For Columbus is Ours: October 12, 1492

Laudetur Iesus Christus and Happy Columbus Day! Today, October 12 is the 527th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World.

Over 125 years ago, Pope Leo XIII decreed that a votive Mass of the Holy Trinity be offered today in thanksgiving for Columbus’ discovery and bringing the Catholic faith to this hemisphere.  Commending Columbus, Pope Leo XIII wrote in his 1892 encyclical:

For Columbus is ours; since if a little consideration be given to the particular reason of his design in exploring the mare tenebrosum, and also the manner in which he endeavoured to execute the design, it is indubitable that the Catholic faith was the strongest motive for the inception and prosecution of the design; so that for this reason also the whole human race owes not a little to the Church.  – Quarto Abeunte Saeculo, 1892

We decree, therefore, that on October 12, or on the following Sunday, if the Ordinary should prefer it, in all the Cathedral churches and convent chapels throughout Spain, Italy, and the two Americas, after the office of the day there shall be celebrated a Solemn Mass of the Most Holy Trinity…  Quarto Abeunte Saeculo, 1892

In recent times, Columbus and his legacy has been unnecessarily criticized through lies and falsehoods.  But as Servant of God, Fr. John Hardon, SJ observed in his book “Christopher Columbus: The Catholic Discovery of America”, Columbus had a deep faith for Christ and expressed it in many of his writings. Fr. Hardon provides several examples from Columbus’ log:

As is our custom, Vespers were said in the late afternoon, and a special thanksgiving was offered to God for giving us renewed hope through the many signs of land He has provided.  I now believe that the light I saw earlier was a sign from God and that it was truly the first positive indication of land.  – October 11, 1492.

I want the natives to develop a friendly attitude towards us because I know they are a people who can be made free and converted to our Holy Catholic Faith, more by love than by force. – October 12, 1492.

For Fr. Hardon, it was clear that the zealous missionary faith of both Columbus (a Third Order Franciscan) and Servant of God Queen Isabella the Catholic (declared in 1974), led them to pursue this mission.  This hunger for souls for Christ may have also been one of the reasons, another Servant of God, Fr. Michael J. McGivney, choose the name Columbus for his new fraternal order, the Knights of Columbus.

For us in Charlotte, we should be thankful for Columbus because less than 50 years after his discovery, a subsequent Spanish expedition led by Hernando De Soto introduced the Catholic faith to the Carolinas in 1540 as he passed near Charlotte with his priests.  As such, we close with Pope Leo XIII:

And, above all, it is fitting that we should confess and celebrate in an especial manner the will and designs of the Eternal Wisdom, under whose guidance the discoverer of the New World placed himself with a devotion so touching. – Quarto Abeunte Saeculo

As some in the Church today struggle with how to minister to indigenous peoples, let the story of Columbus, the Franciscans who followed him, and the North American Jesuit martyrs serve as an example to us all on how to reclaim the Holy Faith that was introduced to these lands five centuries ago and with zeal share it with those who are separated from it or who lack it entirely.


We are pleased to announce that St. Ann and the Charlotte Latin Mass Community will hold the 4th annual Feast of Christ the King Eucharistic Procession on Sunday October 27 after the 12:30pm Latin Mass. Weather permitting we will process around the parish after Mass.

The importance of the Feast

As you may recall, in the traditional calendar, the feast of Christ the King falls on the last Sunday in October, and Eucharistic Processions were common on this feast day shortly after its inception in 1925.  The feast is the celebration of an important Catholic doctrine which emphasizes Christ’s kingship over each nation, and how each nation (and city) must explicitly acknowledge Christ’s kingship and his teachings. Bishop Athanasius Schneider visited us 2 years ago and gave a talk on this doctrine. You can listen to it here:

Invite your favorite royal saints to join us!

We will continue the theme of invoking the aid of saintly king, queens, rulers and statesman who through their office and virtues recognized Christ’s Kingship over their land and peoples. We invite you to bring visual reminders of these saints as we beg them to intercede for our country. Toward that end, we again encourage everyone to bring:

  • Images/icons of their favorite royal saints (see attached list)
  • Statues
  • Flags (coat of arms of the saint, or their royal/kingdom flag)
  • Banners

Saints like:

  • Blessed Karl of Austria
  • St. Louis IX
  • St. Isabel of Portugal
  • St. Fernando of Spain
  • St. Vladimir of Russia/Ukraine
  • St. Thomas More, etc..
  • (Canonized, beatified, or Servant of God)

The Mexican Cristeros and the Vendee martyrs are also included as they proclaimed Christ’s Kingship to their martyrdom.

