Blessed Karl Mass Friday & Respect Life Mass Saturday

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Tomorrow, Friday October 21, the 12:30pm Latin Mass at St. Mark parish will be offered for Blessed Karl of Austria on his feast day. Additionally Saturday will be the 4th Saturday Respect Life Latin Mass at 8am at St. Ann parish.

Feast of Blessed Karl – Friday October 21 (12:30pm Latin Mass – St. Mark)

Blessed Karl von Habsburg’s feast day is tomorrow Friday October 21 and although he is not on the Latin Mass calendar yet, many Latin Mass attendees across the US and including Charlotte have a devotion to this last Catholic monarch of Europe. Blessed Karl was the last emperor of the Austro-Hungarian empire, the remaining vestiges of the Holy Roman Empire. Married to Servant of God Zita of Bourbon, they had eight children.  After his brief reign from 1916-1918, he was exiled by the masonic global leaders after World War I and died with sanctity in exile in 1922 on the Portuguese island of Madeira. His body was exhumed in 1971 and found incorrupt. He was beatified by Pope St. John Paul II who happened to be named after Blessed Karl (Karol Wojtyla) as the late Pope’s father served under Blessed Karl when his empire included part of Poland. Blessed Karl’s feast day is the date of his marriage to Empress Zita, October 21, and gives hope that this couple (God willing, as declared saints) will be powerful intercessors for marriage and family.

Friday October 21 – 12:30pm, St. Mark parish: St. Mark parish in Huntersville will offer the 12:30pm Latin Mass as a votive Mass of a Confessor (Os Justi) to honor Blessed Karl.

Additional Resources

The CLMC has organized events or Masses for Blessed Karl around the feast of Christ the King each year. Here are a few of our past events:

First Saturday Respect Life Latin Mass – Saturday October 22 (8am, St. Ann parish)

This Saturday is the 4th Saturday Respect Life Latin Mass at St. Ann parish followed by prayers at Planned Parenthood or a Holy Hour of Reparation in the Church. Mass is at 8am.