Septuagesima Sunday

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Today Sunday January 31 begins the pre-lent season of Septuagesima (Latin for seventieth day prior to Easter) and begins to prepare the faithful for Lent, which begins February 17. As custom, Dr. Foley has a reflection on Sunday’s collect and a brief explanation of the season:

Additionally, Dom Prosper Gueranger has a wonderful and extensive write up on Septuagesima (courtesy of Sensus Fidelium):

Candlemas/Feast of the Purification – Tuesday February 2nd

Tuesday February 2nd is a special feast day in the Church, the Feast of the Purification, otherwise known as Candlemas. It represents the day when 40 days after Christmas, the Blessed Mother, subjecting herself the purification law, presented herself in the Temple. It also is where she presented to Holy Simeon, the Infant Jesus who is the Light of the world. Hence on this day the Church traditionally blesses candles and the Mass is often called Candlemas. This day also marks the official close of the extended Christmas/Epiphany season.

To learn more about the traditions customs, and recipes for this feast day (including its influence on Groundhog Day), visit:

We also wanted to share a special article from 2017 about the link between candles & sacrifice:

St. Ann Candlemas –February 2nd at 6pm

For Candlemas, St. Ann will kindly offer a special candlelight Latin Mass on Tuesday February 2nd at 6:00pm. We believe it will be a High Mass and include a special procession of candles, and a blessing of candles at the beginning of the liturgy. Like the Easter Vigil, the parish will distribute candles to be used at Mass. If you loved the Rorate Mass, you will find Candlemas equally beautiful. Here are the details for the candle blessing:

Blessing of Candles: If you would like to have your candles blessed (51% beeswax or greater), please bring them to the table near the sanctuary a 10-15 minutes before Mass begins. Father will bless them during the Mass. Boxes of candles need to be opened when on the table. Please mark your candles (or their box/wrapping) with your name so they can be claimed after Mass.

Additional Candlemas announcement: Holy Cross parish in Kernersville (near Greensboro) will also be offering Candlemas TLM at 7pm.

Feast of St. Blaise this Wednesday & Special Mass Intention

Wednesday February 3rd is the feast of St. Blaise, bishop and martyr. After healing a young boy from choking on a fish bone, St. Blaise asked the boy’s mother to light a candle in the church each year. Thus the feast day is linked to Candlemas, as traditionally, the candles blessed on Candlemas the day prior would be used for the blessing of throats the next day on St. Blaise day. As custom, St. Ann will offer a Low Mass this Wednesday at 6pm.  To learn more visit

Special Mass Intention for February 3rd: The CLMC is sponsoring Wednesday’s Latin Mass intention, which is for the conversion of the 200 or so North Carolina protestant pastors who, despite their erroneous protestant religious beliefs, loved Jesus Christ so much that they sued Governor Roy Cooper last spring and restored the right of churches to re-open for worship  – including the only true worship in our land, the Catholic Mass (something most dioceses, including ours failed to do). These courageous men would make fine and fervent Catholics if converted and so we offer Mass for their conversion. Despite the turbulent times we live in, grace still pours out from heaven. Please consider praying that these pastors will receive the grace to convert en masse and strengthen the Catholic Church. Ss. Blaise and Frances de Sales (who helped convert ~60,000 protestants in Switzerland), pray for the conversion of these protestants!

Ash Wednesday – February 17

Lent begins on Wednesday February 17. St. Ann will offer a 7am Low Mass for Ash Wednesday. If we hear of any other parishes offering Ash Wednesday Latin Masses, we will let you know.

REMINDER: Lenten Spiritual Enrollment Opportunity

The traditional Carmelite Hermits of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Fairfield, PA are again offering a special Lenten spiritual enrollment which you can begin to participate in today. The Hermits will be offering 40 Masses, 40 days of praying the Divine Office (and other daily prayers), and 40 days of fasting and penance all for the intention of your family or other enrolled loved ones.  This is an amazing spiritual gift. Here is the link to the enrollment form:

Please make an offering of alms along with this enrollment.  Your generous financial sacrifice will bear all the more fruit for your intentions.

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • RIP – Fr. Calvin Goodwin, FSSP: Fr. Calvin Goodwin, a traditional priest with the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) passed away after an illness earlier this month. He was originally a Jesuit priest, who, due to his love of tradition and the Latin Mass, incardinated into the FSSP so that he could offer the Latin Mass exclusively. If you wondered what a true, faithful, and traditional Jesuit priest is like (since they are rare these days), you can listen to some of his talks online to get a glimpse. Please offer prayers for his repose:
  • Catholic Culture and Agriculture Talk Interview with Jason Craig: As some of you may know, Jason Craig is a dairy farmer in the western part of our state and attends the Latin Mass regularly (he co-founded Fraternus). He also runs Joseph’s Farm. He recently gave an interview on the intriguing topic of Catholic Agrarianism (or farming). In ages past, the Catholic life, liturgy, and calendar were intertwined with agriculture and the land. Some of the customs and feast days of the Traditional Latin Mass revolved around temporal seasons (Ember Days, Rogation Days, feast of St. Martin). We mention that by way of an introduction to the interview Jason gave on Catholicism and Agrarianism. Enjoy his interview here:
  • Seven Sorrows of St. Joseph Sundays Novena begins today Sunday January 31: There is an ancient custom in the Church to honor St. Joseph by offering some prayers after Sunday Mass to him for seven consecutive Sundays. A reader noted that such a novena can begin today Sunday January 31 and end Sunday March 14, the Sunday prior to his feast day of March 19. To learn more visit here: Our Diocese also has the prayers listed here:  (it’s also on page 28 of the St. Joseph prayer book promoted by the Diocese of Charlotte – you can find them at various parishes or purchase one here)
  • Holy Ghost & Holy Families – Canon Matthew Talarico, ICKSP: Last weekend, Canon Talarico, provincial superior for the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICKSP), visited Raleigh and gave a wonderful talk on the Holy Ghost and Holy Family, addressing both the important spiritual role Catholic fathers and mothers have in raising holy children. As some of you know, the Institute is a religious order of priests offering the Latin Mass exclusively. Founded in 1993 and they operate several Latin Mass only parishes in the U.S. and abroad. To listen to the talk please visit Sensus Fidelium’s YouTube page at:
  • Canonization of King Louis XVI – Benefactor of America and Martyr: Lastly, we link to a wonderful article written by a Dominican priest in the 1930s about the King Louis XVI, who, was beheaded this month in 1793. We often remember him as a poor victim of the heinous and anti-Christ French Revolution (one of the most diabolical events/periods in history). However, as this Dominican notes, we Americans should think of him in a deeper light. It was with the King’s aid and financing, that the French army and navy, was able to help America defeat the British at Yorktown in 1781 and win our country’s independence. That act of generosity essentially bankrupted France, and led to the chain of events that began the French Revolution and ultimately cost King Louis, and his devout Catholic wife, Marie Antoinette, their heads. As we face turmoil and an evil “revolutionary” spirit in our country today, we may want to call upon God to allow for the canonization of this pious martyr so he can aid our country again at this critical hour:

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