3rd Sunday after Pentecost

Laudetur Iesus Christus! Tomorrow is the 3rd Sunday after Pentecost, and depending on the Mass/parish, the External Solemnity of the Sacred Heart may be commemorated. Although the feast was Friday, we did want to share a beautiful reflection posted by the Fraternity of St. Peter about this feast day: https://fssp.com/st-lutgardis-and-the-three-mystical-favors/

Additionally, the abbot of Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma, +Dom Philip Anderson, also shared an excellent reflection on the feast day in these turbulent times – we attach his reflection as a PDF (click here).

Sunday Latin Mass

Sunday Latin Mass: St. Ann will be offering the 12:30pm Sunday Latin Mass tomorrow. Tents will again be set up. If you have your own tent(s), we invite you to bring it to share as we have been short a few for the late comers. Also, abled-body men are kindly asked to let the women, children, elderly, etc. have seats inside before taking. We should also note other parishes appear to have resumed their normal Sunday schedules with the spacing protocols. Please check these other parish websites for the latest info.

Pray for our priests: This week has seen heightened attacks on the Church, first from the stolen tabernacle from St. Elizabeth’s, second, the Supreme Court’s Bostock decision which attacks the liberty of the Church to hire employees who agree with the Church teaching; and lastly the communist/masonic riots that are attacking Catholic statutes of Christopher Columbus, St. Junipero Serra (and more to come probably). What you may not know is that a few of our priests in our diocese were also viciously attacked by the local media reports over the last few weeks. We won’t devote space to the specific cases, but suffice to say, that these are likely spiritual attacks and more of these are probably planned. In your charity, would you consider including our diocese’s priests in your Mass intentions and Rosaries this week?

Other Latin Mass news

Columbus noster est! by Roberto De Mattei: Good article on Columbus & his cause for canonization: https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2020/06/de-mattei-columbus-noster-est.html

Is TV Mass the same as the Real Thing? Lastly, we conclude with an excellent article on the growing dangers of live streaming of Masses. The author, Fr. Robert Paisley, is the rector of Mater Ecclesiae Latin Mass chapel in Berlin, NJ. It’s a diocesan parish that exclusively offers the Traditional Latin Mass. When the lockdown hit, many parishes and groups (us included) promoted these to allow faithful to maintain connection to the liturgical schedule and the sermons. Certainly it exposed new people to the Latin Mass, and allowed one to “see” traditional liturgies offered in other parishes throughout the world. Yet as Fr. Paisley points out, there is also a danger in thinking these online Masses are an acceptable substitute for attending in person, particularly when Masses are publicly available again.