November 7: Fifth Sunday After Epiphany

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday is actually the 5th Sunday After Epiphany (resumed), as the Church reschedules certain “unused” Sundays of Epiphany, preempted by the pre-Lent season of Septuagesima, at the end of the liturgical year in November. It can be a little confusing at first, but fortunately, Dr. Mike Foley has a great write-up explaining why this is so in his commentary on this weekend’s propers:

Dr. Kwasniewski follow up: We thank everyone for joining us for yesterday evening’s talk and presentation by Dr. Kwasniewski. We also especially want to thank Fr. Codd and the St. Thomas Aquinas parish staff, and volunteers for their hospitality in helping this event become fruition. There was much positive feedback from the event and judging by the packed house, his message was already resonating among many.  We hope to post a recording of the talk in the weeks ahead and will notify everyone when this occurs.

Sunday Announcements

Here are a few notes regarding today Sunday November 7:

  • Daylight Savings Time Ends – November 7: Please note the clocks move back 1 hour early Sunday morning as we return to standard time.
  • 1st Sunday Latin Mass in Salisbury (TIME CHANGE 4PM): There will Latin Mass on Sunday at Sacred Heart parish in Salisbury at a special time of 4PM EST (for this month only).  No social afterwards but Confessions might be available prior to Mass. F

REMINDER – Vaccine Mandates Petition

If you haven’t seen the petition encouraging Bishop Jugis to speak out against vaccine mandates, you can view/sign it here:

Religious Exemptions for Vaccines

As a reminder, the Carolina Family Coalition (CFC), a non-profit founded by Catholic pro-life leaders in Charlotte to defend the family against the secular culture, has published some helpful information on how to obtain a religious exemption (see link below). They can also help refer people to an attorney if need be. Link:

All Souls Novena November 1 – 30 (now extended until November 30th!)

Monday November 1 (All Saints day) begins the annual All Souls novena where you can obtain a plenary indulgence for a poor soul in purgatory each day from November 1- 30 by visiting a cemetery, praying for the dead, attending Mass, and receiving Holy Communion.  The Vatican has now extended this all the way through November 30. You can also obtain a separate plenary indulgence on All Souls Day November 2nd by offering prayers in a Church (Our Father & Creed).  See details on our website:

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • ‘The Council and the Eclipse of God’ – Part XVIII – by Don Pietro Leone –Religious Liberty – Christ the King (b): Silence in the Liturgy: In another installment on the workings and statements contained in the Vatican II Council, specifically on the problematic teachings on religious liberty, Dom Petro Leone, notes how the original theology highlighted the right of Christ and His teaching in society and government (which was commemorated in last week’s feast of Christ the King), was removed in many aspects from the Novus Ordo Mass and the new Divine Office and as a result led to an increase in secularism, abortion, contraception, divorce and sodomy in formerly Catholic nations.:
  • A response to the Letters between Westminster and the CDW: A few weeks ago we shared a sermon by exorcist and theologian, Fr. Chad Ripperger, on the future of the Latin Mass, and the motives of those in Rome. Among Fr. Ripperger’s advice is for clergy to not write to Rome and ask for clarification on uncertain matters related to the new Motu Proprio, Traditionis Custodes (in short, Rome may write back with more Latin Mass restrictions). Unfortunately, English Cardinal Vincent Nichols learned the hard way when he received a Vatican reply to His Eminence’s July letter to the Congregation of Divine Worship, which replied by further constraining the Latin Mass and those who promote it. In politics, there a saying “Never give a bureaucrat a chance to say no.” or as Fr. Ripperger noted, one should not ask Rome a question for which one does not already know the answer. Something to consider in all things Rome today. Here is the link to the letters, and Dr. Joseph Shaw, chairman of the Latin Mass Society of the UK with his comments:

What Mass are you attending on Sunday?