Catholic national/regional flags are also encouraged (like the Sacred Heart flag of Quebec, or the Kingdom of Jerusalem, Cristeros flag).

If you aren’t sure who are royal saints or what their flags are, please view our list of royal saints:

We hope you can join us – especially for our readers in other cities in region.

¡Vivo Cristo Rey!

Mass cancellations this week

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  Happy feast of St. Bridget of Sweden, mystic, widow, and one of the great saints of Europe. Sensus Fidelium has some great background on her by the great Benedictine liturgist Dom Prosper Gueranger:

With the Diocese’s priests on retreat there are only two Latin Masses currently scheduled this week:

  • Wednesday 7am – Low Mass at St. Ann (offered by Fr. Buetnner)
  • Friday 7am – Low Mass at St. Ann (offered by Fr. Buetnner)

All other Latin Masses at St. Ann, St. Mark, St. Thomas, etc. (and elsewhere) are cancelled this week.

Nation-wide Rosary this Saturday at 12 noon in front of St. Ann parish: There will be a public Rosary offered in front of St. Ann parish this Saturday October 12 at 12 noon. This is part of America Needs Fatima campaign.

Blessed Karl of Austria shrine to be installed in SC – October 20: We are happy to report that Prince of Peace parish in Taylors, SC will be installing a votive shrine to Bl. Karl on Sunday October 20. The installation will happen by the U.S. promoter for Bl. Karl’s canonization, Fr. Bonafice Hicks, OSB, and will occur at a Novus Ordo Mass (10am). Conveniently, the parish offers a Traditional Latin Mass at 12 noon that you can also attend if you choose.  On Monday October 21 (his feast day in the Church), the parish will offer a 12 noon Traditional Latin Mass. One can venerate a 1st class relic of Bl. Karl after Mass. We share this as many CLMC members have a devotion to this saint.

Annual All Souls prayers at Belmont Abbey Cemetery – Sunday November 3rd, 3pm: The month of November is dedicated to All Holy Souls. Please join us on Sunday, November 3 at 3:00 p.m. at Belmont Abbey Cemetery where we will pray for the dead. Fr. Timothy Reid will be leading us in our prayers, and prayer sheets to follow along will be provided.  If you join us, we encourage you to bring “soul cakes” (doughnuts, sweet treats), coffee, or hot chocolate. Thank you! (We organizers will bring trash bags, baby wipes, paper napkins, water bottles, and a folding table.)  Sponsored by the St. Ann Homeschoolers and CLMC.

Let us continue to follow the advice of Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider in praying for the Church (1 decade of the Rosary daily) and fasting weekly.

Early October update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! First, thanks to everyone who attended last weekend’s Respect Life Latin Mass, and our Michaelmas celebration last Sunday. We are also grateful for Frs. Buettner and Reid and Deacon Tonon for the special Solemn High Mass, and the veneration of St. Michael’s relics afterwards.

We have a few updates to share heading into this weekend and next week:

Friday Friday October 4: St. Ann will offer a 7am Low Mass, St. Mark 12:30pm Low Mass

First Saturday October 5: St. Thomas Aquinas will have their normal 10am Latin Mass for 1st Saturday

Sunday – October 6: Sunday is Respect Life Sunday, and St. Ann will host the annual Life Chain after the 12:30pm Latin Mass (from 2-3pm along Park Road).

Sunday October 6: 1st Sunday Latin Mass at 4pm, Sacred Heart parish in Salisbury. Fr. Robert Ferguson FSSP will celebrate a Low Mass.

Priests’ Retreat next week: All diocesan priests will be on retreat next week likely affecting Latin Mass schedules. We will post updates as we receive them.

Saturday October 12, 12 noon Rosary at St. Ann: Many of the Latin Mass families have a devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and as such we are pleased to mention that there is a special Fatima Rosary Rally at noon October 12th in front of St. Ann parish. The event is part of America Needs Fatima’s national campaign.

