Daily Mass cancellations

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We just wanted to alert everyone that the normal Friday Latin Mass at St. Mark parish remains on hiatus until Eucharistic Adoration returns to the adoration chapel.

Additionally, the normal Thursday morning Mass at St. Michael parish is also on hiatus for the time being.

Lastly, with the seminary semester being done for the summer, the 7am Wednesday Latin Mass is discontinued.

Ascension Update II

Christus Resurréxit!  Welcome back!  It has been so great being back at Mass this last week. We have a few items and announcements to share.

  1. Litany of the Precious Blood:  In talking with Father Reid recently about the recent Survey to Bishops sent out by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome.  Father made the suggestion for us all to pray the Litany of the Precious Blood daily in thanksgiving for- and protection of our regular Latin Masses at St. Ann’s.  There is great power in this Litany and more so when it is prayed in community.  In keeping, let’s join together and pray this prayer from now until July 31st when the Survey responses are due.   https://www.fisheaters.com/litanypreciousblood.html
  1. Looking for a few chivalrous gentlemen: Today at Mass, there were a few dozen people who showed up after the maximum allowable number of people arrived and had to attend Mass outdoors in the heat.  Next Sunday, if we run into this situation again, can we please have some young men who have seats inside the air conditioned church, voluntarily come out and offer your seat to one of these more vulnerable parishioners? The ushers can help identify someone if needed.

Sunday After Ascension

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  Tomorrow, Sunday May 24 many parishes are resuming a normal schedule.  St. Ann will having its normal 12:30pm Latin Mass tomorrow – with social distancing. Some may be asked stay outside the main church if it reaches capacity. You can read more details below.

St. Ann will also be live streaming at: www.facebook.com/StAnnCharlotte

Other diocesan parishes that offer Sunday Latin Masses may have different policies for attendance, so please check the specific parish website for details.

Other Latin Mass news

French traditionalists team up to restore Masses in France: https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2020/05/traditional-catholics-get-french.html

Sunday May 24 is also the worldwide day of prayer for the Chinese Catholics. Please keep the Chinese Catholics in your prayers this day. The Cardinal Kung Foundation, which supports the underground Chinese Church has a good newsletter this month providing an update the situation there.  Additionally, Cardinal Kung himself offered the Latin Mass after he was exiled to the U.S. in the 1980s and we enclose a link also to Cardinal Burke’s homily at Solemn Requiem Mass for the 20th anniversary of Cardinal Kung’s passing this past March.

Our Lady of Sheshan, pray for us and the Chinese Catholics!

Ascension Thursday Latin Masses

Christus Resurréxit and blessed Rogationtide greetings! This Monday – Wednesday is Rogationtide, formerly a 3 day period in the Traditional calendar which implores God’s aid against calamities and for a good harvest. The Fraternity of St. Peter has a nice reflection for today: https://fssp.com/rogation-monday-st-ambroses-lessons-from-the-roman-breviary/

We have several public Masses to share, but first wanted to thank Fr. Reid for his courage to resuming the Sunday Latin Mass. Please offer prayers for him this week.

As the temporary 2-week injunction allows public Masses to resume this week, many parishes are resuming a normal schedule. Please check parish websites for additional information as things can change. Of particular note will be the Ascension Day Latin Mass at St. Ann parish week.

Wednesday May 20 – Vigil of the Ascension/Rogation Day

St. Ann, 6pm (Low)

St. Thomas Aquinas, 7pm (High) (updated)

Thursday May 21 – Feast of the Ascension

St. Ann, 11am (Low) – (this will be the only Latin Mass at St. Ann for Ascension)

St. Elizabeth in Boone, 12 noon (2 hours northwest of Charlotte)

Our Lady of Grace in Greensboro, 7pm (Solemn High Mass), (2 hours north of Charlotte)

Friday May 22 – Feria after Ascension

St. Ann, 7am (Low)

(St. Mark will not have a Latin Mass this week due to adoration being in the main Church)


Public Latin Mass resumes tomorrow at St. Ann

Christus Resurréxit! After a long 2 month exile, we are very pleased to share that St. Ann parish is resuming its normal public Sunday Traditional Latin Mass TOMORROW Sunday May 17.

Earlier today a federal judge temporarily blocked the Governor Cooper’s restrictions on limits inside churches, allowing for parishes to resume normal Masses. At the end of this message is a full explanation sent by Fr. Reid. We invite you to read all of it. A quick summary is:

  • Normal 12:30pm Traditional Latin Mass resumes tomorrow Sunday May 17 inside the church – no attendance restrictions
  • The main distinction is social distancing of 6’ to be observed by families in the pews
  • Arrive early as it may take time to queue people into the pews
  • If the church fills some may be asked to stay outside in the plaza for Mass (you can hear via speakers) – Holy Communion will be distributed to attendees inside or out
  • If you are sick/vulnerable please stay at home

Mass will still be live streamed at 12:30pm: www.facebook.com/StAnnCharlotte and the dispensation to attend Sunday Mass remains in effect, so Mass is not obligatory tomorrow.

Please keep Fr. Reid & the parish staff in your prayers this evening and tomorrow. No doubt it was a joyful but also challenging decision to re-open on such short notice.  Please read the full e-mail from Fr. Reid for all details.

Supporting St. Ann: Also don’t forget to tithe to the parish during this time so it can continue its operations and minister to its parishioners & community: https://www.stanncharlotte.org/home/giving/

Rogationtide update: Lastly, we note that this Monday – Wednesday are the Minor Rogation days in the Traditional Calendar. It is a 3 day period before the Ascension where the Church asks God for assistance for catastrophes. It’s filled with beautiful processions and tradition, we encourage you to read this great article by Dr. Michael Foley:


Our Lady of Fatima – May 13

Laudetur Iesus Christus! The waning hours of today, May 13, is the 103rd anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima’s first appearance to the children in the Cova de Iria, Portugal in 1917. As many of our readers have an interest in Fatima, and the 1st Saturday devotion, we wanted to share the latest reflection and excerpt by Bishop Athanasius Schneider:

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: “The devotion to Our Lady of Fatima in times of tribulation”:

However, all devotees of Our Lady of Fatima can and should organize themselves to make a spiritual pilgrimage to the Shrine of Fátima. Such a spiritual pilgrimage can be made according to the conditions and possibilities of each one. The pilgrimage can be made individually, or at a family gathering, or in a group of the faithful gathered together in a house, as it was in the days of the catacombs or communist persecution, e.g. in the Soviet Union or in China today or in other countries.

A holy hour of prayer can be held in honor of Our Lady of Fatima in front of her image, praying the Rosary, this year especially for the end of the world health dictatorship, the full freedom of worship, the preservation of the apocalyptic ills of slavery from forced vaccination and mandatory “chipization”.

A special intention can also be the perfect consecration of Russia as requested by Our Lady, because only from such a perfect consecration will the true conversion of Russia come and humanity will be given a time of peace. Another important intention would be to relieve the horrendous sacrileges against the Most Holy Eucharist, perpetrated in the last decades within the Church, through unworthy Communions and the trivialization of the Communion rite. The most important intention, however, is for the triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

Read the Bishop’s full reflection click here: https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2020/05/bishop-athanasius-schneider-devotion-to.html

The Consecration of Russia

There continues to be debate in the broader Catholic world about whether Russia has been consecrated by a Pope (or not). In traditional Catholic circles, there has always been a general consensus that the consecration has not yet occurred. In 2017, like Bishop Schneider, Cardinal Burke himself called for a renewed consecration to Russia:


Additionally, the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation (which the CLMC helped co-sponsor their event last November), released an article this past week mentioning why a general consecration to the world may not fulfill Our Lord’s wishes. It’s the difference between consecrating a neighborhood vs. one’s house. Distinctions matter.


An American President mentions Fatima?

To end on a lighter note, we also post an interesting video from May 9, 1985, in which President Ronald Reagan spoke before the Portuguese Assembly on his European trip. In his speech, President Reagan actually acknowledges the Fatima apparition, its message, and the children. https://youtu.be/sYm_knZWt9Q?t=1204  (Incidentally this is discussed more indepth in Paul Kegnor’s book, A Pope & A President).

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

Blessed Mother’s Day

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  Greetings and may all mothers enjoy a blessed Mother’s Day today.

The month of May is devoted to Our Lady and which traditionally begins with the May crowning. This tradition honors the fact that God has restored the Davidic Kingdom, with Jesus as the Christ (Anointed One) — and Jesus’s Mother — Our Mother — as its Queen Mother.

… An excerpt from Fish Eaters:

The King of Kings requires a Queen, and in Israel, it is the King’s Mother who sits on the throne and exerts power as “The Great Lady” (“gebirah” or “gevirah,” as this position is known in Hebrew). Just as Bethsabee (Bathsheba), the mother of King Solomon, acted as intercessor for the people of Israel, Our Lady acts as intercessor for us with the King of Kings:

III Kings 2:19-20

Then Bethsabee came to king Solomon, to speak to him for Adonias: and the king arose to meet her, and bowed to her, and sat down upon his throne: and a throne was set for the king’s mother, and she sat on his right hand. And she said to him: I desire one small petition of thee, do not put me to confusion. And the king said to her: My mother, ask: for I must not turn away thy face.

Psalm 44, which prophesied Our Lord, speaks of the Queen at His right hand, one whose name will be remembered “throughout all generations”:

Unto the end, for them that shall be changed, for the sons of Core, for understanding. A canticle for the Beloved. My heart hath uttered a good word I speak my works to the king; My tongue is the pen of a scrivener that writeth swiftly. Thou art beautiful above the sons of men: grace is poured abroad in thy lips; therefore hath God blessed thee for ever. Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, O thou most mighty. With thy comeliness and thy beauty set out, proceed prosperously, and reign. Because of truth and meekness and justice: and thy right hand shall conduct thee wonderfully. Thy arrows are sharp: under thee shall people fall, into the hearts of the king’s enemies. Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: the sceptre of thy kingdom is a sceptre of uprightness. Thou hast loved justice, and hated iniquity: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows. Myrrh and stacte and cassia perfume thy garments, from the ivory houses: out of which the daughters of kings have delighted thee in thy glory.

The queen stood on thy right hand, in gilded clothing; surrounded with variety. Hearken, O daughter, and see, and incline thy ear: and forget thy people and thy father’s house. And the king shall greatly desire thy beauty; for he is the Lord thy God, and him they shall adore. And the daughters of Tyre with gifts, yea, all the rich among the people, shall entreat thy countenance. All the glory of the king’s daughter is within in golden borders, Clothed round about with varieties. After her shall virgins be brought to the king: her neighbours shall be brought to thee. They shall be brought with gladness and rejoicing: they shall be brought into the temple of the king. Instead of thy fathers, sons are born to thee: thou shalt make them princes over all the earth. They shall remember thy name throughout all generations. Therefore shall people praise thee for ever; yea, for ever and ever.

Mary evokes this Psalm in her response to St. Gabriel’s Annunciation to her:

Luke 1:46-48

And Mary said: My soul doth magnify the Lord. And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. Because he hath regarded the humility of his handmaid; for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.

St. John’s Apocalypse reveals that he saw Our Lady crowned with stars, one for each of the twelve tribes and the twelve Apostles. St. John saw her as Queen in Heaven, the mother of the one who was to “rule all nations”:

Apocalypse 12:1-5

And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars: And being with child, she cried travailing in birth, and was in pain to be delivered. And there was seen another sign in heaven: and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads, and ten horns: and on his head seven diadems: And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to be delivered; that, when she should be delivered, he might devour her son. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with an iron rod: and her son was taken up to God, and to his throne.

Call on Our Queen to intercede for you with her Divine Son! The Salve Regina (Hail Holy Queen) prayer is perfect for the day:

Hail holy Queen, mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness, and our hope. To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve. To thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn then, most gracious Advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us. And after this our exile show unto us the blessed Fruit of thy womb, Jesus. O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary. Amen.

Latin Version:

Salve, Regina, mater misericordiae: vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, salve. Ad te clamamus exsules filii Hevae. Ad te suspiramus, gementes et flentes in hac lacrimarum valle. Eia, ergo, advocata nostra, illos tuos misericordes oculos ad nos converte. Et Iesum, benedictum fructum ventris tui, nobis post hoc exsilium ostende. O clemens, O pia, O dulcis Virgo Maria. Amen.

4th Sunday after Easter

Christus Resurréxit! We have a few updates to share on the 4th Sunday after Easter.

