Last Sunday After Pentecost

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Yesterday was the feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Mother to the Temple and we provide more history on this minor Marian feast day below. Today is the Last Sunday After Pentecost. Below are this weekend’s updates:

SPECIAL EVENT – TODAY Sunday 2pm: Veterum Sapientia Institute Kickoff with Fr. Barone

Today Sunday November 22nd,  Fr. Jason Barone, returns to St. Ann parish to unveil the new Veterum Sapientia Institute.  As you may recall Fr. Barone is a Latinist and gave an excellent talk to the CLMC in 2017 on the language of Latin. Now come join us to learn about this new institute he is forming with Dr. Eric Hewett, and Dr. Nancy Llewellyn. This will be great interest not just for clergy but for laity. Please join us for Latin Mass at 12:30pm and the kick-off at 2pm:

Sunday November 22 – 2pm (after 12:30pm Latin Mass)

St. Ann Parish Center (3635 Park Road, Charlotte)

Veterum Sapientia Institute – Kickoff event with Fr. Jason Barone

Presentation on Pope John Paul XXIII’s encyclical Veterum Sapientia (on the Promotion of the Study of Latin)

Refreshments and snacks will be served

Learn more: (event will be live streamed on the website)

Last Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday November 22

The Last (or 24th) Sunday after Pentecost is when the Church focuses on the end of the world, as the liturgical year is also symbolic of the history of the Church. As custom, Dr. Mike Foley has a reflection for this Sunday and notes how this Sunday prepares us for Advent season, which in its own way, prepares us for Christ’s 2nd coming. We should also note, today’s feast day of the Presentation of the Blessed Mother also prepares us for Advent, as it marks the one of the beginnings of the Incarnation history (see our Presentation section below): Dr. Foley’s reflection:

  • St. Thomas Aquinas: 11:30am High Mass
  • St. Ann: 12:30pm High Mass

Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary – November 21

The Presentation of the Blessed Mother, often an overlooked Marian feast day was, as Dom Prosper Gueranger noted, instituted later in the Latin Church’s history (locally the 14th century and universally in the 16th century). With Mary’s “sojourn” beginning in the Old Testament times, this feast helps us in a sense helps us to prepare for end of the Old Covenant, and prepares us, via Advent, for the Incarnation, which was at that point only years away. Dom Gueranger’s reflection:

  • Lastly, tradition holds that St. Joachim and Anne (the Blessed Mother’s parents), lived near the Pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem. Today there is a beautiful church of St. Anne (operated by the French) near the remnants of the pool where according to tradition in the crypt, either St. Anne was born or the Blessed Mother. We attach a few photos of the Church and pool.

Other Latin Mass & Traditional News

  • Powerful Intercessors for November – The Poor Souls in Purgatory: This month, one powerful intercessor we heartily encourage all to pray to are the Poor Souls in Purgatory. This is especially noteworthy because not only is November dedicated to the Poor Souls, but due to COVID-19, the Vatican extended, through November 30, the “novena” where one can obtain a plenary indulgence for a soul in purgatory. We encourage everyone to take full advantage of this special grace (which does not come often in the Church’s 2000 year history). To obtain the indulgence each day is simple: Any day this month receive Holy Communion, visit a cemetery, offer prayers for the dead, and for the Holy Father (with confession before or after 20 days). Doing so can spring a soul out of purgatory each day. Something to consider for the 9 days left in November.
  • Viva Cristo Rey – Blessed Miguel Pro: Speaking of intercessors, this Monday November 23rd is the 93rd anniversary of Blessed Miguel Pro’s martyrdom. He was a Jesuit priest (we need more Jesuits like him!) in Mexico during the Masonic-Communist revolution of the 1920s, which closed many churches (sound familiar?) and also executed priests. Blessed Miguel Pro frequently offered clandestine Masses for the underground Church until he was arrested in 1927. Upon his execution on November 23, he forgave his enemies and famously extended his arms and shouted the cry of the Mexican Cristeros (the Catholic counter-revolutionaries): Viva Cristo Rey! (Long Live Christ the King). Although not on the Extraordinary Form calendar, we can hope one day he will be as the Cristeros and the priests of the underground Mexican church enjoy much interest among traditionalists.
  • Excellent article on the Kingship of Christ: Speaking of Christ the King, tomorrow in the modern calendar is the “new” feast of Christ the King. In response to the COVID-19 lockdowns in the Europe, a British author penned an wonderful summary on the Church’s traditional teaching on the Kingship of Christ and how the Bishops should not have to “ask permission” to re-open their Churches – something we’ve covered many times this summer. Read more here:
  • New book on the Vendee Martyrdom: Speaking of Catholic counter-revolutionaries which resisted a Masonic regime, Notre Dame press has re-released a book recommended to us by Sensus Fidelium, on the Vendee Martyrs in France, who defended the Church and King in the Vendee region against the French Revolution – many of these brave Catholics were massacred horrifically. The book is called: A French Genocide: The Vendée by Reynald Secher
  • The Mythical Thanksgiving Indult by Pope Pius XII: Lastly as we prepare for the Thanksgiving Day holiday (unless the government cancels it), we share with you a magnificent piece by former St. Ann choir member, Sharon Kabel, who examined the mysterious legend of the Friday-After-Thanksgiving Indult, supposedly granted by Pope Pius XII to allow American Catholics to eat meat on the day after Thanksgiving. It should be stated this is a moot point now since the 1983 Code of Canon Law and the US Bishops Conference has sadly allowed a “substitution” for Friday abstinence. Anyhow, for traditionalists, this is an occasionally debated each Thanksgiving and Sharon does good research to find out the truth: