Respect Life Mass this Saturday & the Doctrine of Creation

Christus Resurréxit! Resurréxit Vere! Today is the feasts of Ss. Soter and Caius, two Pope-martyrs who lived (and died) during Diocletian’s persecution of the Church. To learn more about these great saints visit Dom Prosper Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year:

Respect Life Latin Mass – Saturday April 24, 8:00AM:

Just a reminder that St. Ann will offer its 4th Saturday Respect Life Latin Mass this Saturday at 8am. Mass is typically followed by prayers at the abortion facility (700 S. Torrence Street) or people can pray a Holy Hour of Reparation in the Church (led by a deacon).

Traditional Catholicism vs. Modernism: Earth Day vs. The Doctrine of Creation

Today April 22, the secular world celebrates “Earth Day”, a day which descends into nature worship, under the pretext of “protecting the environment”. This event is typically devoid of God, and the teachings of His Holy Church.  Sadly, some in the Catholic Church are trying to baptize this pagan day and reconcile it with the Catholic faith – yet their efforts are in vain.

There is only one institution that has a full understanding of God’s creation, and how to safeguard it and that is the Catholic Church through her traditional teachings on creation, particularly found in the Book of Genesis. Through a proper understanding of the literal interpretation of Genesis (as taught by the Church fathers, saints, and Popes), Catholics recognize that the Earth and the universe was created in perfect harmony in 6 natural days by God, roughly less than 10,000 years ago (God rested on the 7th day). Adam was created from the slime of the earth, and Eve from his rib; but after Adam and Eve sinned, death and deformity entered into the universe.  However, the key to understanding the scientific processes of today (including climate)  actually lie in the past – specifically with Noe’s flood.

Noe’s Flood: The true occurrence of “climate change”

Roughly 1,650 years after Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden (~2350 BC or 4,500 years ago), the people of the world grew so wicked that God allowed a global flood, a violent cataclysm, to occur to punish and make atonement the sins of men (Genesis 6). Noe’s flood wasn’t a local flood or a hurricane, but a world-wide calamity, wiping out the entire earth’s population, save for 8 people and those creatures kept on the ark; killing much animal and plant life – including most of the dinosaurs), and leaving in its wake, a different reshaped earth that we see today.

The continents shifted, mountain ranges formed, weather conditions changed due to fluctuating ocean temperatures due to oceanic volcanic activity , and an ice age fomed due to the likely volcanic activity and excessive water vapor left in its wake. The entire pre-flood world of Adam was practically erased. This catastrophy was the true occurrence of “climate change” and it was caused not by pollution, carbon dioxide or “conservative voters”, but by sins of man.  Sadly, we live in a time when people deny Noah’s flood as St. Peter prophesized in 2 Peter 3-6:

Knowing this first, that in the last days there shall come scoffers with deceit, walking according to their own lusts, Saying: Where is his promise or his coming? For, since the fathers slept, all things continue so from the beginning of the creation.  For this they are wilfully ignorant of, that the heavens were before, and the earth, out of water and through water, consisting by the word of God: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished.

This is important to know, as Our Lady of Akita warned in 1973 (approved apparition in Japan), that the sins of today will bring an even worse chastisement than Noe’s flood:

If man does not repent, the Heavenly Father will inflict a punishment worse than the Deluge, such as one will never have seen before.  Fire will fall from the sky, wiping out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priest nor faithful (Mother of God to Sister Agnes Sasagawa, October 13, 1973).

If Catholics want avert this we can do no better than learn the Church’s doctrine of creation, which offers a beautiful Catholic alternative to the atheist evolutionary agenda promoted by today’s pagans and tragically deceived Catholics – which continues to feed the culture of death. Toward this end, the CLMC was proud to co-host the Kolbe Center for Creation in 2019 to present this doctrine. We invite our readers to watch the conference:

Additionally, these articles provide some excellent background and science that confirms Noe’s flood and the biblical accounts in Genesis:

The Latin Mass & Creation

Lastly, we should also note, that the Church, through the Traditional Latin Mass, and the customs, culture and Sacred Tradition that accompany it, promote the traditional doctrine of creation, and God’s providence over it in various ways. Whether from the Ember Days each season where we thank God for the blessings of creation, to the Rogation Days (coming this Sunday April 25) which used to have the blessing of fields accompany it; to the blessing of St. Peter of Verona Palms (April 29) to protect against natural disasters, the blessing of herbs on the feast of the Assumption, to the giving thanks for the harvest on Martinmas Day (November 11), are among many customs and traditions. The Traditional Latin Mass has creation, agriculture and farming incorporated into its liturgy, and liturgical calendar.  Space does not permit us to begin to touch upon the impact cloistered traditional monastic communities have in promoting agriculture and the land. However we do include the March 2021 letter from Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma which gives a brief description. (click here: clear-creek-abbey-march-2021-letter)

If you have friends who are environmentalists, gardeners, farmers, or homesteaders, you may consider inviting them to the Traditional Latin Mass, which has done well to safeguard creation from its worst enemy – the sins of men.  A full return to the Traditional Latin Mass in every parish, for every Mass may be the best thing to “save” the environment – and more importantly – to save souls. Have we asked our pastors for this yet?

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