6th Sunday After Pentecost

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Tomorrow Sunday July 12, St. Ann will offer the traditional sacrament of Confirmation at the 12:30pm Latin Mass. As in prior years, the sacrament usually is administered at 12:30pm, so Mass starts shortly after that.  The good news is there should be room for everyone to attend – so no need to change your plans for tomorrow.

  • The parish will be first reserved for confirmandi and their families, and after that, anyone is welcome to find a seat (usual seating restrictions)
  • For those unable to sit inside, St. Ann will live stream the Mass into the St. Ann gym, with seats available
  • Additionally, as custom, people can also attend outside under the tents
  • Whether you are in the gym or outside, you will be able to receive Holy Communion if you desire

Fr. Reid’s birthday: Monday July 13 is Fr. Reid’s 50th birthday. Please be sure to keep him in your prayers on Monday.

Other Latin Mass news:

  • The French Genocide That Has Been Air Brushed From History: As the secular world marks the heinous “Bastille Day” on Tuesday, a reader shared an excellent article (from a secular perspective) on the massacre of the Vendee Catholics who were martyred for defending the Church against the diabolical French Revolution. This article is a sobering reminder of what revolution truly is –a bloody revolt against God and His order. https://quillette.com/2019/03/10/the-french-genocide-that-has-been-air-brushed-from-history/

Preparing to defend (and suffer) for Christ and the liberty of the Church

Lately, several priests (who offer the Latin Mass) in our diocese have given sermons on the need to be prepared to suffer (and even die) for defending the Catholic faith in the public square. As a soft persecution (social and religious) begins to descend over our local communities, it’s worth noting these sermons:

Additionally, on the topic of being prepared, this weekend, Fr. Putnam at St. Mark (who also offers the Latin Mass on Fridays), recently wrote in his weekend bulletin ponderings about the need for Christians to not be blind followers of society and should be “opposing the tyranny of popular opinion and political narrative”. As we consider how much of our world is against the traditional order and of God, the short column is worth a read, and to begin asking questions about many things the revolution is doing today. The link is below:

https://www.stmarknc.org/media/1/40/2020_Bulletin_071220.pdf (See page 3)