8th Sunday after Pentecost & St. Thomas Aquinas Sunday TLM

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Sunday July 26 is both the 8th Sunday after Pentecost, and traditionally the feast of St. Ann. For a commentary on the readings/collect, please see Dr. Mike Foley’s weekly installment: www.newliturgicalmovement.org/2020/07/what-the-eighth-sunday-after-pentecost.html

Mass updates

Sunday Latin Mass at St. Ann: As normal, St. Ann will offer the 12:30pm Latin Mass. We’re not sure its confirmed, but we heard it might be a Solemn High Mass for the parish’s patronal  feast day. If you’d like to get a seat inside, you are welcome to arrive early. A reminder though to allow women, children, and the elderly/infirmed to have seats first.  The parish will have tents set up in the plaza as in prior weeks.

Sunday Latin Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas begins this Sunday (please read procedures): The big news this weekend is the beginning of the St. Thomas Aquinas 11:30am Sunday Latin Mass.  Please note, due to seating restrictions, the parish is requiring signups to sit inside the church – which has been filled of Saturday evening. Only outdoor seats are available currently. All attendees (inside or out) will be able to receive Holy Communion. You can sign up to sit outside in the courtyard (which is partially shaded) and you may want to bring a chair just in case. For future Sundays, the parish asks non-parishioners to hold off signing up for Sunday Masses, until 10am Saturday (day prior). This will give priority to parishioners, before opening it up for guests. Here is the signup page: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0445a4af29a6f94-thefeast

Friday Latin Mass resumes at St. Mark: This Friday July 31, St. Mark will resume its 12:30pm Latin Mass after the 3 week hiatus.

Other Latin Mass related news

  • 100th anniversary of St. Joseph named patron against socialism: Today Saturday July 25 marks the 100th anniversary of Pope Benedict XV naming St. Joseph as the patron against socialism. We share with you the Fraternity of St. Peter’s write up about this important patronage: https://fssp.com/st-joseph-against-socialism-100-years-of-bonum-sane/

If you’re looking for a quick summary the Catholic News Herald has a brief but excellent article:  http://catholicnewsherald.com/90-news/local/6044-did-you-know-a-st-joseph-related-anniversary-is-coming-this-month

“The advent of a Universal Republic, which is longed for by all the worst elements of disorder, and confidently expected by them, is an idea which is now ripe for execution.

From this republic, based on the principles of absolute equality of men and community of possessions, would be banished all national distinctions, nor in it would the authority of the father over his children, or of the public power over the citizens, or of God over human society, be any longer acknowledged.

If these ideas are put into practice, there will inevitably follow a reign of unheard-of terror.  – Pope Benedict XV


Summer reading – newly released Latin Mass & traditional books

There is a flurry of new traditional/Latin Mass related books that we wanted to share for some mid-summer readings:

  • New Latin-English Traditional Mass booklet: Biretta Books has just issued their own Latin-English Traditional Mass translation booklet available. If you’re looking for something different than the red booklets you may want to check this one out: https://www.birettabooks.com/latin-mass-companion.html
  • The Catechism Explained by Fr. Spirago: If you’re looking to grow in your faith and trying to find a traditional catechism book, yet easy to read for layman, you may want to consider this newly re-published classic, The Catechism Explained by Fr. Spirago, published by Ryan Grant’s Mediatrix press (who we hosted in January 2018). Exorcist and theologian Fr. Chad Ripperger writes a forward to the book and recently gave an interview about it with Ryan and Steve Cunningham of Sensus Fidelium.


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