Eastertide Update (No 7pm Mass Thursday)

Christus Resurréxit! Resurréxit Vere! Blessed Pascaltide greetings as we enter into the joyous octave of Easter.  The great Benedictine liturgist, Dom Prosper Gueranger OSB, aptly sums up the joy of Easter Sunday by retelling each of the apperances Christ made on that first Easter, concluding with his 5th apparition on the road to Emmaus that evening:

At length, Jesus makes himself known to our two incredulous disciples. They have placed him at the head of the table; it is for him to break the bread. He takes it into his divine hands, as he did at the Last Supper; and no sooner has he divided the bread and given them their portion, than their eyes are opened, and they recognize their guest as Jesus, the risen Jesus. They would throw themselves at his feet—but he has disappeared, leaving them mute with surprise, and yet transported with exceeding joy. It is the fifth apparition. It is described by St Luke, and forms the Gospel of tomorrow’s Mass (Easter Monday).

The two disciples cannot wait; though so late in the evening, they must hurry back to Jerusalem, and tell the Apostles that their Master is living, that they have seen him, and talked with him. They therefore leave Emmaus, where they thought to pass the night, and are soon back in the city from which they had tremblingly fled. They are soon with the Apostles; but they find them already aware of the glad tidings, and fervent in their faith of the Resurrection. Before they have time to open their lips, the Apostles exclaim: ‘The Lord hath truly risen, and hath appeared unto Simon!’[41] The two disciples then relate what has just happened to themselves.


As custom, we also share Dr. Mike Foley’s commentary for Easter Sunday’s Collect: http://www.newliturgicalmovement.org/2021/04/the-collect-for-easter-sunday.html

SCHEDULING NOTE: There will not be a 7pm Latin Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas parish Easter Thursday April 8.

A note of thanks: We wanted to thank everyone who took the time to attend one or all of the Triduum liturgies, and to those helped support our annual Easter Vigil potluck.  We also wanted to thank Therese Rowe, St. Ann music director for leading the music and chant for the Triduum. It’s no easy work.

With gratitude to our priests: And of course, we also want to thank all the priests who assisted in bringing this liturgical week to fruition (Frs. Reid, Kauth, and Jones), the deacons, and seminarians especially Jose Torres. Especially to Fr. Reid and St. Ann parish for providing spiritual care for the Latin Mass faithful by offering the Pre-1955 Liturgy as the sole parish Triduum. This was certainly a beautiful gift by Fr. Reid and the parish.  

The challenges of two Masses in one parish: We also want to draw your attention to Fr. Reid’s message in this past Sunday’s bulletin – if you haven’t read it, we encourage you to do so. Fr. Reid notes it’s often difficult to meet the needs of two liturgical communities under one parish. Indeed it is true, and that the spiritual needs of the Latin Mass faithful are certainly distinct and unique as our spiritual lives flow forth from the Mass of Ages, which has it own rituals, calendar, theology customs, etc.

It gives us continued admiration for Fr. Reid who has tried to meet the needs of both communities in one parish, even as the CLMC continues to pray and advocate for more (and full) sacramental and parochial life in the Traditional Rite. Since 2013, Fr. Reid has sacrificed to ensure a Sunday Latin Mass each Sunday. There’s more that could be said on this topic, but please consider offering a decade of your Rosary for Father Reid and Father Jones especially this week.  

IMPORTANT: LATIN MASS RETURNS TO SACRED HEART SUNDAY MAY 2 (NEW TIME): In this joyous season of Easter, we are delighted to share the good news of the long-awaited return of the Latin Mass to Sacred Heart parish in Salisbury, after an 13 month hiatus. Beginning Sunday May 2nd, the 1st Sunday monthly Latin Mass at Sacred Heart parish resumes; however it will be at a new permanent time slot of 3pm (instead of 4:30pm). This change will allow visiting priests to return to their home parish for any liturgies (e.g. Vespers or Mass)

Monks of Norcia Easter Newsletter: Some of you may have heard of the Monks of Norcia (Italy), a traditional Benedictine abbey, which offers the Traditional Mass exclusively (and produces some highly praised beer). They have posted their Easter newsletter which you can download at this website: