Twenty First Sunday After Pentecost

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday is the 21st Sunday after Pentecost and as Dr. Mike Foley explains in this new commentary on the Collect, the Church begins to focus more on the end times and last judgement as we approach the end of the liturgical year:

Feast of Blessed Karl Commemoration – Thursday October 21, 7pm (High Mass)

This Thursday October 21, 7pm at St. Thomas Aquinas parish will offer a High Mass and sermon for the feast of Blessed Karl of Austria, a pious emperor whom many in the CLMC have a devotion towards. We invite the entire CLMC family to join us.

Although not on the traditional calendar yet, Blessed Karl von Habsburg has grown in popularity with many Latin Mass attendees as he was the last Catholic monarch to reign in Europe, and the last of the Holy Roman Emperors, which defended the Church since the time of Charlemagne.  Blessed Karl was born in 1887 and after the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 (which began World War I), became next in line for the throne after his great uncle passed away in 1916.  In late 1916, he was crowned King of Austria and of Hungary, practiced Catholic virtue on the battle field and in his governance, and tried to end World War I peacefully. 

Sadly the allied powers, led by Woodrow Wilson, were determined to break up Austria-Hungary (and all things Catholic) and Blessed Karl was exiled to the Portuguese Island of Madeira where he died in exile on April 1, 1922. In 1971, his body was exhumed and found to be incorrupt and he was beatified by Pope John Paul II (who was named Karol, after Blessed Karl) on October 3, 2004.  On October 21, 1911 he married Zita of Bourbon, and they had eight children over their 11 year marriage.  His wife Zita, who lived until 1989 (and even lived in New York for several years) also has a beatification process underway. His feast day is October 21, the date of his marriage to Servant of God, Zita of Bourbon.

Feast of Christ the King – Sunday October 31

Sunday October 31, the last Sunday of October, is the feast of Christ the King in the traditional calendar. St. Ann and St. Thomas will both be offering Eucharistic processions after their respective Latin Masses to process the King of Kings through the streets of Charlotte.  The feast was established by Pius XI in 1925 to remind the world that Christ Himself has rights and His teachings and Church need to recognized by all societies and governments – including Charlotte (which sadly ignored it again when it passed a resolution this summer affirming special rights for sexual orientation and “gender identify”). These processions is in a small way offering reparation to Our Lord for such acts that offend Him.  For the St. Ann procession, as in prior years, we invite the faithful to bring and process with any images, statues, flags, standards, of saintly or blessed Catholic monarchs or rulers (St. Louis IX, St. Ferdinand, St. Isabel of Portugal, Blessed Karl, etc.).

List of Catholic saintly or blessed royals:

SPECIAL EVENT: Dr. Peter Kwasniewski Coming to Charlotte – Saturday November 6

The CLMC and St. Thomas Aquinas parish will be hosting Dr. Peter Kwasniewski for a special lecture on Saturday evening November 6 at 7pm in Aquinas Hall (1400 Suther Road, Charlotte).  Dr. Kwasniewski is noted author, lecturer, and composer, who will be speaking on the topic, “Given a Choice, Why Should I Consistently Attend the Traditional Latin Mass?” A meet & greet/book signing will take place from 6-7pm (there will be no dinner). An RSVP is appreciated for headcount purposes. A flyer is attached.

Saturday November 6 – St. Thomas Aquinas Parish

  • 6-7pm: Meet & greet/book signing
  • 7pm: Lecture
  • 8pm: Q&A

Mass Intention for Pope Francis, Friday October 22: The 7am Latin Mass at St. Ann parish will be offered for Pope Francis who needs a tremendous amount of prayers. The CLMC has requested this Mass to pray for his sanctification, and that he will heed Our Lady of Fatima’s message and consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart and bring peace to the world.  Please consider keeping him especially in your prayers on Friday.

