoint mode. To bring this persecution to light, the Remnant has an important article about a young women who resisted this Australian lockdown and drove beyond the 5 kilometer travel limit imposed on many Australians (yes they are restricted from driving beyond 5K). That women, happens to be Monica Smit, a traditional Catholic, who promoted the Christus Rex pilgrimage in Australia, and is now being held in prison as far as we know:

    CLMC note: For those who think COVID is merely a virus, a review of Monica’s arrest video may provide a different perspective and portend what may be coming to the Carolinas when vaccine mandates are fully required (with no religious exemptions) or another “variant” is discovered.
  • Libera Nos A Malo – Considerations on the Great Reset and the New World Order: No CLMC e-mail seems to be complete without insight and reflection of the “signs of the times” by either Archbishop Viganò or Bishop Schneider. In this tour-de-force article, the Archbishop gives us an instructive spiritual explanation of the moment we are now facing in the world and in the Church:

This war, whose outcomes have been decided “ab æterno” with the inexorable defeat of Satan and the Antichrist and the overwhelming victory of the Woman encircled with the stars, is now approaching its conclusion. This is why the forces of darkness are so wild at present, so impatient to cancel the name of Our Lord from the earth, to not only destroy his tangible presence in our cities by tearing down churches, demolishing crosses, and suppressing Christian holidays; but also by eliminating memory, cancelling Christian civilization, adulterating its teaching, and debasing its worship. And in order to do this, the presence of a faithful and courageous Hierarchy, ready to suffer martyrdom in order to defend Christian faith and moral teaching, is certainly an obstacle

Everything that we know, discover, and understand about the global conspiracy currently unfolding shows us a tremendous reality that is also at the same time sharp and clearly-defined: there are two sides, the side of God and the side of Satan, the side of the children of Light and the side of the children of darkness. It is not possible to come to terms with the Enemy, nor is it possible to serve two masters (Mt 6:24). The words of Our Lord must be engraved in our minds: “Whoever is not with Me is against Me, and whoever does not gather with Me scatters” (Mt 12:30)… Where Christ reigns, peace, harmony and justice reign; where Christ does not reign, Satan is a tyrant. Let us consider this well, whenever we have to choose whether to make agreements with the adversary in the name of a false peaceful coexistence!

Father Z. Comments on Pope Francis’ “Two Rites” Remarks

Lastly, Pope Francis gave an interview recently in which he provided more explanation on why he issued his Motu Proprio, Traditionis Custodes, and offered a perplexing but interesting comment on his decision. He compared the Traditional Latin Mass priest to be in the similar situation as a bi-ritual priest (a priest who offers both an Eastern Rite liturgy, like the Ukrainian Liturgy and the Roman Liturgy, like the Novus Ordo or TLM). He also noted that his Motu Proprio needed to be issued to ensure that Latin Mass communities have a priest who not only meets their liturgical needs, but also spiritual or pastoral needs. While these can be concerning comments depending on how one views the Pope’s intent, it does however raise the question – is the Traditional Latin Mass a distinct Roman rite which would necessitate its own set of priests and bishop, chapels, etc.? Here are the Pope’s comments (emphasis ours):

After this motu proprio, a priest who wants to celebrate that is not in the same condition as before—that it was for nostalgia, for desire, &c.— and so he has to ask permission from Rome. A kind of permission for bi-ritualism, which is given only by Rome. [Like] a priest who celebrates in the Eastern Rite and the Latin Rite, he is bi-ritual but with the permission of Rome. That is to say, until today, the previous ones continue but a little bit organized. Moreover, asking that there be a priest who is in charge not only of the liturgy but also of the spiritual life of that community.

Father John Zuhlsdorf (Father Z) picks up on this in his analysis of this paragraph (emphasis ours):

Okay, this says what we have known all along.  There is not one Roman Rite, there are two. Summorum was a juridical document which treated the two Rites as if they were one.  That was a deft move and it worked well for a while.  However, there were some inherent problems in that approach, since it glossed over a reality that needed to be confronted.  Finally, after some years, that reality was being confronted (e.g., in the exploration of the pre-55 Triduum, which put a magnifying glass on the whole of the “reform”) and the result was terrifying to the Left and to the discontinuity and rupture camp, who still dominate the seats of power in the Church.

CLMC note: Although the short term future of the Latin Mass, in some places, is unclear, these comments do bring to the forefront an issue that needs to be resolved: Is the Novus Ordo and Traditional Latin Mass completely separate rites?

If they are, what Mass are you going today? The Traditional Roman Rite or the New Order?

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Laudetur Iesus Christus and blessed feast of Our Lady’s nativity! The great Benedictine liturgist, Dom Prosper Gueranger has an entry for her feast day which we share today: has some interesting articles on today’s feast day, which traditionally marked the unofficial end of summer:

Latin Masses today

There will be a 6pm Low Mass at St. Ann this evening to commemorate the Blessed Virgin Mary’s nativity, who was born on this day in Jerusalem in 16 BC.

Charleston Bishop 30-day Novena begins today September 8 – October 7

As noted on Sunday’s update, the Columbia Traditional Latin Mass Society is organizing a 30-day novena to St. Joseph’s Holy Cloak for the appointment a saintly bishop. The current bishop is retiring and a new bishop may be announced sometime soon. The novena is here:

The novena is for readers in all the Carolinas, as we all would certainly benefit from a growth of Latin Masses “south of the border” (Ft. Mill, Rock Hill, Lake Wylie, etc.), if a Latin Mass friendly bishop is named.

Juventutem – Mass of Ages Movie Night – Friday September 10, 6:30pm

Juventutem, the new Young Adults group centered around the Traditional Latin Mass is hosting a movie night, featuring the new Latin Mass documentary, the Mass of Ages. It will be held at 6:30pm at the St. Patrick Family Life Center (1621 E. Dilworth Road, Charlotte). Juventutem is open to young adults 18-35 (married or single). For more information visit:

Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday is the 15th Sunday after Pentecost, and as custom, we provide Dr. Mike Foley’s commentary on the propers:

1st Sunday Latin Mass at Salisbury Today at 3pm

Today Sunday September 5 is also first Sunday, and Sacred Heart parish in Salisbury will offer 3pm Traditional Latin Mass, followed by a social in Brincefield Hall.  Please bring a snack or desert to share. Soda, tea, and water will be provided. To stay connected to the Salisbury Latin Mass Community, please contact them at:

Upcoming Feasts

Wednesday September 8 – Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary: 9 months after the feast of the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady was born to St. Joachim and St. Ann. This Wednesday September 8 commemorates that birth with her feast day. It also is the beginning of the ancient octave of the Blessed Mother’s nativity which concludes the following Wednesday September 15, the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. St. Ann will offer its regularly 6pm Low Mass.

Dom Prosper Gueranger’s entry for Wednesday:

CANCELED – Eucharistic Congress

The Eucharistic Congress scheduled for September 17/18 has been canceled (and being shifted to virtual or “imaginary” Eucharistic Congresses at one’s parish). In a “magnificent triumph” of FEAR over FAITH, the Congress is being canceled due to, perhaps, watching too much daytime television about a false pandemic.  While COVID has caused illness, and sadly death, the behavior of the Catholic Church to a virus with an overall 99% recovery rate is beyond words.  One would hope that the Church would act with the same zeal to end abortion which has a nearly 100% fatality rate and each year gruesomely kills over 800,000 babies nationwide and 10,000 babies in Charlotte. But alas, today’s Church leaders appear to place their hope in superstitious activities such as mask wearing, 72” of social distancing, abortion-linked inoculations, all bereft of supernatural vision. This situation recalls the words of the Roman Catechism, prepared by St. Charles Borromeo, which addressed this topic over 400 years ago:

“[The faithful’s] attention should be called to the marked difference that exists between the prayers of the infidel and those of the Christian.

The infidel, too, begs of God to cure his diseases and to heal his wounds, to deliver him from approaching or impending evils; but he places his principle hope of deliverance in the remedies provided by nature, or prepared by man. He makes no scruple of using medicine no matter by whom prepared, no matter if accompanied by charms, spells or other diabolical arts, provided he can promise himself some hope of recovery.

Not so for the Christian. When visited by sickness, or other adversity, he flies to God as his supreme refuge and defense. Acknowledging and revering God alone as the author of all his good and his deliverer he ascribes to Him whatever healing virtue resides in medicines, convinced that they help the sick only in so far as God wills it…He, therefore, who has pledged his fidelity to Jesus Christ, does not place his principal hope in recovery in such remedies; he places it in God, the author of these medicines.

…Hence the Sacred Scriptures condemn the conduct of those who, confiding in the power of medicine, seek no assistance from God (2 Paralipomenon 16:12-13 or 2 Chronicles).  Nay more, those who regulate their lives by the laws of God, abstain from the use of all medicines which are not evidently intended by God to be medicinal; and, were there even a hope of recovery by using any other, they abstain from them as so many charms and diabolical artifices.” – Roman Catechism, Part IV, The Lord’s Prayer (Deliver Us From Evil) issued by Pope St. Pius V

As we noted last week, Ven. Jozsef Cardinal Mindszenty of Hungary wrote that Communists frequently used fake epidemics to prohibit Catholic processions activities.  Sadly today, most dioceses and parishes are not only falling for this trick, but tragically missing the historic opportunity to challenge the culture of death and offer a truly Catholic response to the events of today.

Religious Exemptions for Vaccines

Obtaining a Religious Exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine: As a reminder, the Carolina Family Coalition (CFC), a non-profit founded by Catholic pro-life leaders in Charlotte to defend the family against the secular culture, has published some helpful information on how to obtain a religious exemption:

Bishop Schneider providing Religious Exemption letter to members of the Confraternity of Fatima: LifeSiteNews mentions Bishop Schneider is providing a vaccine exemption letter to members of his Confraternity of Fatima: To learn more about the Confraternity visit:  (See also Bishop Schneider’s interview at the end of this update)

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Communique of the Superiors-General of the “Ecclesia Dei” Communities (to the French Bishops): Last week, the heads of many of traditionalist orders in France, issued a statement in response to the French bishops and their criticism of the Traditional Latin Mass, and traditionalists: (CLMC note: Since it was just addressed to the French bishops, we will refrain from commenting at this time).
  • Pontifical North American College (NAC) in Rome suspends Traditional Latin Mass: In another unsurprising sign of the times, the main American seminary in Rome, the NAC, has suspended its 14-year old Traditional Latin Mass.  It should be noted that Bishop Jugis, sits on the board of directors of the NAC and we generously pray that His Excellency will conduct an investigation into this suspension (which greatly offends Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ. We also extend our prayers to the diocese’s seminarians in Rome who are enduring this toxic Roman turmoil (which eerily reminds one of the fall of Jerusalem prophesized in St. Mark chapter 13 or St. Matthew 24).
  • In Defense of Preserving Readings in Latin: Dr. Peter Kwasniewski’s “article of the week” responds to the Motu Proprio, and explains why preserving Latin readings during the Traditional Latin Mass is important and necessary. This isn’t a new issue as Pope Benedict XVI’s Motu Proprio also allowed vernacular to slip into the Mass (outside of the sermon):
  • Gearing Up for the Long Campaign: We missed sharing this a few weeks ago, but Dr. Kwasniewski also wrote some helpful advice on how traditionalists can carry on the faith in these turbulent times and had some excellent practical advice:
  • Jewish Feasts in the Propers of the Traditional Roman Rite: Rorate Caeli posts an excellent and insightful article by Alisa Kunitz-Dick on how the Traditional Latin Mass incorporated Jewish feast days into the traditional liturgical calendar that are not found in the Novus Ordo.  For all the modern talk of ecumenism, its actually the Traditional Latin Mass that is best suited to reach out to Jews and show the complete connection between the Old Testament and the Catholic faith, founded by Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ:
  • Resurrection Miracles in the Lives of the Saints: The Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation (whom we co-hosted in 2019) penned an excellent article chronicling the many instances saints brought people back from the dead.  Often times theistic evolutionists (e.g. in this case Catholics who believe that God used evolution) will say that while the resurrection of Lazarus was real, the literal 6 day Creation by God was a fable.  Yet if God could restore to life days-old rotting and corrupted corpses of men, animals and plants, could He not have created the universe entirely in six 24-hour days, less than 10,000 years ago? Which is harder to believe?

Stay the Course: Bishop Schneider’s encouraging words to those who oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates:

Last week LifeSiteNews published an excellent interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider (whom we hosted here in Charlotte in 2017) in which he offers inspiring and hopeful encouragement to those who will lose their jobs by rejecting mandatory COVID-19 abortion linked inoculations at work. If you’re worried about losing your job over mandates, please read this interview:

“I think that God will reward these people with many spiritual gifts if they choose to live a poorer life rather than to co-operate with the fetal industry. Surely they will not die from starvation, God will never permit it! This was our experience in communist times. My parents did not collaborate with the Communist Party, for example; therefore, my parents could not have a profession, this was not allowed. And so they were simple workers, they had a low salary, and we lived in a really simple way. But God did not abandon us; we were happy in our faith and this gave us riches for all our life…”

Today is Sunday. Will you be attending a Mass that promotes fear or faith?

14th Sunday After Pentecost

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday is the 14th Sunday after Pentecost, and also happens to be the commemoration of the beheading of St. John the Baptist. As custom, we provide Dr. Mike Foley’s commentary for this Sunday’s collect and propers:

Beheading of St. John the Baptist – Sunday August 29

As noted above, Sunday is also the feast of St. John the Baptist’s beheading. As readers may recall, King Herod’s sister in law Herodias, and daughter Salome did not appreciate (to put it mildly) St. John’s speaking of the truth about adultery and instead requested St. John be beheaded at a party honoring Herod. Yet God’s justice was not withheld forever as Dom Prosper Gueranger notes as he describes the fate of these three profane individuals: Herod and Herodias were eventually exiled to modern day France, while Salome herself met a similar fate of St. John when she danced on a frozen river, fell into the water, and the sharp ice beheaded her. Back to St. John, his beheading apparently took place closer to the Pasch in late March or April, but the Church choose August 29 as his feast day to celebrate when his head was found in what is now modern day Syria. Here are a few articles with history and reflections:

Let us consider praying for our priests that they will not shy away from preaching the truths to the King Herods of today who promote immoral activities from abortion, sodomy, transgenderism, usury, paganism and mandatory experimental inoculations, etc.

The Holy Face of Jesus and the Battle against Communism

America and North Carolina now face a communist menace, not driven by red-shirt fanatics of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, or Khrushchev, but of militants in white lab coats, otherwise known as “public health experts”, who, using a false pandemic, have declared a new religion of bodily health with its own set of sacraments and sacramentals (masks, experimental inoculations (“vaccines”), lockdowns, and social distancing). For the Church, this is nothing new. In his 1974 autobiography, Memoirs, Venerable Jozsef Cardinal Mindszenty, the Primate of Hungary who was imprisoned and tortured by the Communist government, noted that the government in the 1940s would undermine Catholic events such as processions by using the excuse of a false epidemic outbreak:

“The Communists did not dare to prohibit these ceremonies [Catholic processions], but they tried to interfere with them…In some areas mass meetings and travel were banned on the pretext that there was danger of epidemics…The following incident was characteristic of the situation. On September 12, 1948, the Benedictine Church of Celldomolk was to celebrate its two hundred anniversary.  Two days before, the government issued a notice that cases of epidemic encephalitis had occurred in various parts of the country. All travel from place to place was therefore forbidden…On the day of the festival itself, armed police checked those attending church.  All those whose papers showed they came from elsewhere were turned away. A police cordon encircled the church. During the services the fire department sprayed a yellow fluid around the vicinity of the monastery.  When, at the end of the solemn ceremonies, the monks came out of the portal in procession, they too were sprayed with these “antiseptics.” – Memoirs (p. 77)

How to combat this “sanitary dictatorship”? The solution is very powerful – it’s called the Holy Face devotion. 

Steve Cunningham at Sensus Fidelium has an excellent and instructive webpage on the Holy Face devotion and the pious souls who promoted its devotion, including Sister Mary of St. Peter who received revelations of the Holy Face and how it can be used to fight Communism; and Venerable Leo DuPont who was declared by Bl. Pope Pius IX as the greatest miracle worker in the Church’s history and helped promote the Holy Face devotion. Learn how devotion to the Holy Face can be used to combat Communism:

Prayers for Traditional Latin Mass Orders (FSSP, Institute of Christ the King)

As bishops and priests study the new Motu Proprio, there are always rumors about what may happen next. Rather than worry about “what ifs”, we share that the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), a society of priests which offer the Latin Mass and manage parishes, is taking the matter to prayer, and encouraging all members of their Confraternity of St. Peter (a lay group which prayers daily for the FSSP priests) to offer a Rosary at a specific time and date in September so to have people praying the Rosary at every hour, 24/7 during September:

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • We will enter into the time of the Apocalypse’: Bishop Schneider warned about vaccine mandates: A helpful review of Bishop Schneider’s comments last year about the apocalyptic dangers of having vaccine mandates across the globe.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I have the suspicion that partly this COVID situation was created not only to implement a new dictatorship and control of the population, but in some way to legalize abortion globally – the killing of unborn babies – so that the entire planet will be collaborating in the process of killing babies through the vaccine which will use parts of aborted babies. The vaccine will be imposed and obligatory – so that you cannot work, travel, go to school without it, obliging the entire population to receive the vaccine, but the only vaccine will be that made with cells from aborted babies. Perhaps they will not accept other vaccines, and they will lie, saying that these are not effective, that the only effective vaccine will be from aborted babies. I am not affirming now that this will happen, but it is my suspicion: it appears to me realistic that this could come. This is for me the last step of Satanism: that Satan and the world government – ultimately the masonic world government – will oblige all, even the Church, to accept abortion in this way. And therefore we must resist very strongly against this, if it comes. We must even accept to be martyrs.” – Bishop Athanasius Schneider October 2020

CLMC comment: How many priests in the Carolinas – including Latin Mass priests – are truly preparing their flocks for martyrdom, either red or white, in this current crisis? Or are they simply promoting compromise with the culture through face masks requirements; “morally permissible” abortion-linked vaccines, or the need to “obey” illegitimate government mandates?

  • Can Church Officials Require Us to Get Vaccinated?: This is a lengthy but helpful canonical review on why Church leaders cannot mandate vaccines and a review of the traditional teachings related to morality of abortion-linked vaccines and of participating in a global political-medical experiment. Honestly, there should not even be such a question since the Church has long opposed such horrific policies:
  • Will the Real Lex Orandi of the Roman Rite Please Stand Up? A Comparison of the Old and New Feasts of St. Louis: This past Wednesday was the feast of one of the greatest kings in Christendom, St. Louis IX. To commemorate, Dr. Kwasniewski compares the prayers and reading of the 1962 Traditional Latin Mass vs. the 2002 Novus Ordo Mass. The differences are quite stark:

On the topic of beauty and liturgy, is the Mass you attend on Sunday a fabrication, a banal product of the moment? Or is it the beautiful Mass of Ages? What Mass are you attending on Sunday?

13th Sunday After Pentecost

Dear friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community (CLMC),

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday August 22 is not only the 13th Sunday After Pentecost but is the octave day of Our Lady’s Assumption and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  This week, we provide meditations on Sunday’s propers by the great Benedictine liturgist, Dom Prosper Gueranger OSB, in The Liturgical Year:

First we wanted to express our thanks to Fr. Reid for kindly blessing herbs and fruit last Sunday and for those CLMC families who brought fruit and herbs for our potluck. We were also graced with the presence of Fr. John Perricone, one of the pioneer Latin Mass priests in the New York City area who offered Solemn Mass last Sunday. Some of you may recall Fr. Perricone’s Lenten Mission at St. Ann in 2018. You can read some of his past writings here  and here:

Feast of St. Louis IX – August 25

As Americans watch the “great experiment”, known as its representative republic go into meltdown through corruption, immorality, and all sorts of nefarious deeds and poor leadership, the Church this week presents the faithful with an example of what a virtuous leader and truly Catholic government can look like. Such a government can truly benefit all people and create the most ideal civic and temporal conditions to help facilitate the salvation of many souls. This example is St. Louis IX, the great 13th century king of France, a king of justice, peace, and sanctity – mirroring the True Monarch, Christ the King. He was a devout man who reigned over a just government that helped all peoples, promoted and lived the virtues of the faith, and honorably served in two crusades against the Saracens (Muslims) who seized the Holy Land and near east from the Church and her flock. His coronation, like Blessed Karl (the last Catholic monarch of Europe) was done according to the official Coronation Mass, where the king is wedded to his land and people in a special Mass.

While Catholic monarchies are often seen today as backwards and antiquated, only foolish moderns would look at today’s “advanced” world of democracy and its embodied masonic “values” of abortion, sodomy, usury, poverty, godlessness, religious freedom for erroneous sects, free speech for heresy and the profane, and endless revolutionary wars on terror (or viruses), as examples of “progress” for God and mankind.   As Pope Pius XI wrote in Quas Primas, the 1925 encyclical which established the feast of Christ the King:

“With God and Jesus Christ,” we said, “excluded from political life, with authority derived not from God but from man, the very basis of that authority has been taken away, because the chief reason of the distinction between ruler and subject has been eliminated. The result is that human society is tottering to its fall, because it has no longer a secure and solid foundation.”

As Fr. Christian noted in his 2016 Christ the King talk, quoting historian Charles Coulombe, more people died for wars of “democracies” since the bloody French Revolution, than all who died in wars between Catholic monarchs:

Additionally, we should keep in mind that this age of republics and democracies, like life itself, is merely fleeting, and will eventually pass away – perhaps sooner than we think.  In fact, many venerable, blessed and saints –  including St. John Vianney and St. Louis de Montfort, have predicted that during the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, there would be a restoration of the Catholic monarchy, especially in France, with a Holy King who would restore Christendom and work with a Holy Pope, who would refute all the errors of these modern times. Taylor Marshall explains further in this informative video:

How fitting that a city in the cradle of America is named not after a democratic “free-thinker”, but one of the greatest Catholic monarchs in history.  St. Louis IX, pray for America and her conversion to the Church!  

To commemorate this feast, St. Ann will be offering its regular 6pm Low Mass on August 25. 

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Continued Prayers for Cardinal Burke: Please continue to pray for Cardinal Burke who remains in serious condition due to COVID.  Michael Matt at the Remnant writes a brief but inspirational observation about the Cardinal’s suffering – unlike many Church leaders who sadly follow pop culture, Cardinal Burke has declined to get the immoral COVID inoculation due to its connections to abortion and is showing the Church how a Christian should be willing to suffer in defending the rights of the unborn who were horrifically maimed to generate the cell lines used to test or develop these vaccines:
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary: Unlike the Novus Ordo calendar, the Traditional Rite maintains the feast of the Immaculate Heart on August 22nd the octave day of the Assumption.  Although it is suppressed this year due it falling on the 13th Sunday After Pentecost, this is an important feast day for our times, as Our Lady of Fatima has warned that unless Russia is consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, great tribulations will occur.  Although much can be written about this feast day today, Dom Prosper Gueranger’s meditation is helpful (even though written decades before Our Lady of Fatima’s appearance in 1917):
  • 3 Year Anniversary of Archbishop Viganò: This feast day is also the 3 year anniversary of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s first letter exposing the corruption in the Church, and providing a light to the weary faithful starved for truth and honestly among many of today’s Church leaders. We link to a copy of his landmark and inaugural letter. It’s hard to believe where the world and Church have turned in 3 short years:
  • Octave of the Assumption – August 22nd: As noted in prior e-mails, in the Traditional Rite (prior to 1955), many important feast days were followed eight days of celebration, otherwise known as octaves, to highlight the spiritual treasures contained in these feasts. These include, the octave of Christmas, Epiphany, Ascension, Pentecost, Corpus Christi, and of course the Assumption. This explains why certain saints and commemorations are included in a certain octave – to highlight a certain aspect of the main feast day.  Dr. Peter Kwasniewski has penned an excellent article explaining why certain saints were placed on the calendar between August 15 – 22 for the Assumption octave – to highlight the “friends of Mary”:

Are you attending the Mass of Ages this Sunday?

Feast of the Assumption

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Today Sunday August 15 is the solemnity of the Assumption, when Our Lady was assumed body and soul into heaven. Dr. Mike Foley returns with a reflection on today’s propers:

Blessing of Herbs and Fruits & Potluck today after 12:30pm Latin Mass (St. Ann)

For the feast of the Assumption, there is an ancient custom to bless herbs and fruit on St. Mary’s Day. As such, Father has kindly agreed to bless herbs and fruits using the traditional Latin blessing after the 12:30pm Mass at St. Ann. Please bring any herbs and fruits you would like to have blessed to a table in the narthex (Please place items to be blessed on the table in the narthex prior to Mass beginning). Also we will be having a fruit themed potluck to commemorate the day and will have tables in the plaza where you can place your fruit.  We will have a table in the narthex for items to be blessed.

Also regretfully, St. Ann will not be hosting the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe this weekend – please stay tuned for when it is rescheduled.

Worldwide Consecration to the Immaculate Heart – Sunday after 12:30pm Mass

There is a worldwide effort to have all Latin Mass faithful consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the feast of the Assumption. Fr. Reid has kindly agreed to have this offered after the 12:30pm Mass (we believe this will occur after the 33-day consecration prayer is finished).  To learn more visit: 

FSSP Day of Recollection for Men and Women (Raleigh) – August 21-22

A lay group near Raleigh has invited the Fraternity of St. Peter, a religious order that offers the Latin Mass exclusively, to visit and offer a day of recollection for both men and women. See attached flyer. To RSVP please contact Annette Robbins at 516-315-9891.

  • Saturday August 21: 11am Traditional Latin Mass; 12:30pm lunch; 1:30pm women’s recollection; 2:45pm Confessions; 4pm men’s recollection
  • Sunday August 22: 2pm intro talk on the Traditional Latin Mass; 2:15pm Solemn High Mass; 4pm fellowship dinner
  • Location: St. Catherine of Sienna Parish, Wake Forest, NC (northeast of Raleigh) 520 West Holding Avenue, Wake Forest, North Carolina 27587

It will feature Fr. Zachary Akers, FSSP (whom some may recall visited us at St. Ann parish four years ago this month).

Mass of Ages Premieres TONIGHT 8pm EDT: 

The new landmark and groundbreaking documentary on the Traditional Latin Mass premieres tonight at 8pm. You can view the first installment at the documentary’s Youtube page:

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Eucharistic Concelebration: Theological, Historical, and Liturgical Aspects” — Guest Article by Bishop Athanasius Schneider: A few years ago we shared a talk by a Fraternity of St. Peter priest which looked into the pseudo traditional origins of today’s “concelebrated” Novus Ordo Mass. This month we are pleased to provide a masterpiece article by His Excellency Bishop Athanasius Schneider who provides even further background the origins of the “concelebrated” Mass, and where it was appropriate and under what conditions (and when it is not):
  • Get Ready Ethical COVID-19 Vaccines Are Probably Not Coming: This news, if true, should come as no surprise to traditionalists, from a spiritual level. A Church which refuses to wage war against immoral research companies that conduct heinous experiments on aborted babies to advance “medical progress” such as COVID-19 “vaccines, and instead encourages faithful to get abortion-linked COVID-19 vaccines, cannot expect or hope that ethical vaccines will be produced anytime soon:
  • Bl. Franz Jägerstätter: model for COVID-vaccine conscientious objectors: On an inspiring note, Catholics who are looking for an intercessor against the COVID-19 vaccine mandates have a couple names to choose from. First is St. Maximillian Kolbe, who died in Auschwitz after being injected with a toxin (his date of death and modern feast day was yesterday). Secondly, as Hugh Owen from the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation explains in this new article, another intercessor is Bl. Franz Jägerstätter, a conscientious objector from the Nazi army.  We provide an excerpt and note the eerie similarities to today:

    Although Pope Pius XII protested the evils of the Nazi regime, all the Church leaders with whom Blessed Franz had personal contact, including his own Bishop, told him that it was his duty to obey the civil authorities and to serve as a combatant in the Nazi army. He was told that “the lesser evil” of cooperation with the Nazi regime was justified to avoid the “greater evil” of abandoning his wife and children and allowing “Bolshevism” to spread.  Today, in most of the dioceses of the western world, Catholics are told that it is their duty to receive the experimental Covid-vaccines to help halt the spread of the coronavirus for the common good.  With few exceptions, the Bishops tell the faithful that the “lesser evil” of taking a vaccine derived from or tested on [cell lines derived from] the body of a murdered baby is justified to avoid the “greater evil” of allowing the Coronavirus to spread and inflict suffering and death on many of their fellow citizens.  However, with reasoning reminiscent of Blessed Franz in his refusal to cooperate with the Nazi regime, Bishop Athanasius Schneider explains why the alleged benefits do not justify the use of vaccines derived from or tested on aborted babies…

CLMC Note: In November 2019 we co-sponsored a landmark seminar with Hugh Owen & the Kolbe Center on Evolution & the Culture of Death (the roots of today’s abortion movement) which examined how molecules-to-man evolution and Darwinism has infected nearly everything in today’s society from healthcare, science, theology, education, liturgy and led to the modern abortion holocaust. Today’s public health authorities (and the Church leaders sadly duped by them) who are pushing for mandatory vaccinations derived from aborted babies are just the latest iteration of an evolutionist-eugenics movement that places pseudo-science as its own religion above God Himself.  The true “vaccine” to evolutionist errors, is the traditional doctrine of creation outlined by the Catholic Church. If you have not watched our conference, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible:

Blessed Franz Jägerstätter, pray for us!

The Assumption of the Blessed Mother

Lastly, on this august feast day of Mary’s Mass, tradition holds that all the apostles except one were present at her dormition (when she passed asleep into eternal life).  St. Thomas the Apostle, however was traveling back from India and was transported or bi-located to Jerusalem. When he arrived, Our Lady’s body was removed from the place of dormition (near the upper room) and placed in a tomb next to the Garden of Gethsemane. When St. Thomas went to pay his respects, the tomb was opened and Our Lady’s body was gone and in its place were left flowers and lilies. To learn more visit:

In Jerusalem, the Church marks two places for Our Lady’s passage into eternal life:

Today is Marymass, what Mass are you attending for Our Lady today?

11th Sunday After Pentecost

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Today is the 11th Sunday of Pentecost and as custom we provide Dr. Mike Foley’s commentary on this Sunday’s Collect:

Additionally, in the Traditional Rite, today (if not a Sunday), would be the feast of St. John Vianney, patron of parish priests. In your Mass intentions, you may wish to pray specifically for one’s pastor and our good bishop, H.E. Peter Jugis. You can learn more about this great Confessor in Dom Prosper’s, The Liturgical Year:

Vaccine Mandates and Religious Exemptions

We are starting to receive inquiries from CLMC families worried about the looming vaccine mandates. Many corporate employers, including NC hospitals, have seemingly fixed their wills on mandating immoral COVID-19 abortion-linked vaccines (an issue we covered in-depth in January).  Traditionally, the Catholic Church teaching has clearly stated that as a rule vaccines and other medical treatments are always voluntary, and never mandatory.  An individual has a right to discern with an informed conscience whether or not to accept any medical treatment such as vaccines. As such, vaccine mandates are against the moral law, and Catholics indeed have a right for a religious exemption – and let no one be deceived on this truth (Romans 16:17).  

In fact, the National Catholic Bioethics Center has published a helpful letter (endorsed by the Colorado Bishops) that pastors could sign on behalf of a parishioner, which could accompany one’s religious exemption request.

Fasts and Feasts for August

As we’ve noted before, the Roman Rite (e.g. the Traditional Latin Mass) has days fasting and penance the day prior to major feast days (Christmas Eve, Vigil of Pentecost, etc.).  This month we have two important feast days with vigils and they are to occur over the next week. These days of penance are now optional but considering the turbulence occurring in the world and in the Church, one may consider taking up these penitential days again for the sanctification of the Church and the world.

  • Monday August 9 – Vigil of St. Lawrence the Martyr (voluntary day fasting and partial abstinence – meat permitted at only one meal)
  • Tuesday August 10 – Feast of St. Lawrence the Martyr
  • Saturday August 14 – Vigil of the Assumption (voluntary day of fasting and partial abstinence – meat permitted at only one meal)
  • Sunday August 15 – Feast of the Assumption

Regretfully there are no diocesan Latin Masses scheduled for Monday, Tuesday or Saturday in Charlotte – if we hear otherwise we will let you know.

The Tears of St. Lawrence Meteor Shower: St. Lawrence’s feast day is an important feast day and there is a special meteor shower that occurs around his feast day and bears his name. To learn more and how to view it visit:  (Another meteor shower also is tied to St. Lucy’s feast day of December 13)

Other feasts this week: Wednesday August the 11th is the feast of St. Philomena, the Wonderworker and Martyr. Sadly her feast day was removed in 1960, but since many in our community has a devotion to her, there is nothing preventing us from attending a Latin Mass this day and praying for her feast day to be restored. To learn more please visit her shrine and gift shop at:

Defending Church Teaching at Charlotte City Council Tomorrow Monday August 9 at 5pm

Last week we mentioned that Fr. Peter Ascik (pastor at St. Mary’s in Shelby) is leading an effort to oppose Charlotte City Council’s proposed non-discrimination ordinance which gives special protections to “sexual orientation” and “gender identify”. And to add to the city’s “kindness”, they updated the ordinance to provide no exemptions for religious institution (i.e. Parishes can be forced to comply with this new ordinance). To defend Church teaching, Fr. Ascik is inviting all Catholics in the area express opposition to this ordinance. One can do so by the following:

  • Please consider attending and/or signing up to speak at the August 9 City Council meeting, when a vote on the proposed ordinance will be held. Members of the public can speak for 2-3 minutes at the beginning of the meeting. One can also attend as an observer (signup is only required for speaking).

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Ad Te Levavi – A Hint of Violet in Summer Green: The Fraternity of St. Peter daily digest provides an interesting note about the Offertory text from last Sunday’s Mass (which was used again on non-feast days this past week) is also used during Advent and Lent, and serves as a reorientation point, that just as the summer season is beginning  a “slow windown” so too is our chance for repentance, for the end of the liturgical year (which represents the end of the world) is slowly approaching:
  • Benedictus Weekly “Missal” Is Now Available: Last March we promoted a new publication called Benedictus, which is a weekly Latin Mass missal, similar to the Magnificat daily in the Novus Ordo. Benedictus contains the propers for each day in chronological order (no flipping around like the full missals) and also contain reflection and beautiful sacred art. It’s helpful especially for newcomers to the Latin Mass. To learn more visit:
  • Mass of Ages Latin Mass Documentary Trailer is Released Ahead of World Premiere: Mass of Ages is a groundbreaking documentary on the Traditional Latin Mass that will hope to convert many non-Latin Mass attendees to the Traditional Latin Mass. The movie will premiere online next Sunday August 15 at 8pm.  However, the producers have just released the trailer which can you view here:

Lastly, as noted above, the documentary, Mass of Ages, a documentary two years in the making, is now being released on the feast of the Assumption, at perhaps the most pivotal time in the history of this Mass of Ages or the Traditional Latin Mass. Some are worried or anxious about what the future holds for the Mass in this new era.  But if this Mass of Ages, growing out of the catacombs and the chaos of the fall of the Rome, nourishing the Spanish Reconquista who fought a 700 year old war to liberate the Iberian peninsula against militant Islam, converting a new world, battling protestant heretics while being renewed in the Tridentine era, and surviving the French, Russian, and liturgical revolutions with new vigor, is the Mass of Ages truly going away? Instead, will we not join with the numerous saints, pious priests, holy bishops, and fervent faithful to defend the Mass of Ages at this critical hour?  

If the answer is yes, then what Mass are you attending on Sunday?

Tenth Sunday After Pentecost (Feast of the Holy Maccabees)

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday is the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost, and the Church moves on from last Sunday’s meditation on the destruction of the Temple to now unveiling herself to all the nations with the new sacrifice offer by Christ, as Dom Prosper Gueranger writes in his book, The Liturgical Year:

The considerateness wherewith the Church had, so far, treated the Synagogue, would henceforward be unmeaning. As the beautiful queen and bride, she is now at full liberty to show herself to all the nations, subdue their wild instincts by the power of the Spirit, unify them in Christ Jesus, and put them by faith into the substantial, though not visible, possession of those eternal realities which had been foreshadowed by the Law of types and figures.

1st Sunday Latin Mass at Sacred Heart parish – Sunday August 1st

This Sunday is also 1st Sunday, and there will be a 3pm Low Mass offered by Fr. Noah Carter at Sacred Heart parish in Salisbury. Confessions will be offered at 2:15pm. For more information visit:

Feast of the Transfiguration

Friday is an important (though overlooked) feast day of Our Lord, the Transfiguration, when Our Lord’s countenance was transfigured on Mt. Tabor with Ss. Peter, James, and John. The diocesan Masses for this day in Charlotte metro will be 7:00am at St. Ann, and 12:30pm at St. Mark.

Upcoming August Feast Days

  • Today August 1: Feast of the Holy Maccabees (see below)
  • Monday August 9: Vigil of St. Lawrence the Martyr (traditionally a day of fasting/partial abstinence before a big feast day)
  • Tuesday August 10: Feast of St. Lawrence the Martyr
  • Saturday August 14: Vigil of the Assumption (traditionally a day of fasting/partial abstinence before the feast day)
  • Sunday August 15: Feast of the Assumption

Novena Prayer to St. Philomena Begins Tomorrow (Monday August 2 – 10: Feast day August 11)

Our community has found much favor and intercession with St. Philomena. Although she was removed (perhaps unjustly) from the calendar in 1960, her feast day remains next week August 11. We invite you to join us in a novena in thanksgiving for her intercession and continued favors (prayer also attached): 

Hail, O illustrious St. Philomena, who shed so courageously your blood for Christ! I bless the Lord for all the graces He has bestowed upon thee during thy life, and especially at thy death. I praise and glorify Him for the honor and power with which He has crowned thee, and I beg thee to obtain for me from God the graces I ask through thy intercession. Amen.

(for PDF of prayer, click here)

FSSP Day of Recollection for Men and Women (Raleigh) – August 21-22

A lay group near Raleigh has invited the Fraternity of St. Peter, a religious order that offers the Latin Mass exclusively, to visit and offer a day of recollection for both men and women. See attached flyer.

  • Saturday August 21: 11am Traditional Latin Mass; 12:30pm lunch; 1:30pm women’s recollection; 2:45pm Confessions; 4pm men’s recollection
  • Sunday August 22: 2pm intro talk on the Traditional Latin Mass; 2:15pm Solemn High Mass; 4pm fellowship dinner
  • Location: St. Catherine of Sienna Parish, Wake Forest, NC (northeast of Raleigh) 520 West Holding Avenue, Wake Forest, North Carolina 27587

It will feature Fr. Zachary Akers, FSSP (whom some may recall visited us at St. Ann parish four years ago this month).

Latin Mass & Traditional (i.e. “True Church”) News

  • Charlotte City Council to consider anti-Catholic non-discrimination ordinance this week: Tomorrow, Monday August 2nd Charlotte City Council will be considering a bill that would declare “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” as protected classes, and anyone or business (or St. Ann parish?) that declines to honor these ideologies could run afoul with the “law”. The CLMC has often lamented, thanks to modernism, the absence of the Catholic faith in the public square. Thankfully Fr. Peter Ascik (pastor of St. Mary’s in Shelby) is trying to reverse that in this ordinance debate. He is calling on Catholics to either attend the August 2nd or 9th meeting from 5-8pm (he will be at it tomorrow) or to express their opposition online to the City Council. To learn more, please visit the Catholic pro-life group, C-PLAN’s website for Fr. Ascik’s message and information:
  • It’s Time to Imitate Our Forefathers: Never Give Up!: Dr. Peter Kwasniewski writes an instructive and inspiring essay (Part I of II) on how younger traditionalists need to learn the history of the Latin Mass movement of the 1960 – 2007, and how the earlier generation of traditionalists fought an uphill battle to get the Latin Mass restored:

Feast of the Holy Maccabees – August 1st

Speaking of continuing the battle for liturgical restoration, the second commemoration of August 1st is another often overlooked feast day, that of the Holy Maccabees – the only Old Testament saints listed in the universal 1962 calendar (The Traditional Carmelites actually commemorate another Old Testament “saint”, the Prophet Elijah on July 20.) These seven holy Maccabee brothers were martyred defending the rights of God and for His public worship in a pagan culture. Their relics are buried in the same church that houses the chains of St. Peter. For more on the liturgical aspects of this feast day visit:

It’s also a good time to be thankful for the many of the modern day Maccabees in the Church (some, like Michael Davies, have passed on to their eternal reward) who in the dark/confusing liturgical days of the 1970s and 1980s defended, sacrificed and suffered for the Traditional Mass when most in the Church were opposed to it. Yet their perseverance through the years (1971 Agatha Christie indult, 1984 Quattuor Abhinc Annos indult, 1988 Ecclesiae Dei Motu Proprio, and 2007 Summorum Pontificum Motu Proprio), has enabled us to benefit from their sacrifices here in Charlotte each Sunday and on select weekdays, and have prepared us for any uphill battles in this new phase for the Latin Mass’s full restoration. 

The Maccabean saints give us much to reflect on as a religious persecution is shadowing over many faithful today – both inside and outside the Church as we see in the Charlotte City Council’s ordinance above – and yet the actions of the Maccabees only help increase our faith.  Here are some select commentaries on the Maccabees:

Dom Prosper Gueranger writes:

The sacred cause of which they were the champions, their strength of soul under the tortures, their sublime answers to the executioners, were so evidently the type reproduced by the later Martyrs, that the Fathers of the first centuries with one accord claimed for the Christian Church these heroes of the synagogue, who could have gained such courage from no other source than their faith in the Christ to come. For this reason they alone of all the holy persons of the ancient covenant have found a place on the Christian cycle; all the Martyrologies and Calendars of East and West attest the universality of their cultus, while its antiquity is such as to rival that of St. Peter’s chains in that same basilica of Eudoxia where their precious relics lie.

Their faith is also echoed in a sermon given by New York priest, Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinskas, Ph.D, S.T.D. in 2017:

First, we see how important it is to fight against assimilation into a pagan culture. Initially, the Jews of that time were subjected to a “soft” persecution, which offered them rewards for abandoning the traditions of their fathers (for example, circumcision and refusal to eat pork). When that didn’t work, “hard” persecution ensued. Don’t we find the same modus operandi today? How many would-be Catholic politicians have sold their Catholic souls for acceptability in a political party of death, which also promotes a vision of marriage inimical to both the natural law and divine revelation? How many Catholics work in offices and public service in this city yet are completely unknown as Catholics since their lifestyle blends in seamlessly with that of the secular culture (or anti-culture)? In effect, they are content to be crypto-Catholics, even though Our Lord commanded us: “What you hear whispered, proclaim from the housetops” (Mt 10:27).

What Mass are you willing to defend this Sunday? Holy Maccabees, pray for us!