Latin Mass Updates

St. Ann to live stream Sunday’s 12:30pm Traditional Latin Mass: St. Ann will again live stream the 12:30pm Latin Mass this Sunday May 10th. www.facebook.com/StAnnCharlotte (You don’t need an account to view)

Supporting St. Ann: Also don’t forget to tithe to the parish during this time so it can continue its operations and minister to its parishioners & community: https://www.stanncharlotte.org/home/giving/

Traditional Confirmation to be held July 12, 2020: Fr. Reid announced in last Sunday’s bulletin that traditional sacrament of Confirmation will be administered on Sunday July 12 at 12:30pm (Sunday Latin Mass). All Easter Vigil confirmation candidates are also encouraged to be confirmed on this date.  Please contact the parish if you have a child ready to be confirmed.

Farewell to the Seminarians: It’s hard to believe but several of the seminarians of the first & second class are now graduating and heading off to major seminary. The graduates are, Matthew Dimock, Jr., Christian Goduti, Matthew Harrison, Kevin Martinez, and Jose Palma. This is a mixed blessing as they were helpful in liturgically supporting the Latin Mass, and especially the Triduum this year. Please offer prayers for them.  They will graduate next weekend and Belmont Abbey College may live stream the graduation. The Seminary hopes to have a public farewell reception sometime after restrictions are lifted.  You can learn more about these fine graduates here: https://stjosephcollegeseminary.org/

As Fr. Reid noted in last week’s bulletin, this graduation isn’t the only change – with the new seminary built, the seminarians will be moving to Mt. Holly permanently, so St. Ann’s may be a little quieter from now on (should things resume). Hopefully we will still be able to see them in the future.

Other Latin Mass News

Communion on the tongue is a right of the faithful: As some public Masses resume under heavy restrictions, some Bishops and priests in other dioceses are again trying to forbid Communion on the tongue even though it’s probably more hygienically safer than (and 100% more respectful to Our Blessed Lord than receiving on the hand). This thankfully doesn’t apply to the Traditional Latin Mass where Communion on the tongue is the law. If these illegal restrictions against Communion on the tongue concern you, then we encourage you to begin attending the Traditional Mass once it’s made available again.  Here is a letter from the Vatican in 2009 stating the faithful have a right to receive Holy Communion on the tongue: https://charlottelatinmass.files.wordpress.com/2020/03/cdw-july-24-2009-letter.pdf

Cardinal Sarah – Don’t get used to online Masses: https://newdailycompass.com/en/sarah-profanities-have-to-stop-the-eucharist-isnt-negotiable

Evolution – foundation for modern secular science: Just as a reminder, last fall the CLMC co-sponsored a seminar with the Carolina Pro-Life Action Network (C-PLAN) last November which examines the shortfalls of evolutionary theory (which heavily influences modern science & medicine), its ties to the culture of death, and how the traditional doctrine of creation is key toward an understanding of authentic science which supports Catholic teaching: https://sensusfidelium.us/evolution-the-culture-of-death-unmasking-the-roots-of-todays-abortion-movement/

TAN Books videos: TAN books which is run by a St. Ann parishioner (and employs others) has having some great podcast videos about the traditional faith, and the Latin Mass. Here is the video page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdtXgTytr5FLwrnpgcXHD4A/videos  Of note are:


Christus Resurréxit! Greetings on the ancient feasts of the apparition of St. Michael the Archangel and Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces.

As an addendum to yesterday’s post we are pleased to share that several Cardinals, Bishops, priests and theologians have signed a letter to the governments of the world regarding the persecution of Christians worldwide during the pandemic. It was signed by Cardinal Joseph Zen, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, and Texas Bishop Joseph Strickland (among many others).

This is a historic letter which dovetails our e-mail yesterday about the importance of the doctrine of the Social Kingship of Christ. This letter makes some key points:

  • Finally, as Pastors responsible for the flock of Christ, let us remember that the Church firmly asserts her autonomy to govern, worship, and teach.
  • For this reason, as Pastors we firmly assert the right to decide autonomously on the celebration of Mass and the Sacraments, just as we claim absolute autonomy in matters falling within our immediate jurisdiction, such as liturgical norms and ways of administering Communion and the Sacraments.
  • The State has no right to interfere, for any reason whatsoever, in the sovereignty of the Church.

This clear-cut statement accurately sums up the traditional teaching of the Social Kingship of Christ. This teaching is all the authority any Bishop needs to restore public Masses.

Do you miss the Traditional Latin Mass? So do we.