CLMC interview on Catholic Radio

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Earlier this week the CLMC was interviewed on Jason Murphy’s The Obligation radio show, which airs on the local Carolina Catholic radio station (1270am – now back on the air) to discuss the CLMC and the future of the Latin Mass in Charlotte.

The interview aired yesterday afternoon, but you can listen to the replay here:

Here is the description:

In this episode Jason sits down with Chris Lauer and Mike FitzGerald who are two of the founders of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community.  The Charlotte Latin Mass Community (CLMC) is a group of faithful laity who supports and promotes the Traditional Latin Mass (Mass in the Extraordinary Form) in the Diocese of Charlotte, specifically in the Charlotte metro area. Jason, Chris, and Mike discuss liturgical changes made as a result of Vatican II and subsequent abuses which led to the Ecclesia Dei Commission in 1988 to address concerns and needs of Traditional Catholics.  We discuss the founding and history of the Latin Mass Community in Charlotte and some of the recent difficulties due to restrictions placed on its liturgies stemming from Pope Francis’ motu proprio Traditiones Custodes in July of 2021.    

Lastly, please check out other episodes of The Obligation, which include interviews with other local Catholics, including some who attend the Latin Mass:

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