2nd Sunday of Advent

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday is the 2nd Sunday of Advent (and the feast of St. Nicholas), and as custom Dr. Mike Foley has a reflection for this Sunday’s Collect: http://www.newliturgicalmovement.org/2020/12/the-heartfelt-collect-for-second-sunday.html

Additionally, Dom Prosper Gueranger has a reflection on St. Nicholas, the bishop and confessor: https://sensusfidelium.us/the-liturgical-year-dom-prosper-gueranger/december/december-6-st-nicholas-bishop-of-myra-and-confessor/

Feast of the Immaculate Conception – Tuesday December 8

Tuesday is the feast of the Immaculate Conception, the patronal feast day for the United States since 1846. If the U.S. were a Catholic Country (which we pray it will be someday), December 8 would essentially be our national feast day or holy day (e.g. holiday).  Our national shrine in Washington is named after this title of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and sits at the highest elevation in U.S. capital. For more on this splendid feast day visit: https://www.fisheaters.com/customsadvent5.html

Unfortunately (and tragically), Bishop Jugis has not reinstated the obligation to attend Sunday Mass (or holy days), so this sadly is not a “Holy Day of Obligation”. However, like on Sundays, are still called to keep the day holy, and one can do no better than by attending a Traditional Latin Mass that evening:

Tuesday December 8 (Immaculate Conception)

    • St. Ann, 6:00pm, Solemn High Mass
    • St. Jude, Sapphire Valley, 12pm (Presumably Low) (this is Fr. Barone’s parish 3 hours west of Charlotte – call parish to re-confirm)
    • St. Elizabeth of the Hill Country, Boone, 6:00pm (Low or High Mass)
    • St. John the Baptist, Tryon, 6:30pm, (Presumably High Mass)
    • Our Lady of Grace, Greensboro, 7:00pm, High Mass

Rorate Mass Saturday December 12 (Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe)

  • St. Ann, 6:30am, Solemn High Mass

Christmastide Schedule

Please see the current Christmastide Schedule for the region.  We will update any new Masses as they are announced.

  • Friday December 25 (Christmas):
    • St. Ann, 12 midnight (High) & 11:00am Christmas Day (Low)
    • St. Thomas Aquinas, 12 midnight (High)
    • Our Lady of Grace, Greensboro, 11:00am (High) & 1:00pm (Low)
  • Friday January 1 (Feast of the Circumcision):
    • Our Lady of Grace, Greensboro, 12 midnight (High)
    • St. Ann, Time TBD (9am tentatively)
    • St. Mark, 12:30pm (High Mass)
    • St. Thomas Aquinas, 7:00pm (High Mass)
  • Wednesday January 6 (Epiphany):
    • St. Ann, 6pm

Website Reminder: Just a reminder that we post our prior e-mail announcements on the CLMC website in case you need to review a prior e-nail announcement. We also typically list special Advent/Christmas/Holy Week schedules and Masses on our “Mass Times” page. Our website is www.charlottelatinmass.org

Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • New book on the traditional Catholic view of vaccinations: If there is one book to give this Christmas, it’s this book by Pamela Acker: Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective.  Miss Acker, as some of you may recall, is a biologist who worked on vaccines and spoke at St. Mark parish a year ago at the Evolution & the Culture of Death conference (co-sponsored by the CLMC). Her new book looks into vaccination, its safety record, the science, and the theological perspective.

    Drawing upon the latest research in the field, Miss Acker elucidates the many problematic aspects of vaccination as currently practiced and explains how they flow out of a materialistic, mechanistic, evolution-based understanding of the human person which tends to see man as a collection of parts rather than as a divinely-designed body-soul composite.  With powerful examples she shows how the evolution-based approach to the study of disease has had disastrous consequences for scientific and medical research and has supported the maintenance of inadequate criteria for evaluating the efficacy and the dangers of vaccination as currently practiced.

    The book goes on sale this Tuesday December 8: https://www.kolbecenter.org/product/vaccination-a-catholic-perspective/

  • Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux Abbey in France Demonstrates Their Olive Oil Production Process: A reader shared with us a great video on Le Barroux Abbey, a traditional Benedictine abbey in France which also makes olive oil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6bddk8I5vI (as a reminder, let us consider praying for cloistered religious to come to Western NC, as our diocese is spiritually vulnerable without cloistered nuns and monks praying and sacrificing daily for our priests and society).
  • Sold out to Satan’: Viganò unloads on coronavirus ‘pseudo-health regime’: Archbishop Viganò pens another edifying letter identifying the sanitary revolutionaries pushing to re-shape society.

This Great Reset, desired by the globalist elite, represents the final revolution with which to create a shapeless and anonymous mass of slaves connected to the internet, confined to the house, threatened by an endless series of pandemics designed by those who already have the miraculous vaccine ready. 

Faced with such a massive and coordinated deployment of forces we remain astonished, bewildered by the impudence of those who are telling us, in essence, that we must silently accept the dictatorship of a faceless power group, because that is how the group has decided.


Advent Reflections by Dom Prosper Gueranger, OSB

Lastly, we close with a few Advent reflections by the great Benedictine liturgist, Dom Prosper Gueranger from this week to better place ourselves in the context of Advent and preparing for Christ’s coming at Christmas. We especially draw your attention to the December 3rd reflection which eerily parallels our times:

  • December 1: Four thousand years of expectation preceded that coming, and they are expressed by the four weeks of Advent, which we must spend before we come to the glorious festivity of our Lord’s Nativity. Let us reflect upon the holy impatience of the saints of the old Testament, and how they handed down, from age to age, the grand hope, which was to be but hope to them, since they were not to see it realized.
  • December 2 (Feast of St. Bibiana): We will to-day consider the state of nature at this season of the year. The earth is stripped of her wonted verdure, the flowers are gone, the fruits are fallen, the leaves are torn from the trees and scattered by the wind, and every living thing stiffens with the cold. It seems as though the hand of death had touched creation. We see the sun rise after the long night of his absence; and scarcely have we felt his warmth at noon, than he sets again, and leaves us in the chilly darkness. Each day he shortens his visit. Is the world to become sunless, and are men to live out the rest of life in gloom? The old pagans, who witnessed this struggle between light and darkness, and feared the sun was going to leave them, dedicated the twenty-fifth day of December, the winter solstice, to the worship of the sun. After this day their hopes revived on seeing the glorious luminary again mounting up in the sky, and gradually regaining his triumphant position.

We Christians can have no such feelings as these; our light is the true faith, which tells us that there is a Sun to be sought for which never sets, and is never eclipsed. Having Him, we care little for the absence of any other brightness; nay, all other light, without Him, can only lead us astray.

  • December 3 (Feast of St. Francis Xavier): Let us consider the wretched condition of the human race, at the time of Christ’s coming into the world. The diminution of truths[3] is emphatically expressed by the little light which the earth enjoys at this season of the year. The ancient traditions are gradually becoming extinct; the Creator is not acknowledged, even in the very work of His hands; everything has been made God, except the God who made all things. This frightful pantheism produces the vilest immorality, both in society at large, and in individuals. There are no rights acknowledged, save that of might. Lust, avarice, and theft, are honoured by men in the gods of their altars. There is no such thing as family, for divorce and infanticide are legalized; mankind is degraded by a general system of slavery; nations are being exterminated by endless wars. The human race is in the last extreme of misery; and unless the hand that created it reform it, it must needs sink a prey to crime and bloodshed.

There are indeed some few just men still left upon the earth, and they struggle against the torrent of universal degradation; but they cannot save the world; the world despises them, and God will not accept their merits as a palliation of the hideous leprosy which covers the earth. All flesh has corrupted its way, and is more guilty than even in the days of the deluge: and yet, a second destruction of the universe would but manifest anew the justice of God; it is time that a deluge of His divine mercy should flood the universe, and that He who made man, should come down and heal him. Come then, O eternal Son of God! give life again to this dead body; heal all its wounds; purify it; let grace superabound, where sin before abounded; and having converted the world to Thy holy law, Thou wilt have proved to all ages that Thou, who camest, wast in very truth the Word of the Father; for as none but a God could create the world, so none but the same omnipotent God could save it from satan and sin, and restore it to justice and holiness.