10th Sunday After Pentecost

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Today Sunday August 9 is the 10th Sunday after Pentecost (it’s also the Vigil of the Feast of St. Lawrence which is suppressed when it falls on a Sunday).  As we’ve done in previous weeks, we share Dr. Mike Foley’s column on the theme of the Sunday readings/propers, which is on humility:


Sunday Latin Masses in the City of  Charlotte

11:30am – St. Thomas Aquinas parish – The parish requires signups to attend Sunday Masses. The inside seats are filled for the 11:30am Mass but there are still some slots outside. All attendees will have the opportunity to receive Holy Communion. Please sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0445a4af29a6f94-thefeast

12:30pm – St. Ann parish – usual constraints for Mass since May. Seating outside in plaza.

Feast of St. Lawrence Monday August 10

Tomorrow Monday August 10 is the feast of St. Lawrence the Martyr. Although we are unaware of any Latin Mass in Charlotte Monday  this feast is a major feast day and also has a special Vigil of St. Lawrence commemoration the day prior on August 9 (when not on Sunday).  According to Fisheaters.com there is also a meteor shower around this time of the year named the “Tears of St. Lawrence” which you can see after midnight looking towards the north. To learn more about this great saint visit:


To learn about the importance of the Vigil of St. Lawrence visit: http://www.newliturgicalmovement.org/2018/08/liturgical-notes-on-vigil-of-st-lawrence.html#.Xy9wCX57nwc

Vigil of the Assumption Friday August 14

As noted above, in the Traditional Latin Mass calendar, major feast days are preceded by a special vigil day, historically a day of penance (fasting/abstaining) in preparation of the great feast day that follows.  Christmas, Ascension, Pentecost, Assumption, and St. Lawrence (among others) all have a special vigil commemorations the day prior, although though the obligation for fasting/abstaining is now optional. These vigils have their own special Masses & propers for the day.

Note: Vigils in the Latin Mass calendar are distinct from and not to be confused with the modern term “anticipatory/vigil Mass” of the evening prior in the Novus Ordo (i.e. Saturday evening Mass).

Masses for the Vigil of the Assumption, Friday August 14:

7:00am – St. Ann parish

12:30pm – St. Mark parish

Feast of the Assumption Saturday August 15:

9:00am Latin Mass – St. Ann parish

12:00 noon Solemn High Latin Mass – Our Lady of Grace, Greensboro

Due to Bishop Jugis’ lifting of the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday & Holy Days, and that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, prior to COVID, declared August 15 to not be a Holy Day, Saturday August 15, sadly, is not a Holy Day of obligation. However the faithful are still reminded to keep the day holy (and why not do so by attending Mass!). If we hear of any additional Latin Mases we will share them.

Latin Mass & Traditional news:

Solemn Mass in the Rite of Lyon (France) offered recently: Many may be unware that the prior to Vatican II several religious orders and dioceses had their own unique & local Latin Masses which slightly differed from the common Roman Rite (i.e. the Latin Mass we attend today). The Dominicans and Carmelites had their own distinct Masses along with a separate calendar. In fact some of you may remember St. Ann hosting a special Dominican Rite Latin Mass back in 2018 (click here for link).  Moreover, beyond religious orders, some dioceses even had their own local rites (Masses) such as the Archdiocese of Milan Italy which offers the Ambrosian Rite Mass. One other such unique diocesan rite Latin Mass is the Rite of Lyon, France. Recently, one was offered in Lyon, and was posted by the Fraternity of St. Peter. To learn more about this localized Latin Mass and to watch it visit:


FSSP ordination in Australia with special vestments: The Fraternity of St. Peter, an order of priests which offer the Latin Mass exclusively, held a traditional ordination in the Extraordinary Form last week in Australia and the new priest received a beautiful customized set of vestments which are quite beautiful. To see some of this sacred craftsmanship please visit: https://fssp.com/ordinations-2020-gold-and-blue-down-under/

Thank you St. Ann from Fr. Kauth & St. Joseph’s Seminary: As you may know, St. Joseph Seminary has moved out of St. Ann to their permanent location near Mt. Holly. Father Kauth wanted to share the seminary’s thanks to all the parishioners who supported them during their 4 year stay (hard to believe). No doubt the seminarians were profoundly influenced by the parishioners and we certainly were influenced by them. Their impact for us CLMC supporters, certainly culminated with their assistance in offering/serving the ancient Latin Easter Triduum offered during the lockdown (thank you again!).  As they bid farewell to St. Ann parish, Fr. Kauth wanted to share a message of thanks: