Feast of St. Philomena (August 11)

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Blessed feast of St. Philomena, the Wonderworker (August 11), a 3rd century martyr (possibly earlier) whose relics were rediscovered in the Roman catacombs in the early 1800s. Her feast is not currently on the calendar and in fact when it was, it was only a local feast day, not universal. Still, she remains a popular saint today, and was a powerful intercessor for St. John Vianney (whose feast day was eight days prior to today). Many others had devotion to her including Pope St. Pius X, and many miracles occurred with the translation of her relics from Rome to Mugnano (Italy) in 1803. What the Church knows about her comes from her appearance to a Dominican Nun in 1833:

St. Philomena Resources

Local St. Philomena Devotions

  • St. Mark Parish in Huntersville features a stained glass window on the west transept of St. John Vianney who is holding an image of St. Philomena
  • St. Elizabeth in Boone has just installed a custom made statue of the saint in the side chapel
  • The CLMC features a small statue of St. Philomena on our welcome table in the St. Ann narthex on Sundays

There is also a Latin Mass this evening at 7pm at St. Thomas Aquinas parish. Although not offered for her feast day, one could offer intentions that she be restored to the liturgical calendar (and universally!)

St. Philomena, pray for us!