Solemn High Latin Mass – Feast of the Sacred Heart June 8

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Thank you to everyone who made it out to the beautiful Solemn High Mass at Corpus Christi yesterday and the Eucharistic procession inside the church.  Our thanks to Frs. Matlak, Reid, and Deacon Tonson for offering/assisting with this beautiful tradition. FYI – St. Ann’s formal outdoor parish Corpus Christi procession will be after the 10:30 AM Novus Ordo Mass this Sunday (before the 12:30pm TLM). All are invited.

Feast of the Sacred Heart – Solemn High Mass, Friday June 8 @ St. Patrick Cathedral

Looking ahead, we have a beautiful event to share on the Feast of the Sacred Heart: On Friday, June 8th at 7 PM, the Cathedral of Saint Patrick will host a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form in honor of the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The choir, under the direction of Dr. Gianfranco DeLuca, will sing the Missa Sine Nomine by Ludovico da Viadana. The Mass will be offered by the Very Rev. Christopher A. Roux, Rector of the Cathedral. All are invited to attend.

Prayer cards for Fr. Cunningham, FSSP

Thanks to everyone who prayed for and watched online Fr. Cunningham’s ordination in Omaha last weekend.  In addition to his 1st Masses in Spartanburg, SC this weekend, we plan to make available prayer cards from his ordination while supplies last. We hope to make the cards available either this Sunday or next (not sure if our CLMC table will be running since many volunteers will be in Spartanburg). Stop by the table to pick one up. His first Mass schedule is here:

10th anniversary of the Latin Mass at St. Ann

Lastly, during his beautiful sermon on the Eucharist yesterday, Fr. Reid noted that May 31 was also another important date – the 10th anniversary of the Latin Mass at St. Ann parish. It was on that day, Saturday May 31, 2008, the Feast of the Visitation that Fr. Reid offered the 1st Latin Mass at St. Ann since Vatican II.

As lay people in the pews we probably don’t have a full appreciation of the efforts and obstacles Father faced (or the other priests who followed him) to learn the Latin Mass when it wasn’t popular to do so, and then to insert it into the parish schedule.  In your charity, would you offer a decade of your Rosary today or this weekend for Fr. Reid? Without him, the Latin Mass would not have been sustained at St. Ann for all these years.

Feast of Corpus Christi update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We have an update on the Feast of Corpus Christi Latin Masses tomorrow:

St. Ann will host a special Traditional Latin Mass tomorrow, Thursday May 31 for the Feast of Corpus Christi (actual feast day in the traditional calendar).  The event kicks off the annual 40 hours of Eucharistic Adoration at St. Ann.

  • Thursday, May 31 – 7:00PM Latin
  • 9:00PM Thursday – Adoration begins with Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary
  • Adoration continues (with ½ hour signups throughout the night) until 3pm Saturday June 2nd. Please consider signing up for ½ or hour.

Other Latin Masses for the Feast of Corpus Christi

St. Michael in Gastonia: Thursday May 31 – 7:00 AM (Low)

Newly ordained Fr. Michael Cunningham FSSP will offer his first Masses in his hometown of Spartanburg, SC from May 31 – June 3rd.  All are invited. The schedule is as follows:

  • Thursday May 31, 2:00 PM Mass, St. John the Baptist Church, 180 Laurel Avenue, Tryon, NC
  • Friday June 1st, 10:00 AM Mass, Paul Catholic Church, 290 East Main Street Spartanburg SC
  • Saturday June 2nd 11:00 AM Mass Paul Catholic Church, 290 East Main Street Spartanburg SC
  • Saturday June 2nd: Drop-in reception, 4-7pm, 2 Samuels Restaurant, 351 E. Henry Street, Spartanburg, SC
  • Sunday June 3rd 9:30 AM 1st Blessings by Fr. Cunningham; 10:00 AM Mass with Corpus Christi procession to follow, Prince of Peace Catholic Church, 1209 Bushy Creek Road, Taylors, SC.  Reception and party to follow after Procession at parish.

Ascension Mass update

Laudetur Iesus Christus! On this Vigil of the Ascension, we just wanted to repost the Mass schedule for tomorrow (FYI – not a Holy Day of obligation unfortunately) and mention a few upcoming events/news.

  1. Ascension Mass schedule – Thursday May 10

St. Ann: Orchestral Solemn High Latin Mass at 7pm.  The Carolina Catholic Chorale will sing Missa Bell’Amfitrit Altera by Renaissance master Orlando de Lassus. The Mass is for double choir and will be accompanied by a small consort of Renaissance instruments.

St. Michael the Archangel parish in Gastonia: Solemn High Latin Mass at 6pm.


  1. Feast of the Sacred Heart, June 8: The Cathedral of St. Patrick will host its annual Latin Mass (High) for the Feast of the Sacred Heart on Friday June 8 at 7pm.


  1. Learn Latin with Dr. Llewellyn – Saturday June 9: Dr. Nancy Llewellyn, Professor of Latin at Belmont Abbey College (and St. Joseph’s Seminary) is hosting a Learn Latin seminar on Saturday June 9 from 9-12pm at Belmont Abbey College. Open to all ages. Cost is $15 per person or $25 per family.  See attached flyer for details. To sign up & pay visit:  To RSVP or questions e-mail Dr. Llewellyn at


  1. Summer Sacred Music Conference July 27-28 at the Cathedral of St. Patrick: The Southeastern Sacred Music Association will be hosting its annual conference in Charlotte this July 27-28. Open to both intermediate and newcomers who want to learn how to sing Gregorian chant and polyphonic music. Cost is $75. The event will conclude with a Mass (Novus Ordo) tentatively offered by Bishop Jugis at 5:30 PM on Saturday July 28. To register or learn more please visit:


  1. New Blessed Karl prayer book available: For those who were moved by Bishop Schneider’s talk on Blessed Karl of Austria last fall and want to cultivate a deeper devotion to him, you may be interested in learning that a new Blessed Karl prayer book has been issued. To learn more visit here:


6. Latin Liturgy attracts the youth: Speaking of visiting priests, Fr. John Perricone who led St. Ann’s Lenten retreat has penned an excellent article on how the Latin Mass is attracting the youth. Read about it here:

St. Joseph the Workman update & Ascension Thursday

Laudetur Iesus Christus and blessed greetings on this feast of St. Joseph the Workman, which Pius XII established to Christianize labor and to combat the Communist ideologies especially regarding labor. You may also consider praying for the persecuted Christians who still suffer under Communist regimes today (China, North Korea, etc.).

Speaking of Saints, we still have some blessed St. Peter Martyr palms in the narthex at St. Ann this week. Tradition holds that when the palms are buried on your property, they protect against natural disasters – be sure to pick one up if you didn’t in prior years. To learn more about the patron saint of inquisitors, please see this nice write up about him in Regina Magazine:  Our thanks to Fr. Reid who blessed the palms and to the generous family who prepared the palms.

Looking ahead, Ascension Thursday is next Thursday, May 10th.

Here are the Masses as announced thus far:

St. Ann: Will host its annual Orchestral Solemn High Latin Mass, which will feature music provided by the Carolina Catholic Chorale. The Latin Mass will be at 7pm.

St. Michael the Archangel parish in Gastonia: Solemn High Latin Mass at 6pm.

Feast of the Sacred Heart, June 8: Lastly, we are also pleased to announce that the Cathedral of St. Patrick will host its annual Latin Mass for the Feast of the Sacred Heart on Friday June 8 at 7pm.  At this point it will be a High Mass. We’ll keep you posted on any additional news about this Mass.

Eastertide Update (III)

Dear friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community,

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  We have two things to share with you including one scheduling note:

1.) No Latin Mass this Wednesday at St. Ann: With Fr. Reid on a well-deserved retreat (please offer him some prayers), the 6pm Latin Mass this Wednesday April 25 will be Novus Ordo Mass (no Latin Mass).

2.) Peter of Verona Palms – this Sunday after Mass: With Sunday being the feast day for St. Peter of Verona (Martyr) we will continue our annual tradition of passing out blessed palms for his feast day. St. Peter, a 13th century Dominican Friar and a disciple of St. Dominic who Pope Gregory IX appointed as a general inquisitor to combat the Manichean heresy. St. Peter defended the faith across Italy through his preaching and was martyred in 1252.

In the Extraordinary Form, there is an ancient custom to honor St. Peter by having palm leaves blessed in his honor. Tradition holds that when these blessed palm leaves are made into crosses and buried in the four corners of one’s property, they are to guard against natural disasters.  You can learn more about this great saint here:

Dominican Rite Latin Mass tomorrow, Wed. April 18 at 6pm

Dear Friends of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community,

Laudetur Iesus Christus! A couple quick updates for this week…

Traditional Dominican Rite Latin Mass (Wednesday, April 18 at 6:00pm St. Ann parish): Following on the heals of the restoration of the Pre-1955 Easter Triduum celebrated last month, St. Ann’s will host the another ancient liturgy this coming Wednesday– that of the Traditional Dominican Rite Latin Mass.

Prior to the confusion that followed the Second Vatican Council, many of the more well established religious orders (Dominicans, Carmelites, Benedictines, etc.) had, with permission from Rome, created variations of the Latin Mass with collects, prayers, & feast days that were unique to their orders.

Fr. Raymund Synder, OP a Dominican priest who will offer this beautiful and ancient Latin Mass, and provide a talk afterwards on the divine indwelling of light according to St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. Elizabeth of the Holy Trinity (in the Allen Center).  All are invited.


Liturgy & Fraternity After Fr. Snyder’s talk – 8:00pm (not 7:00pm): Due to the talk being given by Father Synder after the 6pm Mass, our monthly Liturgy & Fraternity mens group will be meeting an hour later than normal… or whenever the talk ends.

All men of good cheer are welcome.  We will be meeting up at a small pub about a half mile away from St. Ann’s called Sir Edmond Halley’s.  The pub also has a great food menu for those who want to order food.

From their website:  Inconveniently located in the back of the Park Road Shopping Center:

Sir Edmond Halley’s Restaurant & Freehouse
4151 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28209
(704) 525-7775

We paused Liturgy & Fraternity during Lent … so this will be our first event during Eastertide.

Eastertide update

Christus resurrexit! Blessed Eastertide greetings on this 2nd week of Easter.  We have 2 updates to share with you today:

Easter Triduum Wrap up: Before we move on from Easter, we did want thank everyone who supported the liturgies and the surrounding events of both Lent, and Holy Week and most especially our heartfelt thanks goes to Fr. Barone and Fr. Matlak (and straw deacon Lee Benson) who devoted much precious time and prayer to this awesome liturgy (and Fr. Reid for St. Ann’s support). In your charity, please consider offering one of your Rosaries this week for them. We also have 2 follow ups to mention:

Photos of the Easter Triduum: We have compiled photos from the Triduum. To view click here –

Explanation of the Mass of the Presanctified:  Here is an article which explain many of the rituals that you saw on Good Friday:


Dominican Rite Latin Mass – Wednesday April 18 at 6pm (St. Ann): In addition to the Easter Triduum last month, St. Ann will host another rare liturgy in the weeks ahead – that of the Dominican Rite “Latin” Mass. Before Vatican II, many of the religious orders (Dominicans, Carmelites, Benedictines, etc.) had their own version of the Traditional Latin Mass with slightly different prayers and ceremonies. While many of these beautiful Rite-specific Masses discontinued in the post conciliar period, you will have a rare opportunity to encounter this traditional Dominican Mass at St. Ann next week.

Fr. Raymund Synder, OP a Dominican priest who will offer this beautiful and ancient Latin Mass, and provide a talk afterwards on the divine indwelling of light according to St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. Elizabeth of the Holy Trinity (presumably in the Allen Center). This is not a CLMC event but one worthy of support. All are invited to both Mass & the talk. Please come.