3rd Sunday After Pentecost

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  Sunday is the 3rd Sunday after Pentecost (external solemnity of the Sacred Heart in some parishes). This week we are without Dr. Foley’s commentary on Sunday’s collect, but we will share Dom Prosper Gueranger’s entry from his book, The Liturgical Year:

Blessing of Lilies this Sunday after 12:30pm Mass at St. Ann: Sunday is the feast of St. Anthony (suppressed due to the 3rd Sunday after Pentecost), and there is a custom to bless lilies on his feast day. Immediately after Mass Father will bless lilies on the table in the narthex and we will have a few to hand out while quantities last. All are welcome to bring their own lilies to be blessed as well – please bring them to the blessing table in the narthex prior to 12:30pm Mass.  These lilies, like palms, become sacramentals and should be treated with care. To learn more visit: https://www.fisheaters.com/customstimeafterpentecoststa.html

Support Tradition: Help the Carmelite Hermits of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

If you are looking for some hope and good news today in the Church today, and looking for a way practical to support the growth of tradition and the Traditional Latin Mass, we can do no better than to share with you the Carmelite Hermits of Pennsylvania. Some of you may recall meeting them when they visited us several times in 2017. They are now established in the diocese of Harrisburg, PA and fully practice the ancient Carmelite charism, spirituality and liturgy (they have a Carmelite version of the Traditional Latin Mass, known as the Carmelite Rite).  They also provide spiritual support and Mass to the nearby traditional Carmelite nuns. Additionally, they have been praying for us, Charlotte Latin Mass Community families, in their daily prayers.

The Hermits, however, have a great problem.  They now have 12 hermits, and would like to accept more, but they have outgrown their existing house and property and are seeking to acquire new land and building.  Yet the Carmelites totally subsist on alms – meaning they survive solely on generous donations from the laity.

If you feel called to support the Latin Mass or a traditional cause, please consider praying for and or supporting the Carmelite Hermits: https://www.eremitaednmc.org/donate/

Traditional Men’s Recollection with the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest – Saturday June 26 (Raleigh)

The Institute of Christ the King will lead a traditional men’s recollection and Latin Mass on Saturday June 26 in Raleigh. The Institute is a priestly religious order that exclusively offers the Traditional Latin Mass and operate parishes in the US and around the world. The recollection is for men, but the Mass is open to the public.

  • Saturday, June 26, 2021 at 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM EDT,  Offered by Canon Matthew Weaver of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest
  • 9:00 am: Men’s Recollection, 10:00 am: Rosary, 10:30 am: High Mass, Confessions available
  • Location: Saint Joseph Catholic Church, 2809 Poole Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610

Feast of SS. Peter and Paul –Tuesday June 29: The Cathedral will offer its annual Solemn High Latin Mass at 7pm on June 29. It will be with the Cathedral Choir and feature Missa Brevis in E minor by Carl Heinrich Biber.

SAVE THE DATE: Traditional Confirmations – Sunday July 11, 12:30pm: Msgr. Winslow, the Vicar General for the diocese, will visit St. Ann parish to administer the traditional sacrament of Confirmations. CLMC hopes to organize a reception afterward the Mass.

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Modesty Announcement at St. Ann:  Last month, Fr. Reid issue gentle reminder about the importance of dressing modesty at St. Ann parish in (see bulletin here).  With summer here we also note that a new sign denoting the parish’s modesty reminder is posted in the narthex which we encourage all to read Fr. Reid’s message:

    As our weather begins to warm up, please be attentive to dressing modestly for Mass. Attending Mass is the most important thing we do each week, and the way we dress should reflect this. When we come to Mass, we are coming to visit our Lord, and thus we should be dressed appropriately. Thus, as your pastor I respectfully ask you to refrain from wearing shorts, t-shirts, short skirts, low-cut or revealing clothing at Mass. Moreover, clothing that is revealing or very tightly fitting can be a distraction to your fellow parishioners. So out of respect to our Lord, and in charity to your fellow parishioners, please be modest when selecting your clothes for Mass. I appreciate your attention to this important matter.

The Great Reset from Start to Finish – Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

For those newer CLMC readers, Abp. Viganò is the former Papal Nuncio to the U.S., who has been outspoken on the corruption inside the Church, and the culture revolution outside.  The other week, Archbishop Viganò penned a provoking piece on revolutions.  In fact, this could be Archbishop Viganò’s magnum opus to date, as he provides an extensive review of the revolutions against Christ and His Church including the Protestant, French, Industrial, Communist, and today’s “Great Reset” revolutions.  In this piece, he lays out the nature of these revolutions, and how Catholics can resist them, restore Christ the King to our society. Among his points are:

  • All Great Resets are built on a lie – all were built on a pretext that did not correspond to the true reason for revolution (e.g. to dethrone Christ)
  • A “Great Reset” also occurred in the Church in the 1960s. Vatican II was built on a pretext for giving the laity better understanding of the liturgy and ecumenism, but the real justification was to weaken the faith:

[The Church] too, with Vatican II, saw a greater understanding of the liturgy by the people given as a pretext for destroying the apostolic Mass, cancelling the sacred language and profaning the rites. And the longing for unity with heretics and schismatics was the pretext by which conciliar ecumenism was inaugurated, which laid the ideological foundations for the present apostasy. The democratization of the Church, in the name of an alleged greater participation of the laity, has served only as a pretext for progressively undermining papal power and parliamentarizing the power of the bishops, who are today reduced to mere executors of the decisions of the Bishops’ Conferences [emphasis added].

Up until sixty years ago [the Church] proclaimed the Kingship of Christ not only over His subjects, over societies and nations, but principally over herself, recognizing Our Lord as the Head of the Mystical Body and the Pope as His Vicar on earth. Vatican II shifted the Kingship of Christ in an eschatological key, and the Church thus found herself a victim of that same democratic deception into which civil societies had fallen almost two centuries earlier.

  • Modern “democracy” has proven to be a deception to merely oust Christ the King from society
  • Moderates and conservatives Catholics unfortunately fight symptoms instead of fighting the causes of these errors
  • Men of goodwill must fight and defend Christ the King – particularly in their states of life and employments:

Do you want to lose the supreme good that has been prepared for you, only for the sake of a quiet life and not to stand out from the crowd, out of cowardice and human respect, trading eternity for an apparent and ephemeral good? I exhort you to be witnesses of Christ, courageous champions of truth and goodness: on the benches of parliament, in hospital wards, from the chairs of schools and universities, from the altar and the pulpit, at work, in the office, in the shop, in the family, in your daily commitments and, yes, even in pains and trials. Be worthy heirs of the saints who have preceded you, remembering that you will have to answer for your silence, your complicity, and your cooperation with evil. If you can escape the condemnation of men, you will not be able to escape the judgment of God; just as you will be rewarded for the good you have done and witnessed to [emphasis added].

This rebellious and apostate generation can be fought with everyone’s contribution: from the doctor who finally denounces the harmful treatments imposed by criminal protocols, to the policeman who refuses to apply illegitimate rules; from the parliamentarian who votes against unfair laws, to the magistrate who opens a file for crimes against humanity; from the professor who teaches students to think for themselves, to the journalist who reveals the deceptions and conflicts of interest of the powerful; from the father who defends his children against vaccination, to the son who protects his elderly parent without abandoning him in a nursing home; from the citizen who claims the right to natural freedoms, to the artisan and restaurateur who do not accept the oppression of those who prevent them from opening their business; from the grandfather who warns his grandchildren about the dangers of the dictatorship, to the youth who does not allow himself to be seduced by fashions and influencers.

The best and first way to fight for restoring Christ the King is to attend the Traditional Latin Mass on Sundays. Where are you attending Mass today?