Eighth Sunday After Pentecost

Laudetur Iesus Christus! We wanted to thank everyone for supporting last week’s reception for the confirmandi and express our thanks to Msgr. Winslow and Fr. Reid for offering this sacrament in the Traditional Rite. Looking ahead, this Sunday is the 8th Sunday after Pentecost, and as custom we provide Dr. Mike Foley’s commentary on the propers (readings) for Sunday’s Latin Mass: https://www.newliturgicalmovement.org/2020/07/what-the-eighth-sunday-after-pentecost.html  

Additionally, we provide Dom Prosper Gueranger’s reflection on the liturgy and the propers for Sunday, courtesy of Sensus Fidelium:  https://sensusfidelium.us/the-liturgical-year-dom-prosper-gueranger/the-time-after-pentecost/eighth-sunday-after-pentecost/ – one of the themes of this Sunday is exodus of the early Christians from Jerusalem, as they have been foretold its pending doom (Luke 21:20-22).

Normal Schedule for Traditional Latin Masses in the Diocese of Charlotte:  All Traditional Latin Masses, both Sunday and daily, are on schedule, as normal. According to Fr. Reid, the bishop has granted a dispensation from Pope’s new Moto Proprio for the time being until these things can be sorted out (most dioceses seems to be doing this). St. Thomas Aquinas will offer a Solemn High Mass today, Sunday, at 11:30am.

Juventutem makes history with the 1st Latin Mass at Old St. Joseph’s in 50 years: On Saturday, the 1st public Traditional Latin Mass, since at least 1969, was offered at Old St. Joseph’s in Mt. Holly. The Mass, offered by Fr. Jones, wasn’t organized by the CLMC, but rather by Juventutem, the Latin Mass young adults group. If there are any concerns that the Latin Mass is “going away”, it should be dispelled by this historic event and the many young adults in attendance. As they say “Tradition is for the Young” and the Latin Mass is the future. Our congrats to the Juventutem organizers and St. Ann’s for supporting this event. The group is open to those ages 18-35 (single or married). To learn more visit: www.facebook.com/juventutemCLT

Respect Life Latin Mass next Saturday July 24 at 8:00am: St. Ann will again host its 4th Saturday Latin Mass on July 24. Afterwards there will be prayers at Planned Parenthood, or a Holy Hour of Reparation in the church led by a deacon. This is organized by St. Ann Respect Life.

New website for Salisbury Latin Mass Community: Demonstrating the growing interest of the Latin Mass outside of Charlotte, the Salisbury Latin Mass Community has established their new website where you can learn news, and sign up for their e-mail updates: https://salisburylmc.org/

Job Opening at Regina Caeli Academy: The homeschooling hybrid academy, Regina Caeli Academy (RCA), has some teaching position openings. RCA is a K-12 hybrid school that meets in a classroom setting two days a week (Monday’s and Thursday).  There are around 23 locations in the US with 11 additional locations in the planning phase.  The location in Charlotte is in its second year and is located on the campus of St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church in South Charlotte. Several CLMC families attend, teach or are involved with RCA, and the CLMC’s own Tracy O’Halloran is the coordinator for the Charlotte center. To learn more visit: https://rcahybrid.org/Locations/Charlotte-North-Carolina

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Cardinal Mueller offers Pontifical Ordination Mass at LaBarroux Abbey: The former head of the Congregation for Doctrine and Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Mueller offered a traditional Pontifical Ordination Mass at the famous LaBarroux Benedictine Abbey in France earlier this month: https://youtu.be/H6KsQRGstBc
  • Christ is the Point of the Church, not the Pope: When one hears or sees a Pope do something quite inimical to Christ’s teaching and causing scandal, a few may be tempted to despair and entertain the possibility that the Pope may be a heretic or that the seat of Peter is somehow “vacant” (Sede Vacante in Latin). ChurchTradition however is quite clear – this belief is erroneous, dangerous and certainly beyond the laity’s competency to judge, much less consider.Such protestant thinking should be avoided and do not abandon Christ’s ship during the stormy time (Mark 4:37-40).  As these traditional priests note below, Christis the point of the Church, not the Pope. Stay the course, and if need be, turn off the “ecclesiastical filth”, if it causes one to lose that interior peace. To learn more about the traditional teaching on this matter, please view Sensus Fidelium’s page “Bad Popes in the Church”, as it can be much worse: https://sensusfidelium.us/bad-popes-in-the-history-of-the-church/
  • MONTAGNA: Tough Questions at Vatican Presser Re: Vaccine Hesitancy: In the below section of this e-mail, we discuss the possibility of the Novus Ordo regime collapse. An excellent example of why this may occur happened a few weeks ago at a Vatican press conference over COVID-19 vaccines, led by the head of the Pontifical Academy for “Life”.  Diane Montagna, a traditional reporter from the Remnant, asked a specific question about whether the Vatican should be more cautious in promoting COVID-19 vaccines due to 1) its connection to abortion and 2) and whether kids should receive the experimental vaccine when the long term effects are unknown.  The Vatican’s response sadly, was not that of a divinely ordered institution with a 2,000 year old rich theological and philosophical heritage, but rather: Don’t question us, listen to the Church and get the vaccine. Tragically, such an intellectually and spiritually empty statement raises questions about how long modernists can still retain control of the Church: https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/headline-news-around-the-world/item/5454-diane-montagna-tough-questions-at-vatican-presser-re-vaccine-hesitancy

Traditional Catholicism vs. Modernism: Traditionis Custodes

While many may be anxious over the Pope’s new decree “restricting” the Latin Mass, one should remember that Christ still reigns over His Church, and that Christ loves the Traditional Latin Mass so much that he allowed it to be offered for most of His Church’s history, 1,600 years and counting. One cannot say that for the Novus Ordo, which is 52 years (and may not make it to 60!). Many of the primary Novus Ordo proponents are aging, and an entirely new generation of priests and laity have discovered the Traditional Latin Mass – born years and decades after Vatican II. The action from Rome last week may be seen perhaps as an act of desperation of a dying regime, whose collapse may occur sooner than expected.  

An excellent secular example of regime collapse actually happened 30 years ago this summer.  In August of 1991 the Cold War was practically over, the Berlin Wall was down, Germany reunified, free elections were being held across Eastern Europe, and former Soviet Union satellite states were angling for independence.  However, for a group of hardline Soviet communists, this turn of events was a disaster and must be reversed. In mid-August 1991, these eight hardliners launched a coup to depose the Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev (also a communist), who they blamed for the implosion. The coup lasted but 3 days, and failed, as pro-independence forces rallied against them. However the end result was an further acceleration of the Soviet Union’s demise. Four months later on Christmas Day 1991 the nation dissolved itself and the Soviet Union ceased to exist.

Although no analogies are perfect, Traditionis Custodes, appears to represent a similar “dying gasp” of the aged Vatican II generation in the Church. While Traditionis Custodes’ imposition may last longer than a 3 day “Soviet coup”, it should be no surprise, as CLMC readers will note over the many months, that the Novus Ordo Mass, and its ambiguous new “doctrine” may be seeing its final days.  The modernists still can’t believe that after 50+ years of propaganda, tyrannical suppression of tradition, and modernist seminary formation, that there could be any Catholics left alive who would still like the Traditional Mass and its perennial teachings. Such modernists apparently have not attended many Latin Masses.

What to do?

  1. Pray for Pope Francis’ conversion: He is only getting older, and like us someday, will soon have to face judgement (which, due to his state in life is much more difficult than any lay person). Pray for his conversion, pray he consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart. Archbishop Viganò had a massive conversion after meditating on his own life, and look how much good he has done since then.
  2. Pray for our priests and Bishop Jugis: Pray they will have the strength and fortitude to defend Our Lord Jesus Christ and HIS Traditional Latin Mass.
  3. Pray the Rosary daily and Make/practice the 1st Saturday Devotions: Following Our Lady of Fatima’s request ought to be obligatory for anyone attending the Traditional Latin Mass.
  4. Continue to Promote the Traditional Latin Mass: The Latin Mass IS the future.  Continue to invite friends and family to attend the Latin Mass, promote it anyway you can.
  5. Don’t worry: Focus on one’s state in life, receive the sacraments frequently, heed little about what is happening in other dioceses, Rome, or at some faraway place. As we learned with COVID, much of the modernist media rhetoric is designed to cause fear and agitation, not interior peace or accurate news reporting.

Lastly, we’d like to close with a timely quote by Pope St. John Paul II, who issued an interesting apology to traditionalists in a 1980 encyclical for those heavy-handed tactics of the Vatican II proponents (credit: Dr. John Rao at the Roman Forum):

“I would like to ask forgiveness-in my own name and in the name of all of you, venerable and dear brothers in the episcopate-for everything which, for whatever reason, through whatever human weakness, impatience or negligence, and also through the at times partial, one-sided and erroneous application of the directives of the Second Vatican Council, may have caused scandal and disturbance concerning the interpretation of the doctrine and the veneration due to this great sacrament. And I pray the Lord Jesus that in the future we may avoid in our manner of dealing with this sacred mystery anything which could weaken or disorient in any way the sense of reverence and love that exists in our faithful people.” – John Paul II, Dominicae Cenae #12, February 24, 1980


The Latin Mass is the future. Where are you attending Mass on Sundays?

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