Autumn Ember Days

Laudetur Iesus Christus!  Just a reminder, beginning today, Wednesday is the autumn Ember Days, a 3 day penitential period in the traditional calendar (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) during the change of seasons that is a period of prayer, partial abstinence and fasting (now voluntary) to thank God for His creation and to pray for holiness in the upcoming season.  The autumn ember week usually falls after the feast of the Holy Cross (Sept. 14), and before the feast of St. Michael (Sept. 29), and is often called Michaelmas Embertide.

The great liturgist Dom Prosper Gueranger has a beautiful reflection on the importance of keeping these days and how autumn frost helps to prepare us for the resurrection of Easter:

Autumn is harvesting the fruits, which divine mercy, appeased by the satisfactions made by sinful man, has vouchsafed to bring forth from the bosom of the earth, notwithstanding the curse that still hangs over her. The precious seed of wheat, on which man’s life mainly depends, was confided to the soil in the season of the yearly frosts, and with the first fine days, peeped above the ground; at the approach of glorious Easter, it carpeted our fields with its velvet of green, making them ready to share in the universal joy of Jesus’ resurrection; then, turning into a lovely image of what our souls ought to have been in the season of Pentecost, its stem grew up under the action of the hot sun; the golden ear promised a hundred-fold to its master; the harvest made the reapers glad; and now that September has come, it calls on man to fix his heart on that good God, who gave him all this store.

You can learn more about the Ember Days and its customs at Sensus Fidelium: or more at

Ember Day Latin Masses in Charlotte

Ember Wednesday September 23: St. Ann, 6pm Low Mass

Ember Friday September 25: St. Ann, 7am Low Mass; St. Mark 12:30pm Low Mass

Ember Saturday September 26: St. Ann, 8am Low Mass

Respect Life Latin Mass 8am Saturday

As noted above, this Saturday September 26, St. Ann will offer its 4th Saturday 8am Low Mass (Latin) for an end to abortion. After Mass, Father, will led people in prayer at Planned Parenthood abortion facility (700 S. Torrence Road, Charlotte). Those who are unable to go to Planned Parenthood, Deacon Sanctis will led a Holy Hour of Reparation in the Church.

New traditional Catholic college forms in Maryland

A new traditional college, centered around the Traditional Latin Mass and traditional teachings of the Church has formed in Hagerstown, Maryland. According to its website, it has received the endorsement of Bishop Athanasius Schneider. Tomorrow, Thursday September 24 at 3pm, the President Ed Schaefer will hold a Zoom seminar to introduce himself and the college. We also hear Dr. Schaefer will be visiting Charlotte later this fall for any interested families. We will pass along any information.  The website with the Zoom information is here: The college website is here:

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