Sexagesima Sunday

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday is Sexagesima Sunday, where we now are within roughly 60 days of Easter, and 11 or so days from the beginning of Lent.  As this is the second Sunday of this pre-Lent season of Septuagesima, we share two articles, one Dr. Mike Foley’s commentary on Sunday’s Collect, and secondly, his essay on the forgotten season of Septuagesima. We note in the first article, he also provides a brief explanation of the station churches in Rome which one may read about in the traditional liturgical books or see in the missal.  We also include Dom Gueranger’s summary of Septuagesima season in case you missed it least week.

Respect Life Latin Mass – next Saturday February 26, 8am (St. Ann)

St. Ann will offer its monthly 4th Saturday Respect Life Mass this Saturday at 8am, followed by prayers at the abortion facility, or for those unable to go, a Holy Hour of reparation will be offered in the church.

Ash Wednesday March 2, Latin Masses/Distribution of Ashes

  • St. Ann parish, 7:00am (no 6pm Latin Mass this day)
  • Our Lady of the Lake, Chapin, SC, 10:00am (1.5 hours south of Charlotte)
  • Our Lady of Grace, Greensboro, 12 noon (1.5 hours north of Charlotte)
  • Prince of Peace, Taylors, SC, 12 noon (2 hours southwest of Charlotte)
  • St. Elizabeth of the Hill Country, Boone, NC, 6:00pm (2 hours northwest of Charlotte)
  • St. John the Baptist, Tryon, NC, 6:30pm (2 hours west of Charlotte)

(More Masses will be added when announced)

Bring in Old Palms

As mentioned in St. Ann’s Friday Five, the parish has a basket in the narthex for old palms where you can drop off your old palms from last year (they will be used for ashes on Ash Wednesday)

Holy Face Apostolate at St. Mark – Mondays 2-3pm

St. Mark parish in Huntersville has a new apostolate that meets once a week to offer prayers in reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus each Monday from 2-3pm in the church.  As background, in 1843, Sr. Mary of St. Peter, a Carmelite nun in the monastery in Tours, France, received a series of revelations from Jesus telling her that reparation for certain sins were an imperative, and that it was to be done through devotion to the Holy Face.  The primary purpose of this apostolate is to, by praying certain prayers, make reparation for the sins committed against the first three Commandments of the Lord: The denial of God by atheism (communism), blasphemy, and the profanation of Sundays and Holy Days. Devotion to the Holy Face has been referred to as the devotion for Jesus Crucified. 

BEGINS TODAY Holy Face Novena – Sunday February 20 – 28

Speaking of the Holy Face devotion, there is a novena to the Holy Face of Jesus that begins today Sunday February 20 and ends on Monday February 28, the day before Shrove Tuesday (which is the day prior to Ash Wednesday), and a day traditionally dedicated to offering reparation to the Holy Face for  (CLMC note: with the march of communism proceeding through the world and the Church, this can only be a helpful novena to begin today.)

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Saddened by restrictions, NFL star speaks out in defense of Traditional Latin Mass: Kansas City Chiefs kicker, Harrison Butker, who attends the Traditional Latin Mass, is defending the Latin Mass against attacks. He also questions whether Pope Benedict’s “Reform of the Reform” (ROTR) strategy promoted by some conservative priests is really viable anymore. (The ROTR is to try and borrow parts of the Latin Mass, and use it in the Novus Ordo to try and make the latter more reverent. The CLMC, among many, recommends abandoning this “experimental remedy” and just simply offer Traditional Latin Mass, which is far superior and always reverent, no matter the celebrant).
  • You used the word “persecuted.” Is that really how you feel?

I do. I feel like I’m almost not welcome in the Church for wanting to go to the Latin Mass and for wanting to have a traditional confirmation for my children. I feel like I’m a lesser-than Catholic and not part of the Church because I want to attend the traditional rite. But that’s not the reality at all. I want to be obedient to the Church. I want to stay within the Church. It seems like I’m getting persecuted just because I have a love for the traditional rite. And that rite is getting taken away, unfortunately, which is very sad.

  • When Traditionis custodes was issued, what was your reaction?

The first thing I thought was that I could still go to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) and the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest for the traditional sacraments. I hoped the motu proprio wouldn’t affect those two communities. I also had to completely rethink extraordinary form, ordinary form, mutual enrichment — everything that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI taught about that I read and I accepted has been like that’s not the case anymore. So, I’ve had to completely rethink that.

  • Top COVID-19 Expert: Vatican Violating Code of Bioethics, Must End Vaccine Mandate Now: Traditionalist reporter, Edward Pentin interviewed Dr. Peter McCullough, a protestant cardiologist from Dallas and outspoken critic of the COVID-19 “vaccines” (ed. note – Dr. McCullough has unfortunately been promoting, perhaps unwittingly, abortion-linked monoclonal antibody treatments as an alternatively). Regarding vaccine mandates, the doctor has recently offered his medical expertise on these “vaccines” and warned that Vatican has committed a grievous mistake in promoting these experimental treatments (also linked to abortion, as is commonly known). He also went on to say the Vatican will be guilty of the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people due to its promotion of the vaccine. 
  • The Vatican should drop all mandates, drop all restrictions, and drop all advocacy or concern for the vaccines. The Vatican immediately should start a public interest campaign on vaccine injuries and vaccine deaths. They should formally apologize for taking a position on the vaccines that’s been deleterious and they will have to account for potentially hundreds of thousands of lives lost due to the vaccine worldwide because the Vatican has violated what’s called the Nuremberg Code — the Vatican has violated a critical code of bioethics and they must immediately recognize this. They must immediately apologize for this grievous error that they’ve committed. The Nuremberg Code states that no one under any conditions must apply any pressure, coercion or threat of reprisal for any medical treatment or procedure done, and particularly when the procedure is new, it’s investigational, it’s experimental, and we don’t know the outcomes.

CLMC note: Rome, and the dioceses that blindly follow her “health advice” may soon discover the unhealthy liability of promoting and endorsing an experimental medical treatment linked to abortion, which may have harmed or killed many innocent people – including Catholics. Those worried about a persecution from Rome or losing their bishop, pastor, or even schools or seminaries, may instead want to be more worried about losing their dioceses – including much of its assets – to vaccine injury settlements. This entire tragedy could have been avoided if Church leaders listened to the voices of traditional clergy such as Fr. Ripperger, Bishop Schneider, and Archbishop Viganò – all who offer the Traditional Latin Mass regularly and have a rich understanding of the Church’s traditional 2,000 year doctrine, theology and philosophy.

Carmelites Lenten Offering: 40 days of Latin Masses, Prayers and Fasting For your Intentions

As we approach Lent next week, we wanted to re-share with you a wonderful annual opportunity for almsgiving that will benefit your friends and family. Our friends, the Carmelites Hermits of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Fairfield, PA, who offer the traditional liturgy exclusively (Carmelite Rite), are offering 40 days of Traditional Masses and 40 days of prayers and sacrifices for the following intentions:

  • Spiritual renewal in the Church
  • Sanctification of souls
  • Healing of families and individuals
  • Reversion of fallen-away Catholics
  • Conversion of sinners who are far from God

Knowing that many have family members away from the Sacraments and the Church or difficult situations in their lives, the Carmelites wanted to extend to all the opportunity to enroll their families, friends, clergy, or anyone in need of the graces from these many Masses and spiritual sacrifices.  We can also suggest you may also wish to include in your enrollment the protection of the Traditional Latin Mass, specifically the priests that offer it, and the bishops who can safeguard it.

Please consider making an offering of alms along with this enrollment.  Your generous financial sacrifice will bear all the more fruit for your intentions. (The Hermits completely subsist on donations).

To enroll visit: (deadline is Tuesday March 1)

To learn more visit:

Today is Sunday. What Mass are you attending?