Supporting Traditional Carmelites: On Friday was the feast of the great Carmelite reformer, St. Theresa of Avila. Lately, one of her daughter houses, that in Fairfield, PA, has been carrying a difficult cross these days after being pressured to modify their traditional charism (see article below). One great way to support these pious nuns (who worship under the traditional rite exclusively) is to consider financially contributing to their new convent they are building:

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Fraternity of St. Peter’s Missionary Work in Peru: The FSSP, a society of priests that offer the Latin Mass exclusively and operates Latin Mass parishes across North America and Europe also has a mission program in South America. To learn more visit:
  • The Vatican’s War Against Tradition: Church Militant reports on the continuing attack by modernists in Rome on the traditional Carmelite sisters in Fairfield, PA.

    CLMC note: Will these “visitations” come to Charlotte someday? Let us be sober and watch (1 Peter 5:8).
  • Clandestine Ordinations Against Church Law: Lessons from Cardinal Wojtyla and Cardinal Slipyj: Dr. Kwasniewski pens an critical article which demonstrates how Cardinals Karol Wojtyla (later John Paul II) and Josyf Slipyj (a Ukrainian Catholic bishop) secretly ordained bishops without Vatican approval during the Cold War. They did so when Pope Paul VI explicitly forbade ordinations in certain countries and yet neither Cardinal suffered any penalties for violating church law. Dr. Kwasniewski then compares it to the reaction after the Society of Pius X founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre ordained bishops in the Traditional Rite (e.g. Latin Mass) in 1988 without Vatican approval and was excommunicated, ironically by Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II). Here are some excerpts:

“No one has ever questioned that rules concerning episcopal consecrations are the pope’s right to establish, and that Wojtyla and Slipyj unquestionably and knowingly violated ecclesiastical law, which should have merited them a place of opprobrium alongside Archbishop Lefebvre. Instead, we celebrate them as heroes of the resistance against Communism.

The reason we do so is that we recognize a more fundamental law than that of canonical dictates: salus animarum suprema lex, the salvation of souls is the supreme law. It is for the salvation of souls that the entire structure of ecclesiastical law exists; it has no other purpose than ultimately to protect and advance the sharing of the life of Christ with mankind. In normal circumstances, ecclesiastical laws create a structure within which the Church’s mission may unfold in an orderly and peaceful way. But there can be situations of anarchy or breakdown, corruption or apostasy, where the ordinary structures become impediments to, not facilitators of, the Church’s mission. In these cases, the voice of conscience dictates that one do what needs to be done, in prudence and charity, for the achievement of the sovereign law.

As the years pass and I watch the Catholic Church descend ever further into doctrinal, moral, and liturgical chaos, I can no longer accept the opinion that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was guilty of “wrongful disobedience.” He was caught in a terrible situation, with a hostile Vatican that seemed to care nothing for tradition (and my, how 2021 has brought us right back to that place), and a worldwide diaspora of traditional Catholics looking to him for a semi-stable solution.

If the Vatican, following on the heels of Traditionis Custodes, should dare to prohibit traditional priestly ordinations, it would be entirely justifiable for a bishop who understands what is at stake to continue to ordain priests traditionally but clandestinely, without any permission requested or obtained.

If a priest in good conscience chooses not to comply with unjust mandates or requirements emanating from ecclesiastical authority, he should not necessarily announce to the world that he will not be complying, but should simply not comply and carry on his pastoral and priestly work. If and when he is penalized, he should not make a big fuss about it, but ignore it and continue on.”

  • The Question of Continuity of the 1962 Missal and the 1970 Missal – The Sunday Gospels: We share another scholarly analysis on how different the Novus Ordo and Traditional Latin Mass lectionary (readings) are nearly entirely different. As the author notes, 60% of the Sunday readings of the Latin Mass of 1962 are not contained in the new Sunday lectionary – raising questions again of how the Novus Ordo missal is connected to the Sacred Tradition:
  • Ethnic Diversity and the Latin Mass: Dr. Joseph Shaw, head of the Latin Mass Society of the UK, responds to a modernist theologian who complains that the Latin Mass is “white” and “European” and the Novus Ordo is diverse and “inculturated” with different ethnicities. Shaw in his great prose, notes the opposite is in fact true. The ancient Roman Mass has been and remains ethnically diverse, originating in the Mediterranean area, developed further in Rome and was welcomed and offered by and in all cultures across the continents (before and after Vatican II). However, it is the Mass of Vatican II, which was manufactured by a committee out of touch European and North American academic clerics – only a few among them were even pastors with experience in ministering to the laity and their diverse needs.
  • Abp. Viganò: the ‘pandemic Sanhedrin’ is spinning a ‘labyrinth’ of COVID lies: This week’s message from Abp. Viganò comes from his address to Italian freedom supporters against the draconian COVID protocols and immoral vaccine mandates. The Archbishop exhorts the Romans to return to the Catholic faith:

“Let’s break the logical short circuit of those who demand our consent even when they lie shamelessly. And to get out of the labyrinth, dear friends, it is necessary to look at things with a look that is not limited to single facts, but sees them all in a broader framework, in which the pandemic is a social engineering tool artfully provoked with the aim to take us to the green pass, to total control, to the limitation of natural and constitutional freedoms in the name of a Great Reset that none of us want, that no one has ever asked us to vote, which concentrates power and wealth in the hands of an elite — that of the “philanthrocapitalists” like Gates and Soros — and who consider the rest of humanity as a reservoir of slaves and customers, to whom to give that minimum of money — created out of nothing and which weighs on them as a debt — that it serves to allow them to buy the goods that this elite produces; goods produced with cheap labor, of course, forced to do everything to survive…

Jesus Christ is King and Lord of History, in His hands are the fates and destinies of each of us, of the States and of the Holy Church. He will not allow us to succumb to the onslaught of the enemy of mankind. Return, let us all return to him, with the trust of the prodigal son who humbly asks his father to forgive him and to welcome him back into his home. Let us go back to being Christians, proud of our Faith and of the civilization that Religion has built up in the course of two thousand years of history. Let’s go back to defending in civil and political commitment those non-negotiable values that today we see denied and trampled on. But above all — I beg you, I implore you — let us go back to living in the Grace of God, to frequent the Sacraments, to practice the virtues, to be Christians consistent with the promises of Baptism, authentic witnesses of Christ.”

Bishop Schneider’s Fall 2021 Tour and New Book

It was just four years ago this week that Bishop Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary bishop in Kazakhstan and faithful defender of tradition and orthodoxy, graced us in Charlotte with his presence during his fall trip to the U.S. (see video here or article here). This fall he is visiting other cities in the U.S. and has also conducted several important interviews ahead of his forthcoming book by Sophia Press entitled The Catholic Mass – Steps to Restore the Centrality of God in the Liturgy:

Below are a few links to interviews and some important takeaway points he made:

The Remnant:

  • COVID vaccine is part of a new materialistic, healthcare dictatorship, a new-communism, as people are losing rights over their own body
  • The new Motu Propio may mean Latin Masses may soon be offered clandestinely but it will prepare for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, with a more humble, smaller yet purified Church (without the bureaucracy)
  • Call upon the Holy Angels to free the Church today from its persecutors, like it did when St. Peter was in prison (Acts 12:7)


  • Novus Ordo and the Traditional Latin Mass are not two forms of the same rite that should coexist – they are quite different.
  • Noted Pope Francis even spoke of a “kind of bi-ritualism” – e.g. the Latin Mass operates like the Eastern Churches with their own rites

Steve Bannon’s War Room:

  • Post-Vatican II liturgy “revolution” committee wanted to use Protestant influences that stressed the Mass was a “banquet” or “meal” – not the Sacrifice on the Cross.
  • New Mass has so many moments of informality
  • The Traditional Latin Mass is stronger than Pope Francis. It will win.

Full interview begins at 1 hour, 35 minute mark:–watch-live-patriot-news-outlet-steve-bannons-war-room-pandemic-10am-et-108.html

As Bishop Schneider notes, the Latin Mass stronger and will win in this conflict. Will you be part of the winning “team”? What Mass are you attending on Sunday?