Weekend reading: A Brief History of Active Participation – Lastly, 1Peter5 posted another home-run article by Sharon Kabel (former member of our community) on the history of the term “active participation” and how it was used to undermine the Traditional Latin Mass in the 1950s and 1960s. What’s impressive in her approach is her historical research – using newspaper articles from that era which quotes various clergy who display a disposition against the Mass of Ages. Great research and read:

(Incidentally, Bishop Athanasius Schneider clarifies what authentic active participation should be:

SAVE THE DATE: Nov. 15-16 – Evolution & the Culture of Death seminar

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Please mark your calendars for a special seminar on November 15-16 at St. Mark parish entitled Evolution & the Culture of Death: Unmasking the Roots of Today’s Abortion Movement. This special 2-day seminar presents the traditional Catholic teaching on creation and unmasks the roots of today’s culture of death.  The event is being organized by St. Mark Respect Life, Carolina Pro-Life Action Network, and featuring the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation. The CLMC will also be supporting the event.

The presentation will be of particular interest to Latin Mass families as it will present the Church’s traditional teaching on creation and the origins of man, as taught by Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. It will also show how cutting edge science is confirming what both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition have taught.

Much of the Traditional Latin Mass, its calendar, traditions, and Douay Rheims Bible translations beautifully present the traditional doctrine of creation from the Ember Days, Rogation Days, to the ancient (Pre-55) Easter Vigil.  The Eastern Rite liturgies and traditions also richly present this doctrine.

The event will be held at St. Mark parish (14740 Stumptown Road, Huntersville). The Friday Mass has not been finalized yet. The Mass on Saturday will be Novus Ordo. Below are the details:


Evolution & The Culture of Death: Unmasking the Roots of Today’s Abortion Movement

November 15-16
St. Mark Catholic Church – Kerin Family Center
14740 Stumptown Road, Huntersville, NC

Friday November 15
6pm Mass*, Seminar 7-9pm
(*6pm Mass – TBD but will be in St. Mark School chapel)

Saturday November 16
9am Mass (Novus Ordo), Seminar 10-4pm

Event is open to ages 12 and up.

Speakers: Hugh Owen and Pamela Acker with the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation


Today’s culture of death permeates all aspects of our society and culture. Many souls are being lost, and innumerable unborn children are being killed by abortion and abortifacient contraception.  In order to roll back the culture of death and restore a culture of life, Catholics must unmask the roots of the abortion movement, which lie in Darwinism and molecules-to-man evolution, and see how it influences today’s culture.

  • Did humans evolve from apes and lesser beings?
  • How did (and still does) evolution influence Planned Parenthood and other advocates of birth control, sterilization, eugenics, and abortion?
  • How is the culture of death linked to evolution?
  • What is the traditional doctrine of creation and how can it help win back fallen away Catholics – especially the youth?
  • Attendees will learn what Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition teach on creation and the origins of man, and how cutting edge science is confirming both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

No cost but a free will offering will be taken: Event includes Friday snacks/refreshments and Saturday light breakfast and pizza lunch.  RSVP is appreciated but not required.  For questions please contact Mike FitzGerald at

The Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation is a Catholic apostolate founded in 2000 to educate the public, especially Catholics on creation and the origins of man. Its work has been endorsed among many including, Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan (who visited us at St. Ann in 2017), and by exorcist/theologian Fr. Chad Ripperger.

To learn more about the event see attached flyer (click on image below) or visit:


Michaelmas update

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  We wanted to thank everyone who helped support our annual Latin Mass “homecoming” celebration and to greet the newcomers to the Latin Mass. Fortunately, we will have another opportunity to greet newcomers this coming Sunday with our special Michaelmas celebration. Here are this week’s updates:

Respect Life Latin Mass this Saturday September 28, 8am – St. Ann:  It’s 4th Saturday and there will be a Respect Life Latin Mass at 8am. After Mass, Fr. will lead people in a Rosary at the new Planned Parenthood abortion facility at 700 S. Torrence Drive, Charlotte (they are still not performing abortions yet thankfully).  There will also be a Holy Hour after Mass for those who cannot travel (final details about the Holy Hour have not been confirmed).

Michaelmas Celebration this Sunday September 29, 12:30pm – St. Ann: Sunday is the Feast of the Dedication of Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel, otherwise known as Michaelmas (Michael’s Mass).  It’s one of a few feast days besides Christmas (Christ’s Mass) to have the “mas” extension  For other feast days with this extension, please read this article: Immediately after Latin Mass, we will venerate the relics of St. Michael the Archangel.

You may ask – how can we have/venerate a relic of an angel? Tradition holds that St. Michael visited a cave in Italy during the 5th century, and sanctified the cave. Thus, the rocks of the cave, have been considered relics. To learn more visit:

Latin Class begins at Cathedral next week: Beginning Thursday, October 3rd, the Cathedral of Saint Patrick (located at 1621 Dilworth Road East) will host a Latin course entitled “Catholic Community Latin Academy.” The course is open to adults and children ages 5 and up. No prior experience with Latin is required. Classes will be held in the Family Life Center on Thursday afternoons from 2:45 – 3:45 pm, and the cost per session is $3 payable at the door. Dr. Nancy E. Llewellyn, Associate Professor of Latin at Belmont Abbey College and St. Joseph College Seminary, will be the instructor with assistance from some of our diocesan college seminarians. All are invited to participate! For more information, please contact Dr. Llewellyn at: nancyllewellyn(at)  A flyer is posted at the bottom of this page.

(N.B. – many of you may remember Fr. Barone gave an excellent talk to the CLMC on the importance of Latin a few years ago. The video is posted on our website here)

Good read for the week: Lastly, Catholic author Dr. Peter Kwasniewski posted an interesting article on 1Peter5 about discernment of priestly vocations and which form to offer (Novus Ordo vs. Latin Mass – which path to choose). Examines pros/cons on which path to choose. You can read it here:


Embertide Update

This week is the autumn Ember Days, a 3 day period (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) during the change of seasons in the traditional calendar of prayer, partial abstinence and fasting (now voluntary) to thank God for His creation and to pray for holiness in the upcoming season. You can learn more about the Ember Days at Sensus Fidelium:

We also have several updates to share:

Ember Week Masses: Tonight 6pm St. Ann, 7pm St. Thomas; Friday 7am St. Ann, 12:30pm St. Mark; Saturday 8am St. Ann (see below).

Solemn High Mass this Saturday September 21 at 8am (St. Ann parish): This Saturday is Ember Saturday, but also the feast of St. Matthew. As such, the priests at St. Joseph Seminary will offer a Solemn High Mass at 8am for this great apostle at 8:00am at St. Ann parish.

Annual Latin Mass Homecoming Sunday September 22nd, 12:30pm (St. Ann): This Sunday is our annual Latin Mass homecoming, where we welcome all newcomers home to the Latin Mass. Mass will a High Mass at 12:30PM followed by a welcome reception in the plaza after Mass. Please consider bringing a desert to share and to great newcomers after Mass.

Feast of St. Michael the Archangel (Michaelmas), Sunday September 29, 12:30pm, St. Ann: Next Sunday September 29th is the Feast of St. Michael (traditionally called Michaelmas). After 12:30pm Latin Mass, we will be venerating a relic of St. Michael the Archangel (yes a relic).  St. Michael appeared in a cave in Italy in the 5th century and sanctified it, and as such the rocks are considered relics. The feast day commemorates the Basilica built on this cave. You can learn more here:

Bishop Athanasius Schneider update: As many of you fondly recall, Bishop Athanasius Schneider visited St. Ann in 2017. Crisis Magazine has a wonderful write up about how he continues to defend the Catholic faith in these confusing days.

Prayer and Fasting campaign Sept 17 – Oct 26: If you haven’t heard, both Bishop Schneider and Cardinal Burke have called for a period of prayer and fasting in the run up to the Amazon synod. They ask the faithful to pray a decade of the Rosary each day and fast once a week for the following intentions: 1) That theological errors/heresies may not be approved during the Synond; and 2) Pope Francis will reject heresy and uphold celibacy for men in the priesthood. Campaign started yesterday but you can join in at any time. You can read the full document here: