Recap and Video of Dr. Peter Kwasniewski’s Presentation

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We thank everyone who attended our event last Friday with Dr. Peter Kwasniewski. The surprisingly large turnout on a Friday evening of Labor Day weekend may in fact demonstrates the concern and interest the faithful in Charlotte have about the Latin Mass restrictions, particularly in our own diocese but also elsewhere, and the desire to do something to support the Latin Mass.

Therefore we are pleased to share Dr. Kwasniewski’s talk, The Primacy of Tradition and Obedience to the Truth and the panel discussion which followed.

The CLMC has also posted the talk on a permanent place under our Latin Mass classes page:

Referenced Books by Dr. Kwasniewski (from Friday’s presentation)

Special Dr. Kwasniewski Book Sale at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish

Due to the high interest in Dr. Kwasniewski’s work, St. Thomas Aquinas retained some of his books from last Friday and is holding a sale for two of his books.

If you are interested, please see the books on the Latin Mass table in the narthex in the days ahead or contact Tim Flynn at St. Thomas Aquinas: tflynn(at)