Fifth Sunday After Epiphany

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday is the fifth Sunday after Epiphany – sort of an extended closing of the Christmas season before the pre-Lent season of Septuagesima begins next week. As custom, we provide Dr. Mike Foley’s commentary on the orations for today’s Mass:

We also want to express our thanks to Fr. Jones who sublimely offered a beautiful Candlemas this past Wednesday. Please consider offering a decade of your Rosary for him this weekend.

End of Epiphany Celebration/Potluck – Today Sunday February 6, 12:30pm (St. Ann)

The CLMC will be hosting its annual close of Epiphanytide celebration today Sunday February 6 after the St Ann 12:30pm Latin Mass.  Please bring a dish, desert, drink or a treat to share (tables will be set up in the plaza). The Cantate Domino Latin Choir is scheduled to sing a traditional wassailing (carol) song as well.

1st Sunday Latin Mass at Salisbury – 4pm

This Sunday February 6 is also the first Sunday Latin Mass at Sacred Heart parish in Salisbury at 4pm. Mass will be offered by Fr. Michael Carlson. There will not be a social after Mass. For more information contact Mark Hartley with the Salisbury Latin Mass Community at:

Septuagesima season begins next Sunday February 13: The pre-lent season of Septuagesima will begin Sunday February 13. This marks the 70-day period before Easter, and the 3 week reminder that Lent is soon coming. The season has traditionally been a time to begin preparing by working in some Lenten penances. To learn more visit:

New & Local Catholic Tech Company Offering E-mail Service

As noted last week, we are pleased to share that a new Catholic tech company has formed, founded by a faithful parishioner at St. John the Baptist in Tryon. is a new service which provides private e-mail without the connections to big tech or the surveillance/ marketing industry. It also has plans to offer other tech services. Check them out at:

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Traditional Sermon – Has the Government Lied About Medical Experimentation?: A traditional Latin Mass priest, caring for the souls of his parishioners against coercive public health measures – provides some helpful examples of when in the past the government conducted and then lied about human medical experimentation (which as of course violates traditional Church teaching and the moral law):
  • Did Popes Pius VI and Gregory the XVI Support Paul VI’s Novus Ordo Mass?: Dr. Kwasniewski examines the arguments put forth by modern liturgical “reformers” that 18th century popes allowed for new rites like the Novus Ordo Mass to be introduced. Upon a closer look at these papal writings, this is not the case (as readers may have guessed):

Traditionalism vs. Modernism: A Priest Speaks

In our ongoing series in defending the traditional Church teachings and the Latin Mass against the plague of modernism in the Church, we share an interesting interview with a priest, Fr. James Mawdsley, who took a very unconventional approach to defend Tradition by leaving his order (the Fraternity of St. Peter) without permission and incurring a suspension in order to lead a campaign that encourages bishops to defend Tradition and speak out against Church leaders who attack Tradition and the Latin Mass. Sidestepping for the moment the ramifications of such an approach, this priest is no lightweight as according to the below article, “at the age of 27, he spent 14 months in solitary confinement in Burma’s infamous Kengtung prison and was brutally beaten for challenging the country’s regime for its human rights violations.”

That said, Fr. Mawdsley published a video charitably listing three strategically spiritual reasons why bishops need to speak out against the attacks from Rome. We post an important excerpt from the interview with The Remnant’s Diane Montagna. The video itself is included in the article link below (emphasis ours):  

(Diane Montagna) Fr. Mawdsley, why did you make this video?

(Fr. Mawdsley) Because if we do not speak the obvious truth then truth will die in us. Pope Francis, Archbishop Roche, Cardinal Cupich, and many other bishops are acting illegally in attempting to suffocate tradition. They are betraying the mission which Jesus gave to the Church. It would be wonderful if they were so surprised by the strength of resistance that they reconsidered and repented. But their reaction is not the priority. More important is that priests speak the truth without fear, otherwise we have nothing left. The flock is starving. And as all generations before us have passed on the Deposit of Faith, so for the sake of future generations we must not drop the ball. Or we must recover it. Without Tradition there is no future. And most importantly, for God’s glory. Those who had Tradition robbed from them in the 1950-70s did not know where it was leading. We have seen the horror, the indignity, the weakness, and inappropriateness of the Novus Ordo. In essence it is still Christ’s awesome Holy Sacrifice of Calvary; but what man has done to His Memorial is a faithless insult to God.

(DM) What message would you like to send to your brother priests in light of Pope Francis’ Traditionis Custodes and the Responsa ad dubia issued by CDW Prefect Archbishop Roche just days before Christmas?

(Fr. M) God is mighty. We only need to follow Him, no matter what cost. He does not want us to support the destruction of Judas and Caiaphas, I mean with those like Archbishop Roche and Pope Francis who are savaging the Church and casting the faithful out. We can recognize their authority without complying with abuses of it. It really does not matter what price we pay on earth, only let us live in truth, let us defend the flock, let us break the jaws of the wicked and rescue the prey from their teeth. Traditionis Custodes is built on lies, its content is incoherent, and it is aimed at the destruction of the greatest good on earth. The Responsa are its vomit. It is better to be suspended than to pretend this wickedness has legal value.

CLMC comment: Wow.

The Traditional Latin Mass is as Fr. Mawdsley states, “the greatest good on earth”. What Mass are you attending Sunday?